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(Saturday, 29th Nov, 2014)

Water fluoridation 'necessary for teeth'

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JoeT  ·  27 Nov 2014

Does anyone seriously believe that people in Northern Ireland have 40% more tooth decay than people south of the border? Of course there is some difference as regards children's teeth, but that's because of delayed eruption. Delayed eruption of teeth? Yes, constantly ingesting fluoride causes a delay in the eruption of the teeth (among many other symptoms of fluoride poisoning). So children in the RoI will have fewer or younger teeth than children in Northern Ireland, hence fewer decayed teeth. Of course the differences even out in adulthood.

By the way, the cause of tooth decay is sugar. Even the British Dental Journal is broadcasting that very clearly now:

So... if the problem is tooth decay, and the cause is sugar, what might the solution be? Um, why don't we just dose everyone in the population with unmeasured amounts of a deadly cumulative poison --fluorosilicic acid? And keep doing it for 50 years, and don't look for any negative side effects? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Fluoridation should be outlawed immediately. It is the only public health problem that can be solved overnight.

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