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MartyJen  ·  29 May 2018

Hello, lovelies! Can definitely relate to the subject. Have already done some postings, hope will find some friends on this very thread. Here's some of my background. I'm 37 yrs old. TTC with ex husband since Jan'2000 (as I've read somewhere that TTC in the winter period is more beneficial -- LOL). Later adding low sperm motility which never became the problem for my ex. He even didn't want to see a Dr on the point. Actually this was the reason we broke up. My new dh is absolutely amazing! He's 48 yrs old, super ok & willing to have our kids the sooner the better. But it's not that easy for me..I was diagnosed on severe endo. Here's what we've already tried: IUI#1 BFN adding cysts. IUI#2 cancelled spontaneously. IUI#3 BFN. IVF#1 ER (12 follies, 9 eggs, only 5 mature, only 2 fertilized. ET - 2 blasts, BFN (beta 0,1). Lap Feb'2018. CA levels came higher. Currently are undergoing ivf procedure overseas. The Dr told this is time to use donor eggs. So as you can see I've never experienced BFP  But seems know pretty much about it, love reading ladies' anouncements, early pregnancy symptoms, vitamina and supplements which they take during pregnancy..loads of things in theory unfortunately. I do have some tough moments from time to time but am trying to stay positive & optimistic though it's HARD!! Stay all well, lovelies & all the best with your cycles!!Innocent


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kikalimerick  ·  19 May 2014

Ok Ladies... im begining to drive myself mad.. Doing ICSI cycle , 1st time , had 2 very healty embroys implanted on Firday morning and am litreally going out of my head with anxity.. I am trying to keep it under control but litreally every twinge i feel im thinking its something i should be feeling ! 


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lindyboo  ·  03 Apr 2014

hi all i am just seeing is there anyone thats doing ivf in 2014 i am looking to chat about ivf and find information thanks 


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baby2012  ·  13 Jul 2012

Hi ladies!I need help.My friend starting her first IVF in another coutry,she will need Gonal  F,maybe somebody have left after IVF?I had 2 packs left after mine one,but it is not enought :( Thanks


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daisymai  ·  02 Aug 2011

Hi all,

I'm new to this site but find that reading other peoples stories has helped me. I never thought I wuldver have to go through with ivf. I found out that I have polycystric ovaries and low egg reserve even thou I am just turning 30. We've been trying for 2 years and have had 2 failed IUI's. Am just waiting for my period to arrive to start nasal spray and scan on wed in kilkenny. I've been feeling so down lately and was wondering if any one can give me a way to turn all this into a positive. I really thought I could make myself feel excited and hopefull this month but all I keep thinking is how will I get out of bed and get on with my life if it doesnt work? I know this is very negative, I'm hoping that when I go for the scan and start the injections I'll be positive and maybe it'll work. Does anyone else feel like this? I really wish I could detach myself from the whole thing and think well if it doesnt work this time, it will the next time, but I just cant at the moment and Im so tired of feeling sad and  crying all the time. Its liek our life is on hold and we cant move on till this is sorted, we cant holiday or do up our house, and i feel like i 've let my friends go cause they are all either pregnant (after 2 F**kING months of trying God forgive me!! or have children already and i cant bear to talk to them. Am i awful, will this end? I worry that if this is going to be a long process Im gonna have to find some better way of dealing with things. Sorry this has been such a long rant, my next posts wont be so long! Id love to hear from anyone who can give me some way of dealing with this. Please God our IVf works this month. thanks a mill


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Helen  ·  12 May 2011

mrssweene- I first went to Galway when I started on the whole journey.  I would suggest that you take a look at for for help and information and most importantly support and I wish you and your DH all the best of luck



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mrssweeney  ·  12 May 2011

hi everyone, 

im new to this site and just wondering if any1 has been to doctor egans clinic in galway. my appointment for the fertility clinic is in 6 weeks,we have being tryin for 2 years now,  got my letter out this morning and it said we had to arrange to have other tests done with my own GP. Im not sure why if anyone could let me know! 



