ME - coming out of the wilderness

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Leela Play548  ·  28 Aug 2015

Excellent despription of the state of ME, and some of what's necessary to provide ME patients with early diagnosis and symptom treatment to avoid worsening of severity and prognosis. Thanks to IrishHealth for publishing this article. Please note that there is a problem with the twitter link which has "Many health workers unhappy, stressed" rather than this title. I hope you can fix it soon so people can tweet directly from the article.


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Cruiser   ·  27 Aug 2015

Thank you Moira.  Brilliantly describing the physical limitations ME puts on our bodies but also all the other stressors that affect us then such as frustrations in trying to get a diagnosis, medical recognition for our disease and an understanding of it from our GPs so they can address it with a treatment plan. We live in hope the next generation of ME patients have it better and medical schools bring themselves up to date in their teachings of the disease for those newly qualifying. 


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Boronia  ·  27 Aug 2015

A very interesting and well written article that explains clearly the plight of M.E sufferers in Ireland.

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