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MartyJen  ·  29 May 2018

Yes, Ella, I think the same for me. I've just joined this board and have already done some posting, but none of them has come up so far which worries me much as I would really love to get in touch with more ladies sailing in the same boat with me. This is so helpful to have someone 'by side' when having tough moments..Well, we'll see what happens in a day flow..

So here's what I wanted to share. Hoping you'll see my message soon.. I'm a ripe age woman, better to say both my new dh and I are not the spring chickens. Dh is absolutely ok,the problem's in me Cry DX: stage 4 severe endo I have never suspected before!! (None of described symptoms ladies usually struggle actually bothered me -- so I was amazed when told I have endo!) Our previous clinic decided it would be nice for us to try IUI cycles - am really not sure why this very option, but we did. iui#1 ended in bfn adding cysts. iui#2 - cancelled. iui#3 - bfn. Then turned to ivf. ivf#1 with own egg - got only 2 not the best quality blasts. They placed them both but none has made home inside me..Yet another heartbreaking bfn!! We thought it was time to switch clinics and soon found ourselves at Ukrainian one. Our new Dr gave us only 2% of conceiving with oe. She advised moving on with donor eggs what we're actually doing now. Wish everyone her soon luck! Any tips/thoughts/suggestions/anything which could do the process a bit easier?? Thank you, lovelies.


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rsaunders  ·  11 Apr 2018

New to this but wondering if anybody has any experiences of Repromed? Debating whether to stay in Ireland or go abroad? Any experiences welcome


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xenia  ·  07 Jun 2016

Hi Nelly0217, I'm sorry you are going through this. I can't help much but if you consider doing ivf abroad, you should look at fertilityfriends or rollercoaster. You woudl find dedicatied threads and posts. I know few ladies who got pregnant at Invi**ta clinics in Gdansk. Nothing but praise. Good luck with yr journey. xx

Me 31, DH 40. TTC 5 years. Unexplained infertility. 1st ivf Oct 15 BFP, Invicta. TTC for subling


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Nelly0217  ·  07 May 2016

Hi, it's my first time posting here. I have stage IV endometriosis and have recently had surgery to remove it. Surgeon said it wasn't a pretty site when he went in and had to remove my right Fallopian tube but couldn't find my left tube because it was so embedded with endo. My egg count is also extremely low with an AMH of 1.8. So it's IVF for me and my partner. I'm 34 years old so I need to get a move on. I'm currently living in Sydney  Australia but plan to move home in the next few months to live in mayo. Where are the nearest IVF clinics we could go to and are they any good? Is it better to go overseas? 


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new2forum  ·  06 Mar 2015

hi folks new to forum so just had the mixed emotions after my wife had lyposcopic surgery yesterday and found out both tubes are blocked, we are both fertile and wondering does it take long for the process of ivf to begin any help and suggestions would be great fully appreciated.


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MissSwan  ·  22 Sep 2014

hello everyone

I had a wonderful experience in the Russian clinic based in Moscow AltraVita

They helped me and husband to finally conceive after many years of bad tries.

If you plan to do IVF abroad I would strongly recommend you AltraVita

they have a wonderfully supporting foreign clients manager Helen who will help you with everything


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blue78  ·  10 May 2013

hello everyone,

i had 2 failed IUIs and 1 failed ICSI with long protocol (male infertility factor), and am now about to start another fresh cycle on the short protocol. im 35 and have been trying for 2 years. this time im doing auto immune blood tests before i start just in case im having an immunological response that impedes implantation, but i dont know yet if that's the case. the i was wondering if anyone is doing the same thing and feels like having a chat, or maybe has already gone through it and has some feedback... im tired and afraid of starting all the injections again, and of hoping ...

thank you!


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Tirno  ·  06 May 2013

Hi girls, first time posting.Have read all your comments about IVF,but I would still like to know how much one round of ivf costs and while I think I read that Clane hospital does it,what was the experience of anyone who may attended there.I have used Clomid severel times to no avail.Also I have the number of were to get a sperm count done,however as always cant find out the cost until my husband brings in sample.Does anyone know of the cost.


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BabyDreamer  ·  21 Feb 2013

Hay Ladies

I am joing this discussion very late in the day, I am 37/ 38 in may have an AMH of 8 am have been told its unexplained fertiltity but I also have a blocked tube. Consultants are straight to IVF, I am wondering if there are any more steps between here + IVF, and in terms of sucess rate from reading about, is there a higher sucess rate in Spain 60%, Ireland or did I completley read that wrong. Any advise would be greatly appreciated as Its not something I feel I can openly discuss with my friends....


