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Jay Wiener843  ·  04 May 2016

The advice about "Aiming for the right BMI" is dead wrong.  Worse, it can make it harder for women trying to become pregnant.

Fat cells produce estrogen; without enough body fat women may not get pregnant.  Depending on the size of a woman's frame, a BMI near 20 might be dangerously low.  Women tend to be more fertile if their BMI is above 25.  However, that applies to large groups of women: the BMI should never be used for individuals.

The BMI only considers height and weight. If a muscular soccer player and his alcoholic, sedentary grndmother are both the same height and weight, they will have the same BMI. It proves nothing.  

Several free, scientific ways are better at measuring obesity. Body fat content tests are accurate but expensive. Waist measurement tests are only slightly more accurate than the old BMI.  

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