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lshandlefox  ·  16 Sep 2010

Embryologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists,IVF Nurses: Does anybody REALLY know how each contributes to our baby-making process?

Find out at Laughing IS Conceivable. Also, this week: "Quality Assurance in the Fertility Lab" an article by Embryologist Carole Wegner.


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skib!  ·  05 Feb 2010

Hi Everyone, i am new to this site and am just wondering if anyone has been to the galway clinic? I was there last year but unfortunately i got sick and had to postpone it. I am due to go back next month? When you start treatment, are you scanned to check for Follicle Development? I suffer from ulcerative colitis, but in remission now and stil hopefull.


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Longing  ·  15 Jun 2009

Hi All,

I am new to this site, having been recommended it by a friend...

My history to date has been 1 successful IUI with pregnancy early 08 and then missed miscarriage after 10 wks.Failed 2nd IUI in Sept and cancelled IVF pre Christmas 08.So all in all 2008 was a tough year to say the least.

So the moment we are considering DE as I am just 40 and need to get a move on..not sure how many of you are on the same track as myself re:DE or who are considering it??

Similar to Marianne I have joined NISIG in the last 2 months.They run bi monthly meetings during the year - mainly in Limerick,Cork and Dublin.The next NISIG meeting is in Dublin and is solely concerned with Donor Conception - which for any one thinking of DE or undergoing DE treatment should be invaluable.

It will take place on Sat the 27th of June in Dublin and will be an all day event - starting at 9am which is registration following by a DE meeting in the morning - in the afternoon there will be workshops which will be run by Olivia Montuschi & Walter Merrick  from the DC Network in the UK.It should finish up about 4 in the afternoon.The cost per person attending will be €15

If you would like to attend you will need to to register and find out about the details re:the venue.

I think it will be a very good meeting given that two key members from the DE network in the UK will be running workshops in the afternoon which will I am sure provide invaluable information...Any other questions you have re:this session you can direct them to NISIG themselves(their website is

Hope the info above is helpful to some of you...

take careLonging  xxx


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marianne  ·  11 Jun 2009

Hi, I've been gone from this page a while since I found a different forum that suited me better (in my native country) but would just like to share with all the ladies here struggling, check out, it's the national infertility support and information group. They have been absolutely wonderful, I've just joined, it's 40 euro for the year and you get a book on infertility and a newsletter, they also do meetings every 2 months!

Best of luck to everyone!


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fre  ·  11 Jun 2009

hi there,

i have a big problem i am turning 40 in aug'09 and last oct'08 for 3 months i had my period disappeared and i have done a lot to bring it back naturally with no hope and so i had to go to doctor and he put me back on birth control pills to bring them  back, i stopped them to see if now i can naturally bring them back but no hope so i decided to take natural remedies herbal supplement and acupunture just today. my estrogen is low and uterus cervix is tight

can anybody reccomend how to open up the uterus cervix and what other things can be helpful i am trying to conceive


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ethel  ·  10 Jun 2009

Hi All,

Am new to this page. I have been trying for a baby for 5 yrs & no luck. Had period 28/4. Was expecting them round 26-31st May. Never got them. Had mild cramp in abdomen, sensitive nipples, spotting for 1 day, slight sickness. Took 2 preg tests, both neg. Am very anxious to get preg. Bf blames himself as he has diabetes. Was anyone else ever in this position, & come out smiling? Would love to have a bundle of joy to love to cuddle? Can anyone help?Wink


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chyemma  ·  14 Feb 2009

Hi everyone, We were ttc for two years but made a move to the GP after being unable to conceive...she did all the necessary test and they were all fine, we were refered to specialist and many hormone and sperm test done and all came out fine...had HSG test done last november and my left tube was blocked...had a keyhole surgery done this january and big fibroid the size of grapefruit was found sitting on top of my uterus and doc said i wouldn't be able to conceive with that....i'm down for abdominal myomectomy soon and this is scaring the life out of me. I pray i come out alive...just like every other op, there are risks of complications and it could lead to hesterectomy. The doc said i'll go for ivf 5 months after the op. we're saving up for that now and i pray to God to give me strenght coz emotionally i'm up and down (mix feeling). Plzzzzzzzzzz pray for me for i have a long way to go this year just like most of us