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Banbh  ·  12 Nov 2012

Hi to all on here. First time posting but have been reading all your posts. I'm 33, 34 in February. I am on my 2nd round of IVF, after 3 failed rounds of IUI & 2 cycles with Clomid. I have PCOS & unexplained infertility. Had a lap & dye last year & no obvious issues showed up.

Had a scan this morning and am back again tomorrow morning with retrieval on Thursday according to the nurse today. My first round went fine as regards reaction to treatment ie I felt fine, no side effects from drugs until after retrieval when I dipped into a major low for a day but I'm prepared for that this time round. This time however, they've upped my dosage of Puregon & it's made me nauseous at times & (TMI - apologies) has played havoc with my bowel :( 

I'm typing this lying in bed beside my peacefully sleeping hubby, I have a hot water bottle on my belly & regular weird sounds coming from my gut(!)

Also feeling quite blue this evening, was fine all day so I don't know why it's come on so suddenly. I am afraid to hope & afraid not to.. I have never once had a positive pregnancy test. I can only imagine how it would feel.

TTC since 2009.PCOS & unexplained infertility. 3xIUI and 2xIVF.


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Cork Girl  ·  16 Oct 2012

Hi Loiner. I did nothing different. Took 1 day off afterwards and then back to work and normal life. Just walking regards exercise. 1 embie and now he is 2 years old!


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layley  ·  12 Oct 2012

hi Loiner

First baby was through follicle tracking not IVF, just timed intercourse worked second was ivf had 4 cycles of folliclei tracking but never ovulated due to high/low dosage they just couldnt get the happy medium so i decided myself i wanted to do ivf rather then waste time.

i had the Embryos put back in day 3 they were 2 eightcell embies and one was compacting.. very good quality, i had between 2-4 days rest... i have a one year old so it was hard going, my DH took 2 days off to let me just look after me so he could mind baby then my mam came up for 2 days. after 4 days i felt pulling stretching feelings straight away, i tested on day 8 and a very very faint line on a FRER came up postive, i did think that both had stuck as i felt the pulling but turns out only one did but thrilled either way to get that postive...  i would say just chill for 4 days, then go back to normal life within reason like no drinking smoking or mad hard core excersise walking is ok though.. eat well and just hope and pray for the best... i really hope it works out for you hun xxx best of luck

2 boys 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April transfer of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:)


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hopeful2  ·  12 Oct 2012

Hi girls ,

I was on my first ivf after a number of iui but it was cancelled on day 8 into cycle as only 3 follicles .

They are hoping on a different med &  higher dosage that there would be more next time round . 

Also they mentioned I can only restart after next menstural cycle if those 3 foliicles are gone as they may not be .

Anybody with similar experiences ?


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Loiner  ·  11 Oct 2012

Hi Layley,

Can I ask you a question? You have had 2 successful pregnancies, when you did ICSI, how long did you rest for? I rested in bed for 4 days each time, just getting up for the loo and shower. I took it easy after that, but I got up and was walking around for the remainder of the 16 day wait. The doctors, just advised rest for 2 - 4 days. A nurse friend advised me to have complete bed rest for 16 days. She even said I should use a bed pan. I don't think my beloved husband would appreciate that one as he'd have to empty it....The romance of it all...I know it worked for you, so how much rest did you take? Also, anyone else who has a success story, tell me what you did. Thanks


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layley  ·  11 Oct 2012

hi everyone hope all is well with you all..

Lucy... dont worry about injections one a day easy peezy.... i am 35 weeks prg and i have Gestational diabiets and i take 7 injections a day nightmare. thats not including the 10 bloods i do aday.. but hey good thing is it goes when i have the baby in 3 and a half weeks cant only have 1 injection a day think of the end process what you will get.. it just amazing so look further a field it will help you through the process.. stay postive you will get pregnant and it will help you through it stay healthy look after your self cut out drink and just get through this and wait and see the outcome.. best of luck but sure you dont need it :)

2 boys 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April transfer of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:)


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hopeful2  ·  09 Oct 2012

Hi ELla & lucy2

Thank you Ella for your insight on the FET but aparantly at 41 It would be very surprising if I had any to freeze so it looks like I won't have to decide anyhow . Lovely to hear that you had success with it though .

I have also started meds last Wednesday lucy2 for my first ivf , so best of luck to you too .

 Hopeful 2.


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jade81  ·  08 Oct 2012

Hi Lucy12 Good Luck to your journey! Is this your first time? 


