Lymes disease.

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Lorna Kennedy927  ·  23 Jun 2016

I am a dog minder in the west of Ireland. I walk the bogs where I see deer almost every day.They pass by my house regularily. I have been bitten by ticks four times in the last year. They are everywhere out here. For the last couple of years I have been really unwell a lot. I get dizzy spells, headaches, palputations, night sweats, muscle pains and severe back and neck pain along with flu like symptoms regularily. I'm not convinced my doctor knows much about lymes. I'm given opiates for pain and because I'm so weakened at the time they totally floor me. I'm getting bloods taken tomorrow but I am aware a negative result does not mean you don't have it. That's a scary thought. I'm afraid of permanent damage and living with what ever this is, is getting me down. I took a picture of one tick bite, not a rash but a big red hard circle. Can anyone give me some advice? I'd really appreciate it.

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