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Hollywood 1  ·  19 Oct 2016

Lookin for contact of good doctor in Donegal for this condition hypothyroidism please? 


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Mbw  ·  05 Oct 2016

Keep us posted Nicky Dinks.  Looking good forward to hearing how you get on with it. 


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Ninky Dinks  ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi, just collected my prescription of armour today, ready to start tomorrow - very excited and glad to hear good reports after only 5 weeks. Dr Margaret Griffin is my doc, and like the other writer, I spent alot of time and money on various docs and endos - so happy to have found her!


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JD123  ·  04 Oct 2016

Hi, I think it is worth paging through the comments as I have also suggested doctors and pharmacies who can help with Armour and Westhroid in the Mallow area. It is worth a short drive to get what you want.

Thanks, frustrated husband, I took your advise and travelled from Mallow to Bandon to see Stephen Gascoigne and was very pleased as he pointed out something I had been reading about. the adrenal gland can interfere with the thyroid function. He is a chinese medicine specialist and I had acupuncture on the day. Felt somewhat better.  


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695  ·  03 Oct 2016

Hi Mbw,

As I have said before in my previous threads Dr Margaret Griffin has a clinic in Clane and I found her excellent, she will listen. I have spent a lot of money visiting doctors and Endo's over the past 10 year and none would even consider trying me on Armour thyroid or similiar. I eventually found Dr Griffin through these threads and she has recently started me on Armour thyroid, I feel so much better after 5 weeks and my energy levels are superb. All the best with your daughter.Smile


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Mbw  ·  02 Oct 2016

Can anyone tell me of an Endocrinologist who would consider Armour or similar for my 15 year old daughter.she is hypothyroid.  I want a person who will listen to my daughters symptoms and not just look at the bloods. One doctor I saw in Kildare says she must be 16. Many thanks in advance


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Mbw  ·  26 Sep 2016

Why will the lab not text for T3 on a GP request ? Only on a Consultant request.!!!! 


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Kaybu72  ·  25 Sep 2016

Is there any doctor in county Kilkenny that will prescribe Armour or similar?


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irishgirl92  ·  21 Sep 2016

Hello, so I'm looking for a doctor who can prescribe nature-thyroid/westhroid in cork preferably. My own doctor said she can't and referred me to an endocrinologist who wouldn't prescribe it. Would love to give it a go as I've been on eltroxin 8 years now and it's having little effect anymore. 


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frustrated husband  ·  20 Sep 2016

Hi Irishgirl92,

Well done you, we hope it works well for you.


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irishgirl92  ·  19 Sep 2016

Hello guys ! Thanks for all the replies, I've found a pharmacy that supplies it in Cork- All Care.  So it seems a GP can prescribe it and my doctor was incorrect in saying that only an endocrinologist can?


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JD123  ·  19 Sep 2016

Westhroid is much cheaper than Armour and just as good. Used a lot in the uk. Irishgirl92, read down a bit, i gave you a doctor close enough to Cork


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695  ·  19 Sep 2016


I had no problem sourcing armour in Boots pharmacy. They had to order it and it was in in 3 days, it was the only pharmacy I tried and it cost around €20 for 15mg x 60 tablets.


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frustrated husband  ·  19 Sep 2016

Hi Irishgirl92.

I think the first thing to do is find a pharmacy that will source it and when you find one then ask your doctor to prescribe it.  If you are still refused look for another doctor.

My wife's doctor didn't know about armour, we asked our pharmacist and he said that he could supply it.

Armour is available in Ireland now but some doctors are ignorant of the fact, just keep trying, good luck to you, I hope you find one soon.


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695  ·  19 Sep 2016

Hi Irish,

Dr Margaret Griffin is the only one I know off who will prescribe Armour she has a clinic in Clane Co Kildare and the Bon Secours in Dublin. I started on Armour 3 weeks ago and I am already feeling much better in body and mind, I have been taken Eltroxin for approx 10 years and it has done nothing for me except give correct lab results. Did you know Hillary Clinton takes armour for her hypothyroidism.


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JD123  ·  19 Sep 2016

Hi irishgirl92,

My doctor has helped me explore different meds and I have settled on westhoid. So far so good. She is in Mallow though. I guess not too far to get a prescription. Dr Mary O'Flynn. The others will probably help as well. Tel 022 51992

Weedles get the meds for me. 100 tabs about €35, much cheeper than armour which caused a lot of swelling for me 


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irishgirl92  ·  18 Sep 2016

Hello, so I'm looking for a doctor who can prescribe nature-thyroid/westhroid in cork preferably. My own doctor said she can't and referred me to an endocrinologist who wouldn't prescribe it. Would love to give it a go as I've been on eltroxin 8 years now and it's having little effect anymore. 


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JoeT  ·  18 Sep 2016

Certain foods, such as cashew nuts, are particularly beneficial for the thyroid:

Of course the priority is in my opinion, as Catherine suggests, to avoid fluoride.