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Shady  ·  25 Nov 2008

Hi all

Wonder if you could help me? I'm in a bind and just don't know what to do. Myself and hubby have been married for 7 years and we found out a few years ago that he had a very low sperm count. Anyway, with one thing and another we didn't go for ICSI when we first found out - and now I am wondering if I did the wrong thing by not going for it. I've just turned 43 so am wondering is it too late anyway? I have to say the thought of it frightens the life out of me and I've heard all the horror stories (could bring on early menopause, child with Down's Syndrome, very little chance of conceiving etc). I'm getting really depressed about it now and have no one to turn to for advice. Help! Your opinions would be greatly appreciated...Many thanksFrown


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Kel  ·  16 Oct 2008
Hi FL, I don't think that it's the same thing. My FSH was tested last dec and it was quite low for my age at 5.4 so I don't think that is the problem for me. I know that things can change in a year obviously but no, I think its the clomid that has just over produced it for this cycle. I too am quite ignorant regards it all. The other girls seem to have come through so much and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this stuff. You must be so excited and nervous and everything! I said to my hubby last night, with bein so disappointed, can you imagine what I will be like if IVF doesn't work? I dread it , but we won't know if we don't try. I really am thinking of you FL. So many have had positive results lately, please God, you'll be next. xx

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Anonymous  ·  16 Oct 2008
Hi Kel

So sorry things weren't good, is producing high oestogen the same as the high FSH (excuse the ignorance)? I am on the flare protocol which means I am on the spray for down regualising and the injections to produce folliciles at the same time - this is different than when I tried in 1998. I am turning 40 next March so I am not far behind you.
I tried Clomid several times but had no scans or tests while taking it, obviously I did not get pregnant on it either so just wondering is it the same problem we have?

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Kel  ·  16 Oct 2008
Oh what mixed emotions I have!!

FL- Great news for you.. really, I'm delighted that your journey has finally begun! Although I haven't been posting, I have been thinking of you and the other girls. Please keep us up to date with your progress. It's almost like, at least if one of us is successful than at least we know that nothing is impossible! I have just been so emotional! I've been doing a novena this past week to St. Gerard ( patron saints of expectant Mum's and those that want to be, just in case you didn't know) and it has just brought to light how many of us there is out there that so badly want children and for some reason or another either cant or need help! So, please know that I have kept you all in my special intentions! So, I went for the scan in the morning and the doc said, great two big follicles and one small one on the other side. She said uterus wall looks good and thick enough so ovulation should happen either today, or tomorrow. I was delighted! Then she took a blook test to make sure that the clomid didn't produce too much eostrogen. I was to call back for results, after 3, which I did and of course... it did produce too much.. therefore, no we can't try this month, I'm not to take clomid again and she wants to see me back when my next period arrives! For what, I'm not sure! I too was gutted yesterday. My husband has just been a star though. So, so helpful and lovely. I'd truly be lost without him. It's so hard, but I'm trying to stay positive, at least there will be no fear of an unhealthy amount of multiples and at least she is going to see me back at the hospital sooner rather than later. I'm praying that she will be taking pity on me and let me begin my IVF treatment as well.
As for littlemuffinshouse.. this is terrible news but you musn't loose hope! Are you in the north or south of Ireland? Can you turn to your family for help financially? I really understand the disappointment and the anxiety that comes from feeling that your running out of time. I'm turning 40 in Dec and after being on the NHS waiting list over a year, hoping to get our first go of IVF on the
NHS, only to find that the list is another 4-7 months long. We'v had to face that we will probably have to pay as well. I know its a terrible lot to loose if it doesn't work but imagine if it did! That's what we all have to stay focused on. I'm sorry that you feel that the other day was your last chance. From what I'v just experienced, clomid's not so great either. I know you are at your wit's end, but you need to read through some of the stories on this thread and on "invitro fertilisation". There are some powerful stories of bravery and stamina. Some of these women are truly inspirational to see how far they've come, sucessfully and sadly unsuccessfully.. yet! You've got to stay strong and simply find another way. You haven't told us much of your history.. have you had all the relevant tests? If you don't like that hospital, go to another one. There are lots of good clinics out there. Also, maybe Napro technology should be something you should look into with your medical problems. Just a thought. Please keep posting. FL, I'm gonna put this on the other thread as well, so sorry for the repeat info. All the very best to you and your partner.

