Interstitial Cystitis

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Roisin McQuillan853  ·  13 Feb 2017

I've just read through the conversations on this threads, and am very happy to have done so.  I've been struggling with IC for two years now, and have been through 4 sets of instils including Rimsol which was so much agony I stopped after 4 sessions. I've had 3 cystocopies and seen 4 (!) consultants.  At the moment I'm with Mrs Hegarty who has clinics in Waterford, Cork and Dublin.  Currently, I've gone back to 'old school' medicine, with an antibiotic and a histamine, with quercetin thrown in too.  I'm waiting to undergo dry needle therapy - anyone else done this?  I'm so exhausted, and in constant pain.  I've had to cancel many travel plans, as I can't last longer than 20 minutes without going to the toilet.  I'm in Kilkenny. 

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