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Catherine Mcverry170  ·  16 Sep 2016

Get mercury amalgam fillings out at Holistic dentist, I found one in Bray- he also does a free mercury toxicity breath test. V important to use holistic dentist- I got 10 out here- but 6 months before got 5 out in ONE day with ordinary dentist- V unwise as messed up digestion by doing this ( now taking enzymes and Hcl- so digestion back to normal- mercury poisoned have low stomach acid). I have been taking chlorella + cilantro to detox since then- there is also a clinic in Portlaoise which does IV chelation- chelationireland- hope to go there soon


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JD123  ·  15 Sep 2016


I have just seen my typo, I mean't swelling in the face, not Smelling :-)


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gemanb  ·  15 Sep 2016

Can you tell me where you got your amalgam fillings out? I would pm but I've no idea how to! This website is badly set up for mobile users :( I asked my dentist about amalgams and thyroid and she said the risk is very minimal and that it would do more damage to take them out!


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Catherine Mcverry170  ·  14 Sep 2016

In my opinion, ROI has worst thyroid problem in EU due to fluoridated water. Also mercury amalgam fillings- soon to be banned - also whack thyroid. I got my fillings out and stopped drinking tap water- thyroid fine now.


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JD123  ·  31 Aug 2016

Hi there,

I was taking Armour for a while before the cost went through the roof and although I felt better I was smelling a lot in my face and fingers. Did anyone else have this experience?

I am now taking westroid and the swelling has gone down a lot. Is it just me?

Anyway I have booked to see someone, as I think there is more to achieve than just feeling OKish


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gemanb  ·  30 Aug 2016

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else is taking Nature Thyroid? I was on armour for the last year but it got taken off the medical card so I switched as armour is much more expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has an experience with the nature thyroid? It seems to have the same levels of T3 and T4 as armour so hopefully it will do the same job :)


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695  ·  29 Aug 2016

Hi Tigh,

I have been on eltroxin for the same number of years to little or no effect and I would feel very cold once the temperature dropped below 12C, I also have all the other symptons related to Hypo.Dr Margaret Griffin has started me on 30MG Armour tablets last week increasing to 45MG next month,hopefully it will make a difference, I will keep you posted. Dr Griffin has clinics in Clane Co Kildare and the Bon Secours in Glasnevin Dublin. I have been to other Endo's who refused to try me on Armour and I found Dr Griffin excellent.


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frustrated husband  ·  29 Aug 2016

Hi , I hope Stephen can help you good luck.

Hi Tigh,

Most doctors seem fairly ignorant when it comes to the thyroid.  According to the HSE the t3 test doesn't prove anything, other countries think it does so do doctors who are prepared to study the problem.  I was reading an article a few days ago where the recommendation was to reset the upper level in the range to 2.75 but it was agreed to set it at 3.  Maybe they should get together and suss out the problem properly.

As for Eltroxin, the people who make it and the people who prescribe it should have it force fed to them, then they might think again.


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Tigh  ·  24 Aug 2016

Why has the range for diagnosing thyroid problems changed in Hospitals from (3.60) in the year 2010 to (4.30) approx this year 2016?

Why does the Doctor only prescribe Eltroxin, and not prescribe tablets to control the abnormal results relating to T3?

I am on Eltroxin, for underactive thyroid, and I have been shivering with cold for almost 10 years, thus, having to wear numerous wool jumpers, layers of t-shirts, a double wool scarf these evenings with tempature in house, over 21 degrees.  

Doctors relied on tempature of patient in years gone by, and I think, it's a more accurate method of dignosing thyroid problems.  Cry

I am trying to lose weight, but it's not working, and I wake up every morning feeling terrible.... 


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JD123  ·  21 Aug 2016

Thanks for the info re stephen gascoigne, will look him up,


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frustrated husband  ·  18 Aug 2016

Hi jd123,

The doctors name is Stephen Gascoigne, he is in Bandon.  Stephen is a medical doctor who practices Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

My wife thinks he's 'great, she seems a lot better since she's been going to him.

Just Google Stephen Gascoigne and see what you think.  

I wish you luck.

Regards John.


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Mbw  ·  18 Aug 2016

Hi took my daughter of 14 off Eltroxin (50mg) 8 weeks ago and thank God I now have what is a normal teenager again.great form etc. Got the bloods done a week ago and her tsh has come back at 6.01. The range should be .50 - 4.40. I don't want her to take anything but is that tsh result very high ??? Would appreciate any comments.


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JD123  ·  17 Aug 2016

Hi 'Frustrated Husband'

Can you tell me the name of the English Doctor in Cork that your wife is seeing. I am in the Cork area,



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annieos  ·  16 Aug 2016

Hello, I am interested to hear yer views, TodayI have been diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid and to take 100mg of eltroxin. I had a baby 7 months ago and recently gave up breastfeeding, i cant help but think that my low thyroid levels is hormone related from pregnancy and breastfeeding. the doc wants me to go back in a months time to check my levels.

part of me wants to do a total lifestyle change for the month and prove that i dont need to be on eltroxin for life. My gut feeling is that its pregnancy related and that it will regulate itself or am I living in denial? Is it possible for my levels to go back to normal? Also, if I start eltroxin can you ever come off it?