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Anonymous  ·  14 Oct 2008
Hi there my husband and i have been trying for the last 4yrs now and have been up and down to the hospital like yo yo's and still nothing. i was promised on my last visit that i would be put on clommid 100mg on my visit today, yet when i went i was told no, that i would have to go through the usual day 4 and 21 blood tests plus have an ultrasound done. then they told me that my husband would have to go and do yet another semen anaylsis. well that was it for me, i lost it and just broke down and cried. you see i have severe osteoarthritis in both my legs and i am only 38. time is running out for me to have a baby as my condition has become much worse. i really thought this was it today. i left the hospital so disappointed and felt like my nose was rubbed in it big time and that there was no consideration made for me with my arthritis etc... the doctor i met even said it to me about sending us for IVF after we told them last time that we could not afford it. needless to say i am sat here typing this message in tears and feeling so very down. today was my last chance to be a mum. my husband and i have decided there is no point in we continuing on with things as nothing is being done for us. i am devastated and can only hope and pray that no one else ever has to go through our heartache or be treated so badly by a hospital.

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Anonymous  ·  13 Oct 2008
Hi Kel

Well it finally started last Thursday night with the help of medication. So I had Day 2 on Saturday and started the spray that day and had my first injection yesterday evening. Next Saturday I have scan to see if I am responding , please God I will. How did your scan etc go yesterday.

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Kel  ·  08 Oct 2008
Hi Girls.. Hope you are all keeping well. At least the sun is shinin' today!

FL.. Any sign yet? You must be going crazy with anxiousness! I know you are on the other thread as well as I read your update there as well. For the rest of you girls do pop onto the other thread called in vitro fertilisation. The girls there have been through a lot and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. It seems to be quite a lucky site too as there are quite a few that have recently found themselves pregnant having IVF and egg donor too.
FL do keep us posted and know that I share your anxiousness! My period finally came on day 40. I started the course of clomid and I'm due to have a scan on Sunday morning to make sure all is well with uterus lining and follicle, etc.
LJ.. I was thinking about you and your predicament. As I am in Belfast too, I was wondering if you have already been referred to the fertility clinic at RVH? There is a lovely doctor there called Gillian Williamson. Why don't you call to get a private appointment with her so that she can do a little more probing as to what's happening with you? I'm so frustrated at the way that I have been left, I just want to push other women to know that your fertility is in your own hands. You need to push these doctors to give you an answer. I feel that given my age, my private doc should have given me scan's throughout this past year to tell me if I am indeed ovulating or if the uterus wall is thick enough etc. Dr Williamson did that scan on me last month and was able to tell me that it would be another 4 or 5 days before I'd be ovulating and that was on day 14. What I'm saying is, don't wait for them or, heaven forbid you miscarrie again! Try and find out what the underlying problem is. Ask about the drug clomid to see if that is right for you. Are you on the IVF waiting list? If not, get on it because its about an 18 month waiting list! ( I've been on it from Dec last year and I'm still waiting!) Of course all this depends on how old you are too. We are now probably going to be going private in Dec or Jan cycle. All this waiting is just so frustrating though. And of course, we can't tell friends and family the extent of the problems.
Well, good luck girls. Know that I'm thinking about ya's and trying to send positive waves! xx

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Anonymous  ·  03 Oct 2008

My period still hadn't come on Wednesday so I phoned the HARI unit who advised me to come up yesterday for another scan.. They have put me on a tablet for 4 days called primulot to bring on a period. All going well and this works, I will be able to start my IVF then.

Hope everyone has a lovely and peaceful weekend.

