Pain In Lower Left side Above Hip Bone....

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cathburke  ·  21 Oct 2009

Hi ya, I've got the very same pain in my left side on or above my left hip. Have had it for about a year now. It isn't always very sore but nearly always there at the same time esp when I lie on that side. I am trying to go see my doctor but haven't quiet got around to it yet. What did you find out. I'd be very interested to hear.


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Anonymous  ·  31 Jul 2008
I am a 24 year old female and I have been experiencing a slight pain / discomfort in my lower left hand side just above my hip bone. The pain comes and goes every so often and up until now I have just ignored it. I can feel the pain constantly when its there and on occasions can be slighly painful when going to the toilet. Recently I have been very thirsty and tired which I am not sure is related. Am going to the doctors on Saturday for a check up. Can anyone relate to this or give me some indication of the problem. Thanks.
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