FAS/Community Employment cutbacks

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Michelle (michelle33)  ·  02 May 2003
Michelle responds to Annabel.

I absolutely agree with you. I was one of the people chosen for the Trinity Horizon Research Programme in 1996. The research concerned the re-integration of women who suffered depression back to the work environment. Towards the end of the programme we had discussions about obtaining work and possibly being 'creative about our C.V.'s' Most of the people could not produce a linear effect CV.

One point that is becoming quite apparent is the link between creativity and depression. Churchill who suffered from what he referred to 'as his black dog' openly referred to his solace in painting.

We had the opportunity of having Drama Classes with Michael Caven on our syllabus. At first we were not confident but in the end I must say that it proved a most satisfactory method of helping one cope with society and people when one is 'under the weather'.

Drama for me was a coping skill. In fact when I met the psychologist by chance from the programme and I was running very scared of being in the divorce court room, she reminded me of drama.......I was able to step outside my sadness and pretend to be coping. I would have found it a very difficult life event if I had been undignified.

Back to Community employment.

It provided access for one woman into education, it provided access for another to art, another to drama, another working with MS support......I would say that this is a positive recommendation for a transition move from one situation to another.

I don't understand as we face health problems, education problems, the arts provision reduction in funds (particularly as it draws in so many tourists and income to the country), that those economically motivated capitalists in Government cannot put an 'economic' value to social capital that is readily available and beneficial to the governmental areas they are encountering most problems with.

This has worked very well since it came into being in the early 1990's. New Opportunites for Women, a Youth Programme, a health programme, an education programme has been funded by the EU and the outcome has been progress i.e. until today's figures when unemployment has reached a three year high.

The recession only ceased in Ireland in 1994. The 1980's recession in some academic circles is regarded as worse than the 1950's. I know how bad it was because I emigrated with my husband. I also know in 1992 there was no change as we moved to Zimbabwe for him to work with John Sisk contractors. I returned in 1995 and my luck penny changed as I was accepted by the Trinity Horizon Programme and then into Trinity. (This would not have been possibly with European Social funds).

I notice that country towns now maintain a very high standard and again community employment is the source.

Quote as its is Michelle. First Enjoy the Long Weekend

George Santayanna
'He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it'

Let us not forget that preparations are presently being made re. the Disabilities Bill and its presentation in July. Community employment is most relevant in the context of of people with disabilities, mental health problems and for those nearing retirement who feel more capable of doing a reduced amount of work - particularly those who keep parks maintained, towns tidy etc.


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Anonymous  ·  01 May 2003
I would like info. on Surveys/Stats.?Documentsetc on
Farmers Health esp in relation to
low income .{Irish/U.K.}

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annabel (jessel)  ·  03 Jul 2002
Alot of CE schemes are being dramatically cut back at present. CE schemes offer people with a disability the opportunity to get back to work. I suffer from bi-polar and anxiety and am on disability allowance. Also with a scheme, i could disclose my disability. in other jobs this wld be impossible because of prejudice. what do other people think about these cut backs. is anyone out there on disability and affected?
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