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Anonymous  ·  29 Sep 2008
Hi Kel

Thanks for thinking of me, hasn't come yet feels like it is all the time. I have had 26 day cycle, not lately though it. For the last six months it has been about the 30 to 32 day but the last one was day 42 and today is day 42 so just hoping, probably being anxious isn't helping.

Yea it's the first attempt with my new partner, he has 2 children( he has full custody, they live with us, but want my own), and when I went through it with my husband (RIP) it was because he had fertility problems, so I suppose I thought it might happen naturally but it didn't and I was so shocked to find out my FSH levels were high. It is great to have this support and I look forward to logging in each day. xx

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Kel  ·  29 Sep 2008
Hi FL..
Sorry I'm only replying to you now.. I totally understand how anxious you must be. Is this your first attempt of IVF with your new partner? Did it come over the weekend? I'm now on day 39 with no sign of it. The longest that I'v gone is 41 days.. 2 months ago and then last month it came on day 24. What's that about?? I, like yourself, just want it to come so that we can start this treatment (of course, your's is much more serious!). Hopefully, you've started. Please keep us posted on how it's all going. It's very exciting. It's great that we have this forum isn't it. I find it so hard, cause you just don't want to discuss all this with friends and family. I'll say a wee one for you and for you too PC. Best of luck with your scan. Keep us posted and thanks for your thoughts too. xx

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Kel  ·  28 Sep 2008
Anto.. Thanks very much for your encouraging thoughts.. When I phoned Dr Boyle's affilliate in Lifford.. she was lovely, but told me that I couldn't do NaPro at the same time or while I wait for the IVF treatment. As you know, with NaPro, you have to make quite a lengthy commitment as far as time. She said that because they use different drugs, etc that it just wouldn't work. Because we thought we were so close to getting IVF on the NHS we decided to wait and do IVF then, if it fails we will try NaPro. Now, it turns out that with the NHS backload we wont be called for another 6 mo or so. So, we have to go private anyways! Very frustrating, cause we would have gone private a year ago! Anyways.. we are just so disappointed that nothing seems to be happening! I'm now on day 38 of my cycle.. I'm going nuts cause my cycle has been crazy this past couple of months. I just want it to come ( if it is!) so that I can start clomid. Sorry if this is repetative.. because I'm on the two threads I'm not sure if I already wrote all that on this one! Anyways.. hope all you ladies are keeping your spirits up. At least the sun is shining!x

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Anonymous  ·  26 Sep 2008
Hi Kel

At the moment I'm on day 38 - it probably would not affect me so much as it is only I have the spray and the puregon ready to start. I went for acupuncture once, at the time my periods were regular enough - was just trying it to see would it help me relax before the IVF. I have to say I didn't really like it but maybe I am being unfair and should try a different therapist before giving up on it. I live near Longford so if any one can recomend someone

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Kel  ·  26 Sep 2008
Hi LJ and welcome!
Hi to the rest of you girls too. This is a fantastic site that really gives great support. I know what you mean LJ regards everyone else around you. We were at a wedding last weekend and the groom confided to my husband that the bride is expecting. Then I had another guest tell me that she too is four months! As happy as I am for these girls, I can't help but wonder if it will ever happen for us. I am attending the RVH as well. I'm very disappointed with there waiting list etc. If you read back, you'l understand why. The doc I'v been attending has been lovely though.
FL, I'm experiencing the same thing with period being all over the show. I'm on day 36 and still waiting for it to arrive. The girls on the other thread seem to have done accupuncture to regulate it. Have you tried? I'm gonna look into it.
Anne, I can't imagine being where you and Ruthie, Ella and PC have come from. You girls have been through so much! I can only speculate that you need to talk with your husband and make that decision together as to how far and long you will go. I really take my hat off to all of you that have come through so many trials and disappointments. Everyone's case is so individual. Only you know how much your body and mind and heart can take. At least we have this site to come back to for support of whatever decisions you make.
I hope you all have relaxing weekends xx

