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Nunzio Corso196  ·  24 Dec 2017


Anyone who knows which T3 medications are available in Ireland?

Many thanks for your help!


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frustrated husband  ·  17 Aug 2017

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for your comments, some doctors seem to think this is a ficticious disease, at least that's the impression received. 

 What I found recently was that doctors ask for blood tests that they deem necessary, whereas some of the nurses will ask or suggest a lot more tests, in my surgery anyway.  The most annoying thing about the Thyroid test is that they only test for tsg and t4, according to the HSE a t3 test is not necessary and doesn't prove anything, what a load of b*******, we were told by our doctor when asked to do a D3 test, that the hospital labs don't like doing the test, the mind boggles!!  My wife was D3 and B12 deficient, she also has Adrenal fatigue, very common with Thyroid patients but again this is something most of the medical profession don't seem to believe exists, what hope have we mere mortals got.

Thanks again will update the position as and when.cheers John.c


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Mitch27  ·  16 Aug 2017

Hi John 

Your daughter did the right thing getting blood tests privately. I had to go to gp to request them .. didn't see usual lovely gp but got a right idiot.. who questioned who needs them even though I started with it's to put on the thyroid health forum for support ... knowing what the bloods are is half the battle! He then said well we can't ask for vit D or B12.. we're supposed to just treat the symptom.   I said really that's funny as I got them at least twice a year in London with no bother ! He begrudgingly wrote them out as I told him I rang endo secretary to double check those hadn't been taken..including t3..so it wasn't duplicated.. and she said they were not but your gp will certainly gget  them done for you !  You'd think I was asking for a liver transplant!!! Idiot !  Next time I'll make sure not to see him again! So I'll get them done next week as nothing done in a hurry up here !  As for them continuing to learn .... Surprised yea right !! It's all about get them in and out in under 10 min and cost the nhs as little as possible... never mind the fact I contribute a good deal towards it every month !!! A fact I'll remind him of next time I see him !!  Keep us updated on how your wife and daughter get on.  And it's good to know you're a husband/father that is actually taking an interest and supporting your family! Good for you 


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frustrated husband  ·  15 Aug 2017

Hi Mitch 27,

Good to hear you can get your t3 meds, you can also get Armour (dedicated thyroid) the pharmacists can get it, if you can convince your doctor to write a prescription.

There are a lot of websites with good info, just keep reading and try to convince your doctor.

My daughter sent to England for blood tests and saliva adrenal tests, it cost a bit but at least she has some ammunition in her armoury now.

Keep trying, as I said in an earlier post, my wife finally had a heart attack in April and I'm convinced, it is all down to the mistreatment she has received from the medical profession, I was always of the mind, that doctors should be continually studying and learning, I suppose I must be a bit daft.

Good luck John.


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Mitch27  ·  15 Aug 2017

Thanks jd123

I don't drink so one good factor for me 😁


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JD123  ·  14 Aug 2017


I would suggest you read through the previous posts on here, you will learn a lot.

I agree that an endo is a waste of time. I went to one and got no more than confirming my condition.

I was also thin and packed on the weight. I have found gluten free is helping to bring down my weight again. Cut back on the alcohol if you drink, as it really does attach the thyroid.


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Mitch27  ·  14 Aug 2017

Hi frustrated husband 

I can only imagine your frustration dealing with not one but two women with hypothyroid! I found another forum called healthunlocked.  Great suppprt network there.  I've found someone who supplies the t3 and will do blood checks through gp.  There are people on there as well that give info in Ireland.   I called my pharmacist in wexford to see if he can get t3 and he can .  Said it can be prescribed by a gp as well so I'll see how I get on otherwise I'll take a visit to my gp when next back on Ireland. Thanks for your input and I have to agree unless you have money to go private it's ridiculous.  I did a private endo she  first diagnoses with atrophied thyroid but he was too concerned with a tv show yo give 2 hoots about my problem and he was moving mover onto diabetes and not concentrating on thyroid anymore!  Lovely... waste of €150 plus extra  €60 for his blood tests !!!! 


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frustrated husband  ·  14 Aug 2017

Hi Mitch27, 

I don't suffer from Thyroid problems but my wife has for around 20 years and my daughter has been diagnosed as Hashimoto's, so I do know what you are going through.  

Finding a doctor with any savvy is extremely difficult and as for endo's, I wouldn't give them time of day.

