chip to wrist bone

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towser  ·  17 Oct 2009

Now i have been told that it is Dequervains Tenosynovitis and may take some time to heal caused by inflamation to two nerves at back of thumb. Any body out there that had this condition please tell me of your experience as it really is impossible to do anything with this {right} hand. How long did it last what treatment did you have and did it return. I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW I GOT IT BUT MABEY arose following treatment for shoulder injury by a non physician where he applied strong pressure to differetn parts of my arm and wrist

bleesed are the poor in heaven for they shall see god


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purple  ·  15 Oct 2009


yes im the same, but different to your complaint, my elbow and arm , the tendon is badly torn, im in extreme pain. i attended casualty twice, got an xray, , they showed me where the tendon was torn. my middle finger and the finger beside my little finger , if i do excerise with them it hurts,i cant make a fist, nothing, i cant do nothing with it, my advice is to go to caustly and have it looked at properely, i waited two months thats y my arm is so sore,


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towser  ·  14 Oct 2009

My right hand has become totally out of function due to a bone chipped/fracture in wrist dont know how i got it pain just behind the thumb joint and not geting any better any one out with similar experience

bleesed are the poor in heaven for they shall see god

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