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cleolou  ·  27 Aug 2014

Just had my pre period scan yesterday.  Left ovarie looks good, but on the right ovarie there is a cyst, so they did not start me on the medication, said they would wait to see if it goes away itself, by my day 2 scan.  I asked if it was not gone what would happen and they said may have to cancel for this month. Reading online I found a few people who had surgery were told that it was a cyst and ended up been an adhesion, just abit of a coincidence cos it was my right side I had surgery on the end of June. Just wondering if any of the couples who have unexplained fertility issus, have considered NAPRO. My sister and her husband were trying to conceive for 3 years and were diagnosed with unexplained fertility both 33 at time.  They had 2 failed attemps at iui, then switched to Napro.  My sister was very low in some hormones and also had bad endometerosis.  She underwent a procedure for the endometorosis under DR Boyle who is very well known.  After 6 months under Napro care they conceived naturally, had a baby boy at Christmas.  They have different measurements for the hormone levels, and ones that are considered normal with most doctors are looked at as low with them.  Aside from them going on to have a baby, my sister is in best health of her life.  Just said I would mention it for anyone that it might work for, unfortunaely for me its not an option as my tubes are gone.

1 miscarriage 6mths 2000, son born 2002, eptopic 2003. Age 36 Husband age 35

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