Unless you have money to spend, which we don't have, it seems like you are fighting a losing battle. A suggestion I have is for you to contact the Peatfild clinic. Currant Peatfield is a recommended Dr, read about him on line he sounds very interesting, I think that will be my next call, he is in England but there is quite a waiting list for his services.

I wish you luck in your search for treatment.

Regards John.


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Mitch27  ·  10 Aug 2017

Hi Guys..new to this forum.  Bit of a blessing finding this as one realises one is not really a "mental" case!  I have always been very thin, right up into early 30's, when suddenly started putting on weight. Could never loose it.  Went on in stages, like 10kg in a month, then stayed like that for a year, then same again..etc etc.  Was put on levothyroxine 25mg.. now 10 years later am at 175mg, but no difference to my overall weight and health.  I keep telling doctors i can't diet, constantly hungry, when I do diet I loose like 1/2kg in a month, if that! I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's but that's just a name to the last 15 years of hell!  I work in the UK and seen GP's here.  None are interested. You can practically see their eyes rolling and you wonder why you degrade yourself going to see them!  One sent me for cognitive behavioural therapy.  Yup.. that's gonna help me loose weight and stop feeling lethargic! Ive recently moved up to north wales and got a lovely new GP.  She's trying all sorts, including orlistat but after 5 months saw it is a waste of time.  She sent me to an endo who basically said well when we get older its harder to loose weight!  AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My levels are out a lot and my gp now said i don't know why they dont try you on T3 as obviously the T4 is not converting!  She rang the endo who says they no longer prescribe it as the company that supplies it to the NHS went from charging around £30 to £300!  I started reading about the T3 are realised it's like reading my own story over and over!  I'm not mad - nor alone in this awful bloody battle! So now I have a lifeline thrown to me but cant get it in the UK.  I work as cabin crew hence stay here for long intervals.  I asked my daughter to ring pharmacy and see do they stock T3 and how much it costs.  He didn't give a price but says very affordable but he gets the german product Thybon.  Has anyone used this? I can get a gp to do the script as he said a gp can do it. Any advice would be appreciated.


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table talk  ·  10 Aug 2017

Does anyone know of a good endocrinoloigist in or around galway Athlone area.? For underactive/hasmitotos. I have been putting off going to see one for so long. Just go to nurse to have bloods done every 6 months but levels keep fluctuating. Have this for nearly 20 years 


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Mbw  ·  02 Aug 2017

Can i ask please is Dr Wilson the GP in Kildare Dr Neville Wilson. I would be interested in taking my daughter.

Thanks Mary 


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JD123  ·  01 Aug 2017

Frustrated Husband,

So sorry to hear that your wife had a heart attack, I hope she is feeling better now. That is so serious! I do hope the accupunture wasnt adding to the problem. I felt good at first, but then unwell after a few times and walked away.

I do tell my doctor what I want and lucky she has been supportive. Though I spent 5 years on the wrong meds till I did research. JoeT referred us to Izabella Wentz and thank you for that. She is very good and a pharmasist sufferer. 

Slowly feeling human again but the agitated moments are there every now and then.

We all battle on, but I have found cutting out gluten and dairy has helped a great deal and my weight is slowly going down.


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frustrated husband  ·  01 Aug 2017

Hi everyone,

My advice to everyone, first try and find a good doctor who will treat you the way you should be treated, this will be very difficult.

Insist on them doing the correct tests for the thyroid, not just tag & t4, don'take no for an answer, again very difficult.

Get your system checked thoroughly.

The reason I am saying this, is that my wife has been struggling for more than 10 years she has seen doctors Endocrinologist etc Wrong medication, wrong tests, and reading what results they did get wrong.  Now to cap it all my wife has had a heart attack, basically because of her treatment. The treatment in this country I'm afraid stinks.

Yes I have had credit union loans to pay for private treatment, all to no avail

Good luck all, fight for the right treatment.


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Searching  ·  31 Jul 2017

Hi everyone,

new to this discussion site I am 6 months post total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer no rai needed thankfully.  I am on 125 eltroxin and feeling awful very fatigued ' dizzy, muscles twitching etc. 

i have made appointment with dr Margaret griffin even though I live in Kerry am prepared to travel.  I want to explore other med feel eltroxin making me sicker, is dr griffin open to using other thyroid meds?