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LJ  ·  26 Sep 2008
Hi everyone, This is my first time on this site, i know this may sound horrible but it's quite comforting to know that i am not the only one finding it hard to get pregnant as everytime i turn around some one else i know is pregnant. not sure if this has always been the case or im just noticing it now that we are trying. I tried to have a baby about six years ago. unfortunatly it was etopic. once i was better we tried again but no luck. we attented the royal hospital in belfast. they said it was unexplained. we were due to have ivf in the april but i discovered my husband was cheating before hand so i left him. Anyway im with a really great guy now we have been together for 4 years and we started trying last september and discovered that i was pregnant in december. we were both overjoyed but 2 days later i miscarried. now the doctor thinks i had another one 2 months ago but he cant be sure. The doctor says there is nothing that he can do unless i have another miscarrage and now for the last few months my periods have become irregular, so we are both feeling a bit lost at the moment and i hate to bother my family with any of this as they seem to be the most fertile family in belfast lol.

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Anonymous  ·  25 Sep 2008
Hi All

Just realised a lot of you are posting on 2 threads. I'm waiting on my period to start so I can begin IVF treatment, its late again its so frustrating. I think its because my FSH levels are high, my cycle is all over the place. As I said on the other page I went through IVF twice in 1998 due to my husbands low sperm count. Sadly my husband passed away 6 years ago, and now I am with a new partner but have discovered because I am now 10 yrs older my FSH levels are not good so we have decided to try once, thats all the doctor will allow me because he is putting me on the highest dose of puregon. So say a little prayer for me and ye are all in my thoughts as we all travel on this journey

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Ella  ·  24 Sep 2008
Anne, hi,

I attended there as well for a few years and unfortunately our story wasn't so lucky.
We responded well every time to the treatment and had IVF three times, the last time with ICSI.
They came to the conclusion that my eggs were not good enough so suggested Donor, which at the time we didn't think about, but we are now, and have an apt in Barcelona on the 29/10/2008.
So hopefully the Gods will look down on us this time and bring us rays of sunshine!!!
We suffered a lot both mentally and physically, and it took a long time for me especially to get back on track again. I thank my hubby for his tremendous support throughout it all and he continues to support me now. Without him I would never get through this.
We said always that we would attempt it three times, never imagining that it wouldn't work.
We never thought we had such severe problems.
Everything looked so rosy on the last attempt and when it failed, we were gutted.
I think you have to set a pattern of what you will do and how many times.
I couldn't do it ever again, it took a big toll on my body as well as my mind, so not for us anymore.
A new route now, and this will probably be out last attempt at having our family.


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Anonymous  ·  24 Sep 2008
I have been attending the cfc since it opened and on my second attempt of ivf, we had a positive which was brillant. thought it would never happen as I have serve endo, hormone imbalance, blocked tubes. We have been trying again and no luck. we have had three more failed ivfs and one abandoned. Can anyone advise when they decided to stop and say this is not going to work. Have been told that chances are very poor, but then again I did manage once. How many times do you try? thanks.

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Ruthie  ·  18 Sep 2008
Hey Anto - hope you have a great break in Portugal - you so deserve it - I too have hopped over to the other thread but will keep an eye on this one too.
Hey Kel - good to hear from you too. - keep in touch as well

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Anonymous  ·  18 Sep 2008
Hi could anyone tell me where I can get a HSG test done as my doctor hasn't referred me to get one and I was wondering if there is anywhere I can get one done without a doctors referral? Thanks

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Antoinette (christinao)  ·  17 Sep 2008
Hey ruthie!
Good to hear from you too....great that your getting the hang of the took me about 2 -3 cycles to be really sure..thought I was but was still a little confused! Your hubby is fantastic! It couldn't have been easy...great that you are noticing the difference on your diet...
Oh kel, I forgot to answer your other question, to be honest I did'nt get tested yet for the food intolerances, I have it to do though!
Well girls, I am off to portugal for a week on saturday...I reallyyyyyyy need the break!! I will move to the ivf thread..really would love to keep chatting with you all and seeing how you are all getting on...lots and lots of baby dust to you all xx anto

