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purple  ·  10 Aug 2009


i know most of the chemists are closed due to the strike, but the chemist on the tonglaee road in coolock, is open im sure u could get cream there, i dont think a shop would have it, or go to your GP he / she will write a script out for u.


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sekpol  ·  09 Aug 2009

Which creams help against haemorrhoids?


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bbrandy  ·  24 Jul 2009

I underwent full colonoscopy some years ago and it wasnt any bad I heard it would be. I got an injection in my buttock and the procedure itself did not hurt at all. Benefits of having this done might by far be worth the little inconvenience.


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purple  ·  19 Jun 2009


the doctor is trying to help u, u say that there is a history of it in the family,if i were u, i would get this done.


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grantorino  ·  18 Jun 2009
Hi everyone, sorry if my first post is a bit long.


I'm a male in my late 30's. I have had the classic symptons of hemorrhoids for about 10 days...soreness/throbbing when having a bowel movement and for a short while afterwards with some ocassional bright red blood on the toilet paper. I visited a GP(my first time with this doctor) to confirm this and seek advice. I explained my symptoms and the relevant fact that a close family member had survived bowel cancer in the past. She diagnosed it as piles/hemorrhoids, based on my information and gave me a week long suppositories prescription as treatment. I think that was going to be the end of the consultation until I began to discuss bowel/colon health in general, at which point a colonoscopy appointment in the local hospital was suggested and my abdomen briefly examined. I don't think this would have been arranged until I began asking questions and I feel that it was to keep me happy and perhaps cover the doctor.My concerns are;I thought a physical exam of the area i.e. rectal exam, would have been automatically done? Not that I would relish such an exam, but if I had an issue with my ear, eye etc. I would expect a doctor to examine the area. I have no other bowel problems/symptons, so I don't want to get an invasive procedure such a a colonoscopy (under general anesthetic, according to the hospital) unless it is necessary. I was told that a colonoscopy would not even have been suggested, if it was not for my family history. I am fully aware and prepared for the fact that I am a candidate for a colonoscopy in the coming years.


I think the diagnosis is probably correct, but I'm thinking of getting a second opinion to confirm this and rule out anything else which a rectal exam should be able to do, without having a full colonoscopy.


Any opinions/experiences?

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