I feel that no other option was given to me and it was just the most normal thing to diagnose me with. 

Would like to hear yer thoughts on it. would i be crazy to not take the medication for a month and see how I am? 

clutching at straws here


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Mbw  ·  28 May 2016

Hello.my daughter has been diagnosed with an under active thyroid 18mts ago.she is now 14. She was very very stressed at the time because of the transition from primary to secondary school.the principal was a nightmare and she was so scared of her and still is. She was very down in the dumps, sore throat on and off and a weakness coming to christmas/summer exams which meant she could hardly walk into school.Dr took bloods and we went to an endocrinologist.she put her on 50mg of thyroxine and that was it.No alternative etc. There's no history of it in our family. I haven't really noticed any change in my daughter who yesterday got weak amd sore throat again prior to summer exam. Her bloods were checked 3 mts ago and are reading fine on the thyroxine.my questions are. If I wanted to take her off thyroxine and get her bloods tested would that be dangerous? 

Should I get a second opinion from another Endocrinologist? 

Can extreme stress cause her thyroid levels to change?

Is she just the typical 14 yr old with raging hormones amd a little weight gain ? (Which she can't loose)

She's very young to be on eltroxin for life bit that didn't seem to bother the Dr. The symptoms of under active thyroid ie moods weight are very similar to a typical 14 yr old.

Help confused..........and would love your thoughts and advice.


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frustrated husband  ·  25 May 2016

Hi Blondie 16,

Alternatives to Eltroxin are available, there is a product called Armour thyroid, which is natural dessicated thyroid which is derived from animals, usually pigs.  If you ask your Pharmacist, he will check it out and can source it but you will need a prescription from your doctor, if he or she will not prescribe it, find a doctor who will.

What my wife is doing now is seeing a medical doctor who also uses Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.  He has been treating my wife for about four months and there has been a very noticable improvement in her condition. He is treating my wife for Adrenal fatigue, which most doctors don't believe exists, once the Adrenals are ok then the thyroid will be treated. It seems  that if the Adrenals are not functioning correctly then the Thyroid won't and so far we are both pleased with the way things are going, my wife is improving and is so much better than she has been for a few years now.

We live in Cork, the doctor has clinics in Cork and in England, he is English but lives in Ireland.

good luck I hope you find help.


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Blondie16  ·  24 May 2016

Hi 695,

Thank you for the update regarding alternative to eltroxin, hy husband has been attending a consultant in that hospital , brilliant doctor but will only perscribe eltroxin as treatment says there is no side effects from this medication.


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Gocha Ka467  ·  23 May 2016

Hi JD,

yes,eltroxin can cause dizzyness. Hasany of you tried the water fast as alternative medicine? Iwonder what  theopinions are here


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695  ·  23 May 2016

Hi Blondie,

Dr Margaret Griffin who works out of Clane hospital Co Kildare and the Bon Secours in Dublin will assess your husband and will prescribe an alternative to eltroxin if need be. Her email address is griffinendo@gmail.com

I have been to her recently and find her excellent as she listens and tries alternatives to eltroxin.


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Blondie16  ·  22 May 2016

Hi frustrated husband, 

I would be certainly be interested in your wife's update on her health regarding adrenal fatigue. my husband has been very sick since Jan with thyroid problems and hospitilised with bad side effects of eltroxin but his consultant said there is no other treatment available in Ireland, can you pm me details of where I can get alternative help for him your help would be much appreciated.


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JD87  ·  30 Apr 2016


Just wondering can hypothroidism contribute to chronic dizzy spells? My partner was diagnosed with hypthroidism a number of years ago and was placed on Eltroxin. two years ago after coming home from Austrailia he started getting chronic spells of dizziness, this particularly occurs during and after physical activity. He used to play hurling with county but had to leave after the season ended as it was getting too much. To be fair to the GAA manager he sent my partner up to clinics and the mater to see specialists who just diagnosed him with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I can see from other comments that Eltroxin can create symptoms like adrenal fatique but he is always tried and dizzy. It doesnt have to be during pysical activity when the dizziness occurs it can be just normal day to day activities. 

My partner is only 29 and it is very upsetting to see him struggle to do what he loves. He has been on a gluten free diet for the last couple months but its looking like it has no impact other than on our wallets! 

If there are any clinics/ specialists out there that you can think help him please let me know.Any advice is much appreciated! 


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695  ·  29 Apr 2016

Reading Gocha's comment was as if I had wrote it myself.

I use good sources of  Iodine,I eat coconut every day, I eat 2 brazil nuts every day and I eat very healthy (no sugar etc and also take kefir) I also have a water filter but guess what, still feel lousy and cold.

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