I can't stop burping.. Please help!

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JamesH  ·  17 Jan 2012

Kate, you have described your symptoms very well. I know that you have been to the doctor three times, but I think another visit is on the cards. It would be unsafe to be taking any other advice from random annoymous amateur strangers on the internet. Your doctor may consider referring you onto a consultant; possibly gastroenterologist.


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Kate_F  ·  16 Jan 2012

I'm just going to get straight into it, I can't stop burping!

You may find this funny but it is so awkward and a pain, and I cannot understand as to why this is happening, especally due to the fact that I am only 15!

It came on me quiet randomly one day and is not anything to do with what I've eaten as my meal was normal, something I'd have reguarly! I have been having these 'burping sessions' for about 2 months now! 

The burping is continous throughout the day and is more like belching!

I noticed a loss of appetite, I would eat about 2 mouthfulls and would have a sick full feeling as after you've stuffed yourself in a restaurant!

I used to be able to hold them back in school and public areas but now I can't, they are horrendous! 

I have been to my doctor 3 times since a week before Christmas and he has perscribed me different tablets, none of which are working! 

He admits to not knowing what is wrong!

More recently, I have noticed I get headaches very often, almost every class at school, every day!

**Stop reading if eating**

I have also noticed that I do not poo every day and when I do they are not a correct poo they are broken up and not one unit!

Please, anyone who can help me, do, I am coming up to my Junior Certificate examination and just want this over with!

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