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Lucy12  ·  05 Oct 2012

Good evenin ladies...

we went to Sims yesterday&I am to start the injections tonight,oh so am not looking forward to it...Anyone else starting with me??? Hope everyone is doing good....xxxx

ttc 2years, 1 Failed Ivf March 2012, 2nd go Oct 2012


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Loiner  ·  04 Oct 2012

Thanks Layley, It is great to hear good news. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well for you xxx

Gilgil, sorry I don't know anything about the merrion fertlity clinic but good luck with it all xxx


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Gilgil  ·  04 Oct 2012

Hey girls,just wondering has anybody had luck with

The merrion fertility clinic...I haven't heard of anyone going der...ive

Done all my work up der and kinda don't want to go through it all somewhere else 



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layley  ·  04 Oct 2012

hi loiner

sugar had a long mail there but something is wrong with lap top

in a nut shell your right hun stick with the hari for now... keep trying it will happen for you xxxxx loads of hope going your way with adoption and icsi, i will hve to have icsi next time too, my eggs Zona is very thick so dh sperm cant make it on its own. i guess i was extremely lucky with my first baby and out of 18 eggs only 2 fertilised on this pregnancy becuse they didnt know about the zona but hey im 35 weeks pregnant and everything is perfect so stick with it and it will work...xxxx loads of dust your way good luck

2 boys 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April transfer of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:)


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Loiner  ·  03 Oct 2012

Thank you Cinderella and Layley for getting back to me. Maybe I'll give it one more attempt with HARI. At least I know them and they know me. The staff are very friendly. You begin to think it will never happen when it keeps failing. Also I don't want to get obsessed with it all. We are looking into adoption too. It would be nice to have children from both ICSI and adoption. Wouldn't it be lovely just for it all to happen naturally. It is so stressful. Glad it worked out for you both xxx


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Ella  ·  03 Oct 2012

Hi Hopeful2,

Just want to say i had a successful twin pregnancy with FET.  I know alot of people dont and they say fresh is better than frozen.  I think it's all down to quality of eggs and i can say that after alot of IVF experience.  So whatever decision you make, Good luck with it!!



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hopeful2  ·  03 Oct 2012

Hi Girls ,

I'd appreciate if anyone with experience of freezing embryos 

Could give me any guidance on the concept . my initial reaction was definitely a no to doing it as it feels a bit unusual that a potential life is in limbo & also that a potential life would start from freezing point . 

 I'd be delighted to hear anybody else's view points or experience . Also I'm wondering if there is a difference in the quality of frozen if anybody knows ?

 I guess because it would make a second attempt so much easier & cost reduced I don't want to completely write it off but feel very much in the dark on the idea . Would be grateful for any insights .


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layley  ·  03 Oct 2012

hi loiner,

i had two sucessful pregnancies in hari love them there they are amazing 4 weeks left on my second pregnancy :)... 1st was follicle tracking worked first time. second was ivf with ass hatching worked first time... stick with same clinic.... they only want you to suceed remember that. best of luck xxx

2 boys 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April transfer of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:)


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Cinderella  ·  01 Oct 2012

Hi Loiner - haven't been in the site for such a long time - busy with my little one :-) He's almost 18 months, and we are blessed to have him as a result of our time with SIMs clinic !! Might be different than yourself as we had to go the route of egg donation - but regardless of it all , we have him ! Never went to your clinic, our original referral was to there but a friend ( mother of twins :-) ) recommended SIMs and that's how we went there! Our little boy was our 3rd round, after 1st unsuccessful, 2nd ended with mc @ 10 weeks and 3rd time lucky !!

hope that helps somewhat - I see site not as busy as it used be , I got great support here when I was going through it all :-) 

best of luck to you, and bucketloads of baby dust xxx


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Loiner  ·  01 Oct 2012

Hi ladies,

Not sure if anyone uses this anymore. Can anyone tell me which fertility clinic in Ireland or UK has the highest success rates for ICSI? It is so hard to understand the graphs each clinic puts up. I have had 2 failed attempts with ICSI, in the HARI unit. I don't want to keep going for it, if it keeps failing. If any of you have been lucky enough to get pregnant, which clinic did you use?


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hopeful2  ·  01 Jun 2012

Hi Girls, We are probably very near doing a first ivf. I am 41 and hubby is 44 . I have had a few iui but no experience or info really on ivf. someone told me its a mini menopause state at part of treatment. Can anybody please give me information on the process step by step ? Are the drugs always harsh on the system on does it vary from person to person? Also we would probably choose Clane, anybody familiar with this clinic?