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JD123  ·  03 Apr 2017

Thanks Frustrated Husband, I am taking Westhroid and much better now. Just the bloated look is annoying. I have been following Dr. Izabella Wentz. She is a bit annoying with emails but I found her 2 week diet very good. Large portions, but works. Ordered A book of hers about 90 days to a cure, we will see! I signed up to watch a series of videos, but only saw half, as there is a time limit. What I liked about her is she was a sufferer and is a pharmacist. So her knowledge should be good. Someone else put a link to her on the chat line,

Ok, will see what happens


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frustrated husband  ·  31 Mar 2017

Hi jd123,

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better.

I don't know about having so many session's, the cost would be prohibitive, maybe a couple of times a month, still costly.

I can't see acupuncture interfering with the meds, Stephen would have told you if it did but my wife is seeing him on Wednesday, so I will get her to ask him.

It's a lousy health system when you can't be treated properly and given the correct medicine for your illness.

Good luck again, I will let you know what Stephen say's anyway.


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JD123  ·  30 Mar 2017

Thanks Frustrated Husband,

I decided the cost was a bit much, plus the trip from Mallow. I wonder if once a month is working. I have read it's better to go a couple of times a week, for 3 or 4 weeks.  I was feeling very tired and now I have stopped I am feeling less tired again. I went initially for the swelling in my face. It got better for a short while, but came back.

A friend thinks it isn't good to take both meds and do accupucture, so hard to know, but feeling back to normal now. I will get some of the tea, good idea, as I know both are good for the thyroid function


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frustrated husband  ·  30 Mar 2017


I'm sorry for the delay in answering your question.  My wife is seeing Stephen Gascoigne, we did not see a great improvement with the herbal medication but the acupunture definately helps, several times my wife has had a few problems and the acupunture relieved them.

The Thyroid side of it is not so noticable but until the Adrenals are sorted, which could be a lengthy process then any improvement will be small but my wife seems happy with the treatment,even though we can't really afford it

Just a side note which might be of interest.  My wife has had high Cholesterol for a long time, a consequence of Thyroid disease, her levels were 6.8 in August and the doctor wanted her to take Statins which she won't take, she started drinking Turmeric and Ginger tea, when she had her last blood test in January there was a 25% reduction in her Cholesterol, which was very surprising.  The only thing my wife has changed is drinking Turmeric tea every day.  So now we will see what her next blood test says and if it is still going down, then I for one will be convinced of the tea's efficacy.

I wish you luck and hope you find some relief soon.


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JoeT  ·  30 Mar 2017

This letter to the American Thyroid Association about the effects of fluoride on the thyroid is very disturbing: 


Since Ireland is the only democracy in the world with mandatory fluoridation of water you'd expect the health authorities to be voicing some concern at least. But no, not a peep out of them. It's as if they're afraid to say that people with hypothyroidism should avoid fluoride.


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JD123  ·  24 Feb 2017

Registerd for webinar, thanks JoeT

Frustrated Husband, is your wife still seeing Stephen for the Acupunture?

I have been for about 5 sessions but find its not doing much good now. Any comment?



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JoeT  ·  19 Feb 2017

There's what looks like an interesting new film, "The Thyroid Secret", coming out shortly. Trailer here:



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695  ·  08 Feb 2017


I am on 45mg a day and to cut costs I ordered 90mg armour and cut the tablet in half, there is a big difference in price for 15,30, 60, 90mg etc. 4 months supply cost me around €100 in Boots Ashbourne Co Meath.

I am on armour approx 9 months now and it has made a huge difference energy wise, moods etc etc. but it is not for everyone. You should give it 2-3 months before it takes affect.


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lauramc09  ·  07 Feb 2017

Yes I haven't seen a huge improvement on them really 😁😁

Thanks might actually get the Armour 


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Blondie16  ·  07 Feb 2017

Westhroid, Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid, are other treatments, westhroid is the cheapest, Dr.Wilson in Kildare will prescribe you this alternative treatment , he is a G.P. but has extensive knowledge of thyroid problems, he treats the symptoms of the patient plus the illness and takes all the relevant blood tests in his clinic.


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GB1980  ·  07 Feb 2017

Yes armour is mad expensive! But a word of warning, I was on armour for a year and doing great. Then when the price rose I decided to try nature thyroid instead as it was half the price but... within 6 weeks my TSH went from below 1.5 up to 10... my GP couldn't believe it. I'm back on armour now, even though it's dearer. I have heard of loads of people who have swapped from armour to nature and were fine but just make sure to keep getting your bloods done to see how you are doing on it. Good luck! 


