psoriasis and diprosalic lotion

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Lucy  ·  24 Nov 2008

Hi there. This is an old post so I hope you still see this reply. My partner has severe psoriasis and also uses Diprosalic. He buys the lotion for his scalp and the ointment for his body over the counter in Spain which cost him less than 4 euro for each and of course no need for a prescription - his doctor here is reluctant to prescribe for some reason. He has tried so many other ointments and creams and none come anywhere near the Diprosalic. The ointment is fantastic, when his arms and legs are bad the ointment clears up that thick scaly skin in a matter of days. You should try the ointment for your skin, it is as good as the lotion for the scalp. I understand what you mean when you refer to long sleeves, my partner is the same, will not wear short sleeves, even when in Spain, until the ointment has cleared his arms and legs he will only sit in the sun when in private.

Best wishes and good luck sourcing some Diprosalic ointment for your skin.


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Anonymous  ·  26 Jun 2008
Just wondering if anyone can tell me why diprosalic lotion works absolutely marvels on the scalp but cannot be used anywhere else on the body, i have psoriasis for 10 years now and have been using diprosalic lotion since day1, it completely clears my scalp after about 2-3days if i let it get that bad, but has no lasting effect if i ignore the warning not to use anywhere else on the body, to be honest i have tried it on my elbows which are pretty bad but it doesnt clear it at all. any tips would be much appreciated, fed up having to wear long sleeve tops to hide my elbows,i am that insecure!
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