Adominal pain/Right hand side and Back/Mirena/ HELP???

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superstar  ·  07 Dec 2011

I have a pain down my front side, my front around my belly button and lower back right hand side. Im also getting random pain around my stomach and uterus area and left side of back also. In aug 2011 I was admitted to a+e with severe adominal pain, an ultrasound showed fluid around my appendix.  I was hooked up on antibotic's for 6 days before they deicded to do a laraoscopy. They found adhesions and removed them. They said that that fluid would of dispersed with the antibotics's. Ihad alot of pain afterwards but put it down to healing pain. Since then, iv been having the pain like i stated above. My doctors have done urine, blood, swabs and have all come back clear.  I got the mirena coil out dec  1st as i felt this could of been a contributing factor. On taking it out, the nurse said their was alot of murky fluid around it , that came out with it. I felt relieve afterwards for a couple of days, but a week on i can feel the intensity of the pain increasing. I do not have an appointment with gynaecolgist until march 2012 with another ultrasound ,which will be longer again. I have the option of paying to see a gynae sooner but i would not be able to get any procedures done as they cost alot of money when going private. If you have any feedback , id be delighted to here from you

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