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lauramc09  ·  07 Feb 2017

Hi All, my doctor here in Bantry West Cork has prescribed me Armour after fighting and arguing for 8 years. I went to the pharmacy and they told me it would cost me €125 for 30mg x 60 tablets so they offered an alternative. I think Its NP Thyroid but still costing me €65 and that is working out very expensive with the daily dosages needed as 30mg is only half a grain.

But cant wait to see improved results <3


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Blondie16  ·  06 Feb 2017

Hi, have you joined the site Thyroid Ireland and Stop The Thyroid Madness both are so informative and up to date with their support and excellent information, you have to request to join as they are closed sites, they have been such a help to me and a lot of thyroid patients , good luck and hope all goes well for you but it takes time to regulate the treatment.


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Mbw  ·  05 Feb 2017

Hi again. Got my daughter a private thyroid screen. Can anyone please explain the following to me. My Dr is sick so can't see me for another week. I have read so much over the weekend but it's hard to pin point as everyone's readings are different. Her TSH is 2.77. FT4 is 13.6. FT3 is 6.4 and FT3 Ratio is 2.1.  Thyroglobulin is less than 20 and TPO is less than 10.she is negativeasy for antibodies. 

She is on 25mg of eltroxin. I don't see it making any difference to her. Some days she is great and more days she is symptomatic.  She gets stressed very easily.

I'm doing everything I can to build her immunity and see if I can get her thyroid to "work" correctlyons on its own. 

Thanks for your time. Would appreciate your views.


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Hollywood 1  ·  19 Oct 2016

Lookin for contact of good doctor in Donegal for this condition hypothyroidism please? 


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Mbw  ·  05 Oct 2016

Keep us posted Nicky Dinks.  Looking good forward to hearing how you get on with it. 


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Ninky Dinks  ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi, just collected my prescription of armour today, ready to start tomorrow - very excited and glad to hear good reports after only 5 weeks. Dr Margaret Griffin is my doc, and like the other writer, I spent alot of time and money on various docs and endos - so happy to have found her!


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JD123  ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi, I think it is worth paging through the comments as I have also suggested doctors and pharmacies who can help with Armour and Westhroid in the Mallow area. It is worth a short drive to get what you want.

Thanks, frustrated husband, I took your advise and travelled from Mallow to Bandon to see Stephen Gascoigne and was very pleased as he pointed out something I had been reading about. the adrenal gland can interfere with the thyroid function. He is a chinese medicine specialist and I had acupuncture on the day. Felt somewhat better.  


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695  ·  03 Oct 2016

Hi Mbw,

As I have said before in my previous threads Dr Margaret Griffin has a clinic in Clane and I found her excellent, she will listen. I have spent a lot of money visiting doctors and Endo's over the past 10 year and none would even consider trying me on Armour thyroid or similiar. I eventually found Dr Griffin through these threads and she has recently started me on Armour thyroid, I feel so much better after 5 weeks and my energy levels are superb. All the best with your daughter.Smile


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Mbw  ·  02 Oct 2016

Can anyone tell me of an Endocrinologist who would consider Armour or similar for my 15 year old daughter.she is hypothyroid.  I want a person who will listen to my daughters symptoms and not just look at the bloods. One doctor I saw in Kildare says she must be 16. Many thanks in advance


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Mbw  ·  26 Sep 2016

Why will the lab not text for T3 on a GP request ? Only on a Consultant request.!!!! 


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Kaybu72  ·  25 Sep 2016

Is there any doctor in county Kilkenny that will prescribe Armour or similar?


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irishgirl92  ·  21 Sep 2016

Hello, so I'm looking for a doctor who can prescribe nature-thyroid/westhroid in cork preferably. My own doctor said she can't and referred me to an endocrinologist who wouldn't prescribe it. Would love to give it a go as I've been on eltroxin 8 years now and it's having little effect anymore. 


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frustrated husband  ·  20 Sep 2016

Hi Irishgirl92,

Well done you, we hope it works well for you.


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irishgirl92  ·  19 Sep 2016

Hello guys ! Thanks for all the replies, I've found a pharmacy that supplies it in Cork- All Care.  So it seems a GP can prescribe it and my doctor was incorrect in saying that only an endocrinologist can?


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JD123  ·  19 Sep 2016

Westhroid is much cheaper than Armour and just as good. Used a lot in the uk. Irishgirl92, read down a bit, i gave you a doctor close enough to Cork

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