Heart palpitations

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Nick123  ·  01 Dec 2016

NWalsh thank you very much for writing to me.

 First i used aloe vera drinking gel called "Sivera"  30ml  three times a day  for one month at least, the bottle was quite big. Then I bought capsules.

Im taking these,  one capsule a day ,  I started taking these a week ago but im not seeing any  improvements, I'm thinking to stop taking it.

As for your suggestions im really thinking  it can be amalgam fillings, because i have  four teeth filled with amalgam, and sometimes i feel an amalgam taste in my mouth , i think one of them started to destroy,  but shouldn't that be find out on your blood test, if mercury is on your blood.

Can you tell me how do i find out if  this is the problem.

I'm going to try GAS X Extra Strength too , as for h.pylori  i don't have a dog.

Sir I'm going to write some things  i think can be related to heart palps so you can give me an opinion.

I'm muslim  so first when heart palps came  i was fasting ramadan month by that time, and training in the gym too during the day without drinking water or eating anything ,  with same weights i trained before the ramadan month,  and i was using "Hyper mass" to gain weight  for about 1 year and a half without stopping until the heart palpitations came then i stopped taking it.

In the past  i used to take anti hair loss supplements  like :Viviscal  and Priorin

i used to take rogaine too, but just in a short period like 2 weeks, then i stopped rogaine like 10 days before ramadan, but during that time using it, i didn't have heart palps.

Do you think some of these things i mentioned  has to do with my condition.

Sir i want to thank you again for bothering to write me  and for your suggestions.

All the best.

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