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Ella  ·  21 May 2012

Lucy 12.

I always took the vit tablets from Boots, made by Boots, red box, used to be purple.  They are called something like Pregnancy vit and minerals for women??  Something like that anyway, brilliant for energy.  Take them throughout the pregnancy.  I did with my 1st and kept on them after for energy, and conceived again on the double!!  So best of luck!! Cool


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Lucy12  ·  17 May 2012

Good evening Ladies,

Just a quick question, we had our failed ivf in April & I had my AF, but it hasnt come this month, I of course did a test & came back Neg, I rang the clinic and they said maybe the meds has just knock my cycle out, but usually i would have awful pain, but have no feeling of it coming...Anyone else find this after???

Also we hope to andother cycle  in August and have been taking well man conception & i am taking pregcare ( bad speller) and vit c 1000mg, also doing accuputuner, is there anything anyone else has done & swore by that im missing...

Sending Babydust to everyone xxxxxx

ttc 2years, 1 Failed Ivf March 2012, 2nd go Oct 2012


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Trying24  ·  14 May 2012

Hi Kel,

I believe you are one of the girls that was on this site when i first joind and you have been a great help to me. I'm sorry to read that you are thinking of calling it, I do completely understand. It's been a tough few years and like that we all may have to face that decision someday, it just not meant to be sometimes. I don't think foster or adoption is someting i would like but hey, I tought the same about donor!

We have been trying now for over four and a half years, we will do 2 more IUI with donor and after that, I don't know what our next step is. It might be at that stage we need to call it too. It's a very tough decision and accepting it is very hard, especially after putting in so much effort,your heart and soul, money and time into it.

I hope you really enjoy the wedding and get a break from the stresses IVF brings.

My hubby said we are getting another dog if we can't have any children, hardly the answer ! but I think he is joking :)

take care 

TCC 5Yrs Me 35 H36 Male factor and PCOS+Clotting 3 ICSI, 1FET, 1IUI donor, 1 ICSI cancelled, 1BFP - biochemical, followed by 3BFN


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MariaMac  ·  14 May 2012

Hi girls 

I wish I was writing something different but unfortunately I started to bleed on Friday :(:( and it was full AF so it is over for me ... I cried all weekend havnt even spoke to my family or friends that knew ... Texts are great wen you can't speak! Well that's it hopes and dreams gone in an instant. I went to clinic for blood test anyway and confirmed 0 level so I guess they didn't even implant ???  

I would love to try to be positive that we can just go again but even this cycle was a struggle financialiy as first one was cancelled so we had to come up with more money so I just don't know if we could afford to go again well not for the next while so I will have to take a break from ivf like you Kel I hope I can enjoy it. We all have our heartaches don't we I just hope we can find a way to live with them. My heart was breaking reading your last few posts and I do hope you have got to a place where you can be happy / ish -I know it is a daily struggle though when it hasn't worked  :(:( i am so sad :( 

Ella thanks for advice I was spotting fri eve but I did do a morning test sat morn ... It was negative tho :( then full AF arrived over sat / sun thanks for your well wishes xxx xx I have never got a positive test and sometimes I think I never will ...... Just once I would love to get a positive! 

Xxxxxx thanks girls xxx   

TTC 7yrs prop but 10yrs off pill 2 failed ICSI & 1 cancelled cycle DH is 39..low count and I am 38& amh is 7.1


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Ella  ·  14 May 2012

Thanks Girls and yer very welcome.  Sure we have to keep on supporting eachother.  I prob wont post as often as the rest of ye, but will try. 

Does anyone have good news after the weekend, MariaMac, did you test?   Morning pee is best!!  Hope you had BFP.  Trying24, well done on going again, hope its a pos for you too.

Kel - i feel sad for you, and you're right, maybe you've gone through enough heartache at this stage and your DH too.  You cant keep fighting what's maybe not meant to be.  I wish it was for you, but i suppose some things are not, and we dont know what's up ahead, so we have to accept it's for the best then, hard as that may be.  I wish you the best with life and hope God is good to you in other ways to make up for all this.  Take care.  

