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Frozen shoulder

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Anonymous  ·  30 Sep 2002
Hello all. I have found a wonderful treatment for shoulder/ neck injuries. I was in a car accident last year and suffered a severe whiplash injury which left me with severe pain and restricted movement in my left shoulder and my neck. After a year of taking every type of medication (which had terrible side effects as I suffer from IBS also), months of physio and some steroid injections into the area I was still no better. I was also very disheartened about any hope of recovering from the injury. Then I was recommended a treatment called Endorphin Release. There is only one Endorphin Release clinic in Ireland that I know of and it's in Crumlin, Dublin 12. I have been attending there for a while now and have seen drastic improvements in my neck and shoulder movement and the levl of pain I was feeling. While I'm not cured yet, I'm certainly on the way and they've managed to succeed where conventional medicine let me down. As well as helping physically it has also helped on a mental level now that I know I am getting better. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Chances are you may need a few visits before things begin to improve but believe me, it's worth the wait!! Staff at the clinic are also extremely friendly and helpful and will help make your recovery all the more pleasant! Give it a go and good luck!

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Anonymous  ·  05 Dec 2001
Your shoulder is made up of three bones enclosed in a 'bag' of loose tissue called 'the joint capsule'. If you pick up an infection, your body automatically tries to fight it, and this is what seems to happen in Frozen Shoulder (also called Adhesive Capsulitis). Your body is attacking the joint capsule which gets inflamed or swollen. Normally the shoulder is the most mobile joint, but during an attack the movement is greatly restricted by the inflammation. It is not known exactly what triggers the infection but it is thought that it can happen sometimes as a result of another problem in the same shoulder or by minor surgery. Physical Therapy and Osteopathy are helpful in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder. Typically, there is a marked improvement after the first one or two treatments, but thereafter progress is uneven. However, if you keep to the exercise regime prescribed, mobility should be restored gradually. This can take up to 2 years and about 20% of sufferers are left with reduced mobility. Orthodox treatment can include the use of anti-inflammatories, hydro-cortisone injections, forced manipulation under anaesthetic and painkillers. Normally the condition starts with a gradual onset of pain which is made worse by movement and this can last about 2 months. This pain is accompanied by stiffness, which often results in loss of sleep causing further distress. Hope the above is of help......

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angela (angela-m)  ·  11 Nov 2001
My Dad had a frozen shoulder for ages after a fall. He tried all the usual, painkillers, physio, steroids to no avail. He went to see Dr Sean Boylan, he of the Meath GAA team. He works on a herbal basis. I don't know how it worked but it did. He has no problems now, about 6 years later at the age of 72

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Anonymous  ·  07 Nov 2001
try acupuncture! i had the same problem and it has made a world of difference!

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Anonymous  ·  31 Oct 2001
Forget the pills !!! Two pints of cider, two glasses of whiskey and two ounces of Epsom salts all mixed together - take a glass (as in a glass of whiskey) each morning before breakfast. If necessary - and it probably won't be - repeat the dose. Guaranteed !!

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anne (nikkih)  ·  31 Oct 2001
what causes frozen shoulder

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Anonymous  ·  24 Oct 2001
I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Have got lots of physiotherapy and had the shoulder manipulated two weeks ago. Despite this I have extreme pain in my shoulder and am on anti-inflamatories. How long will this pain last? Is there any alternative medicine I could use?
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