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Antoinette (christinao)  ·  17 Sep 2008
Hey Kel,
God, it is equally frustrating for you...but oh my god wow!! You have absolutely fantastic fsh levels!! when I was 34 I tested I tested 11.1 (which is high but still a relief, i though it would be 44!!)...but your level is brilliant!! Please don't try to get too hung up on the age thing...I know its so so hard not to, but with your fsh and no blockages etc its really good news (i know, your still not getting pregnant though) but it is...I totally agree with you re the scanning...thats the problem with infertility, you go to your gp, who do prelim tests which also don't include everything you should be tested for, then after that you go straight to the fertility clinic on the ivf/iui route, there is no in between, but now there is with there any possibility you could do napro while you are waiting for the ivf?? Dr. boyle also found i had low progesterone, low eostrogen & low vit D level - all fixed now with medication..& he told me his lastest patient was 48 and she gave birth to a little girl!! If nothing has been found after your lap he could be the man to locate an underlying problem that the clinics or gp's won't pick up?? I know your caught between a rock & a hard place...but see is there any way you could try napro, while waiting for ivf..must check out the ivf thread, i have really missed the contact with you girls...xx anto

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Ruthie  ·  16 Sep 2008
Hi Guys - sorry to have not been online for a while but I have been overseas for work and didn't have access to a computer. But THANK YOU for asking after me Kel. It is great to know that after such a short time on this site people really care. I will hop across this evening and have a look at the other thread that you are on too. Can't remember where I was at the last time!! Oh yeah - went up to Durrow to see my fertility friend and all went well there - seem to have a fairly good idea of the whole charting business and was just mainly reminded to not get lazy when the days seem the same. The only minus is that this month (for only the second time in my life) my body failed to produce a proper period (the first time I was unaware that it was actually not one) but instead produced 5 days of brown bleed which is not counted as a period in Napro. I am therefore still tracking away in the last cycle and will continue doing so until I get a normal bleed. I am doing fine on the meds no major side affects - had a little sleeplessness to start with and a dry mouth but nothing else at all. I am due to go back to my fertility friend at the end of the month so we will see what she thinks then. Also feeling a little more energy on the 7 vitamins minerals etc which i now take daily and assume they are doing their own thing towards the whole process. My hubby is also still off the ciggies - I am so proud of him - although I know he is struggling at the weekends if we are out. In the first week after getting my food intolerance tests back I was very strict about what I ate and he said he could literally see me daily reducing in size (just goes to show that the bloating must have been caused by the intolerated foods) and while away last week I think I may have had soya in a few things which I couldnt detect as I had similar bloating and other symptoms. I am now back on track and being very careful so will hopefully continue to see progress there. (not that I am overweight but feel constantly bloated and a little puffed up which is uncomfortable). It has amazed me to see what contains Soya or derivatives thereof - and how many things I now cannot eat - but freshly prepared meat and veggies are fine and having found what seems to be the only white bread in normal shops which is made without soya flour I am enjoying sambos again!!!


