Pins and needles in hands when waking up

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Rowanda  ·  12 Apr 2009

I have had pins and needles for about three days in my right hand thumb and finger tips,and quite frankly it is doing my head in!!! i have possibly layed on my arm/wrist/hand during my sleep but i have no idea as i was asleep...tying my own wrists to the bed posts is not an option as i am currently single lol anyone got a better plan of how to solve my problem would love to hear from you many thanks ..Row


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Anon  ·  11 Dec 2007
Your problem does sound like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Back to the pins and needles when you wake up.
That was my problem for years but it now seems to have subsided. I didn't have any neck problems then and I do now but the pins and needles are definately not as bad.
As for getting it checked out with your G.P.!
I have been to 2 G.P.'s with this and they just ignored it, so absolutely no satisfaction there.

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Anonymous  ·  28 Nov 2007
Hello to all,
Any prolonged pins and needles and/or numbness....whether in the extremities (fingers, toes) or anywhere else deserves attention from your doctor as soon as possible. Although it is more than likely a 'signal' malfunction from the spine...and probably something 'small'...get it checked out straight away!
I have experience of this....and until you are all 'checked' out....which may mean M.R.I.s etc no one can tell you definitely.
Don't overly worry...but GO TO YOUR DOCTORS !!

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pinman  ·  27 Nov 2007
numbness in hands during night and when wake up in morning. what's the cause .is there a remedy? thanks

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TOMMY  ·  23 Jun 2007

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Anonymous  ·  20 Jun 2003
I've recently been having pins and needles in my hands at night and like many of the previous contributors, sleep with my hands under my face or under my pillow at night. I too don't have any problems when I keep my arms straight. I thought it was a neck problem or middle back problem, but am relieved to hear that it is more common than I thought.

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geraldine (yaris_ger)  ·  20 Jun 2003
I suffered with this, had difficulty driving, with elbows in any bent position and holding heavy objects. I was due to have this op a year ago as recommended by a neorologist. I asked in the health food shop about supplements for carpal tunnel syndrome. I was advised to take a high dose of vit B6 as it can be deficient particularly in female hormonal conditions and also in smokers.The condition improved and I also try to sleep with my arns extended. Pins and needles in the hands can be a symptom of many conditions so it is advisable to have it diagnosed accurately.

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Anonymous  ·  20 Jun 2003
Pins and needles in hands and arms used to wake me during the night. Then, I heard my son tell of the same problem when we was at neurologist for neck problem. Neurologist told him to sleep with his arms and hands stretched out - not under face or otherwise. pressurised. I immediately started doing so and have not suffered from it since.

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Anonymous  ·  19 Jun 2003
Recently I've experienced a numbness in my ring finger and the little finger when I wake in the morning and I cannot make a fist until I get into the shower and the hot water seems to help-would this be a neck problem or carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Anonymous  ·  19 Jun 2003
I've heard of a guy a few years ago who had the nerve sheath op. He is a climber whose forearm muscles developed too rapidly for the other tissues (nerve sheath etc). THe op was a sucess and he is still an amazing climber !
Good luck

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malcolm (milon)  ·  13 Jun 2003
I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands. Basically the more I work with my hands (unavoidable) the worse they get. It is especially noticeable at night and when driving and of course working. I am on the waiting list for an operation to cut the wrist 'layer' which is supposed to relieve the trapped median nerve. I find it hard to believe that there are no side effects, as this seems to be an important support layer. Is there anyone out there who has had the op., particlarly a few years ago? How's it going??

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irene (ghost)  ·  01 Jun 2003
I also have the same problem and would be greatful for any help in identifying the cause. Some mornings it can take some time for feeling to return to my fingers but after about half an hours exercise i.e. doing something it disappears! I suffer from Raynaud's and wonder are the two related?

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Anonymous  ·  23 Jun 2001
I've had the same problem, on occasion. I found I was lying on my side with my arm and hand underneath the pillow. Try wearing some sort of wrist supports while you sleep and see if they don't help. The heavier the supports, the better. That way you won't unconsciously put your arms under your pillows if you sleep on your sides.

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Anonymous  ·  17 Mar 2001
This condition is called the "carpal tunnel syndrome",is frequent in middle age,commoner in females,relieved by a few minutes of "working" the hands,and is very treatable by local injection or sometimes a minor operation.Rarely,it is associated with other conditions such as underactivity of the thyroid gland and very rarely,with arthritis.It does no real harm to you,but can disturb sleep and get more uncomfortable as time goes on.It is worth a trip to the doctor to find out the options.Some people who are overweight,improve with reduction of weight.But most get relief with the injection. The operation provides a permanent cure. It is caused by some tissues in the wrist losing their flexibility and,putting pressure onone of the main nerves to the hand.There is an electrical test which may diagnose it when there is any doubt.

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Anonymous  ·  12 Mar 2001
what is the cause or symptoms of
pins and needles in hands when
waking in morning or during night.
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