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!! Cool


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Kel  ·  11 May 2012

Hi Girls.. I too have posted but they havent gone thru!! Ruthie.. so excited for you. I cant wait to hear what happens!! Trying24.. Pet, you have waited so long too. Please God this works for you. Can't wait to hear. Ella.. me ol chum.. you are very good to support us all still with your wee family surely keeping you busy. How are you now that a couple of months have passed? Gi.. great to hear that you are going again. I think you're right.. why wait! As for me.. well.. in a nut shell.. I'm just struggling on. Keeping myself busy with my sister's upcoming wedding, family holidays and work. My heartbreak is a very private one. I feel that my family and friends that knew what we were enduring just need to not talk about my loss anymore. Ella, I decided that I definitely wont foster. It's not for me. As for adoption.. I looked into it but, if I'm honest, I dont think it's for us either. I've gone through every emotion possible. I haven't given up on a miracle happening but now at 43 and my husband is 56 next month.. I just think the whole thing is past us. I almost feel guilty at making him go through anymore. If money was no problem.. I would gladly go to Spain and try donor one more time.. not telling anyone..but for now.. I think I need to get this family wedding over and see how I feel after August. Sometimes I think.. wouldn't it be lovely if someone would just leave a baby at our doorstep! lol! The break from ivf has been lovely but had we been successful with our last donor try.. our wee baby would be due this week. Gosh.. I hope this post gets thru!! Best of luck everyone! My prayers are with you all! P.S. Maria Mac... Ella is right.. what's done is done and you can do nothing to change it. I would wait til morning to get your morning pee for an accurate read. Best of luck xxx


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Trying24  ·  11 May 2012

Hi Mariamac,

my test day is next friday but I won't last till then. They said to do a POAS and let them know so they can do a blood test after. Getting worried, no sysmptoms at all and I am 7 days after iui. I really hate not knowing what is going on in there!

good luck with your test, fingers and toes all cross over here XXX

Take care ladies XXX

TCC 5Yrs Me 35 H36 Male factor and PCOS+Clotting 3 ICSI, 1FET, 1IUI donor, 1 ICSI cancelled, 1BFP - biochemical, followed by 3BFN


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MariaMac  ·  10 May 2012

Hiya Ella thanks so much for your reply your wise words are ringing in my head and I am trying to be more positive I've been keeping busy since last post I bought home tests today so I think I might test fri wow that's tommorrow already! I'm in work so may wait til fri night ?? Have blood test mon in clinic but I have to prepare myself I think... Don't think I can cope with a ph call with bad news?

Hey trying 24 just put a post up for yourself on other site xxx I see you too on TWW wen have you your test? Will you do bloods in clinic or home test?  Best of luck girl really hope we get a few BFP s up here!! Xxxx

TTC 7yrs prop but 10yrs off pill 2 failed ICSI & 1 cancelled cycle DH is 39..low count and I am 38& amh is 7.1


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Trying24  ·  09 May 2012

Hi Ladies,

very quirt on here lately.

I had my IUI last Friday and on the 2WW. Still sane but bearly!

Will keep you posted, fingers, toes and everything else crossed, the whole family are praying for me at this stage!

Take care

TCC 5Yrs Me 35 H36 Male factor and PCOS+Clotting 3 ICSI, 1FET, 1IUI donor, 1 ICSI cancelled, 1BFP - biochemical, followed by 3BFN


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Ella  ·  09 May 2012

Hi MariaMac,

Welcome.  I wouldn't worry, whatever has happened has happened and you cant change that, so if i were you, i would test Friday, and see what happens.  I know exactly what you are feeling and every day is a worry, that they will come!!  So try to relax, think this, that if you are pregnant and hopefully you are, then there is no way they will come no matter what you do or dont do.  So do all the things you normally would, dont overstrain and try to occupy your mind elsewhere for the mo (not easy, i know).  Best of luck, i hope it works out for you!!  Update on Friday please, dying to know!!Smile


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Ruthie  ·  09 May 2012

Hey Ella

Just hopped on to say hello as I got a notification there was an update - haven't seen one of those in yonks!!!

Sorry I didn't reply to your last post - I didn't get update and only saw it today!!!

Yes we are doing egg donation at ProcreaTec Madrid. We got our second donor the day after we turned down our first (as she had nothing in common with me looks wise) and are now all systems go. I have been on HRT for the last two months to regulate my cycle and took the last on on Saturday. Aunt Flo arrived as predicted this morning with a vengeance!! So we really are in the home run now!! Starting Progynova 2mg tomorrow, then on to 4mg and then 6mg until further notice. Lining scan due 21st and waiting patiently to hear when we can book flights and accommodation.

Its all getting very real!! This time next month I should be on the dreaded 2 WW!!! Please God!! 

Remind me - you did egg donation too didn't you - do I remember rightly that you had twins or am I mistaken??



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Ella  ·  08 May 2012


Any one having trouble posting here?  I've posted but it hasn't showed up...

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