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Finger tip amputation

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Posted: 14/04/2014 23:46

Hi all,5 weeks ago I lost the tip of my ring finger (just above the distal joint) in a surfing accident and Ive been wondering about my options since then. I play drums, guitar and was learning the piano but I'm not sure how limited I will be on the last two. My finger is still bandaged so I can't really test it but I did try to shape a C chord on the guitar and my finger fell short 

I think for everyday use I may not really miss it but for things like guitar and piano, I'm not sure what I can do to return to being able to play. I am a lefty but it hasn't affected my writing but I do play the guitar right handed. I swapped it around to see how playing left handed guitar would feel but it just sat wrong.Has anyone got any experience with this kind of injury. I would love to hear about all types of solutions from prosthesis to surgery.

One solution I saw was a toe to finger transplant. I'm not sure if that seems to be an extreme solution in this country - my consultant seemed to think so. But if there is any info out there on this, I would really welcome it.Thanks,Niall.

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