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(Saturday, 26th Jul, 2014)

very underweight.

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mrty  ·  23 Jul 2014

Hey all, just after a few opinions on an issue I see as a problem but the general population of GPs don't seem to (well the ones I've been to anyway). OK so I'm a 38 year old male 6ft tall and my weight tends to fluctuate between just under and just over 9 stone. I am very thin as you might imagine. I have been to several gps over the years to try and find a solution to my inability to gain weight. It seems that the gps are either unable or unwilling to help. Every doctor I have every attended has told me I'm fine, I am underweight but this is totally normal. I get that, that would be fine except for the fact that I am actually skeletal, I even have bruises on my hips where the bones protrude and constantly rub off my belt. To date one doctor has drawn a blood sample to check for overactive thyroid, this came back negative, unfortunately. This has been the extent of any investigation into what I feel is a serious issue(try living this way you'll understand) other than 'your fine give me 50 euro'. This has been a serious issue my whole life and to be honest I'm sick to death of it. Since no member of the medical fraternity has been able to offer any help or even suggestions I just wonder has anyone out there may have some suggestions as to what may be causing this. If anyone has ever had a similar issue I would be very grateful to hear from you particularly if you found some solution. 

Many many thanks, Marty.

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