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Kel  ·  16 Sep 2008
Hi Anto.. my goodness.. bitter sweet kind of.. your right to stay positive that at least now you know what's happening. Remember, when I spoke to Dr Boyle's associate in Lifford she said.. that at the very least if Napro doesn't work.. you will know why! As with IVF you never do. So, please God, at least you have the comfort that something is happening. Good luck with the lap. I recall, its a bit sore. Anyways, I explained on the other thread my latest news but here goes..
After emailing the doc at the hosp with my concern that the IVF list wasn't moving, I hadn't heard back so.. decided to just go and chance my arm that she'd see me. She did! I was very disappointed to hear that after all I won't be called before I turn 40 in Dec. We were hoping to have our first go of IVF on the NHS and if we needed further treatment we would go private ( NHS allows 1 go of IVF before age 40). She also did a scan that showed that on day 14 the uterus lining wasn't thick as it should be and although there was a follicle, it wasn't the right size that it should be for day 14, so.. she said that I wouldn't be ovulating for another 4 or 5 days. Now, after reading what happened to you.. I wonder if I'm ovulating at all! So, finally, she perscribed clomid for me. My FSH levels were 4.5 when last tested last Dec, the lap showed no blockage so.. just keep trying, they say. So, clomid for the 1st 1-5 days of next cycle. My dh and I have decided to try just for 2 months then we will go to a private clinic here where you pay more but they see you faster. I just feel that I should have been given clomid a year ago when they said that I would be called before I'm 40. Also, they didn't put me on the private waiting list ( which is as long as the NHS list) until last week when I seen the doc. Its all so frustrating. The doc at the hosp said that she understood that given my test results that they thought I would just conceive naturally during this year. Very good of them to assume and not to do further tests. So, now I'v to go in on day 11 for a scan. To me, they should bring you in during the time that you are meant to be ovulating and check if that is actually happening! Makes sense to me. I know that the resources are few but this is serious business! I'm gonna ask if that can happen when I see her on day 11. So, thanks for asking Anto about me. If anything, I really do feel your anxiety too. You were so close. Did you do the food intolerance tests etc. Do you think that Napro is the way to go? Remember, we decided not to go for our appointment on Sept 10th because we thought we were so close on the IVF list. Now, we don't know what's for the best. Sorry this was long winded. Check out the thread for " invitro fertilisation" Its very positive.. You'l see some really good news for PC too. It's so encouraging to hear the positives too. If I had advice for anybody reading it would be.. stay on top of things yourself. Remember that we are just numbers to these clinics and doc's. We have to stay positive and encourage each other. So, good luck, keep us posted on how things are going. Since you can't try next month, try to relax with out the pressure of it all. Easy,, I know! Ha. Take Care. xx

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Antoinette (christinao)  ·  16 Sep 2008
Hi Kel! Thanks for thinking of me...Just to give you an update on where I am..this month I got the go ahead to "try" so on day 15 went up to see Dr. Boyle, saw a fine fat follicle so I was thrilled to see I responded to the treatment, Dr. Boyle gave me the go ahead to do the inject that night to trigger ovulation & I was to go back up on day 18 to see if I ovulated.
Had a very "loving" weekend with my husband, went up on Day 18 & lo & behold, when doc did the scan I could still see this big black blob...the egg never ruptured from the follicle!!. I was so dissapointed...things were going so well...So basically doc has tweaked my current medication & added in extra..he is hoping I will respond but he did say in some cases it still cannot be I am going for laperoscopy on 3rd oct there is no point trying next month, so along with having a weak lining of the womb, elevated FSH, PCOS, doc thinks I am also likely to have endiometreosis, I now have wait for it...."unruptured follicle syndrome"!!!!!
God only knows what they will find when I do the lap...probably a stringed quartet or something!!!
But the one great thing about this is, I would never have know about the UFS..More than likely, I have never ovulated properly at all in the first place, even though I have perfect cycles and can tell to the day when my AF is due & also I have all the classic signs of that is a great relief to I just have to wait now until oct 3rd...
How are you doing Kel? xx Anto

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Kel  ·  15 Sep 2008
No one seems to be using this thread anymore?? Just wondering how Ruthie and Anto are getting on. I've been on the thread "invitro fertilisation" with PC, Ella etc. That is a very positive thread that gives us all hope. So many positives that are so encouraging. Anyways, hope all is well with everyone. Look forward to hearing from you soon.xx

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Kel  ·  04 Sep 2008
Hi gee,

You haven't mentioned how old you are? As a 39.5 year old with no apparent reason as to why we haven't conceived, I would say.. do not take your fertility for granted! If the doctors have advised you to start, then I would take their advice! So what if you have a bit of a bump in a bridesmaids dress. The point is, that you are witnessing the wedding! In fact, I was recently at a wedding where the chief bridesmaid was heavily pregnant. All I could think was that she looked lovely! As for wanting to spend time with your husband first, I can understand that ( we were married in July 07), but there is no guarantee that you wont have difficulty getting pregnant, especially because you already have complications. I'm no expert by any means, but from personal experience, I just wish that we had tried sooner than later. Go with your gut feeling. Best of luck what ever you decide.
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