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(Wednesday, 1st Oct, 2014)

recent tft result high even though I have reduced my thyroxine, WHY

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Maria O\'Neill238  ·  30 Sep 2014

Hi, can anyone help. I was on 200mcgs of thyroxine with 20mgs liothyronnine. Last year I took chest pain and pain down my arm. I was advised after lots of tests to reduce my thyroxine to 100mgs and continue to take my 20mcgs liothyronnine. I have been doing that for 8 months with no chest pain just irregular heart beats. Last week I had my bloods checked and my tft result jumped from 20 to 30! ! ! I can't understand how my result can go up so much when I have reduced my thyroxine. I don't think my gp believes I have been keeping to the lower dose. The gp now wants me to go down to 75mgs. I am worried as I am struggling on the 100mgs. Any ideas as to why my result would have jumped so high? Thanks.

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