Heart palpitations revisited

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Nick  ·  02 Feb 2009

Hey Robster,

Your story is quite common. Have you read the postings in the other discusssion in this website? The topic we are on now is #2489. The other one is #2222 I think. Anyway... go back to the discussions forum and find the other heart palpitations discussion. It is where most of the useful information is. I am in touch with dozens of sufferers around the world and through this group, many have beaten this monster. Perhaps you can too?

Contact me any time if you wish. nick at lucidboomer dot com.

All the best,


Nick M. Walsh


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Robster  ·  01 Feb 2009

Hi all

Just like every first timer I feel much happier knowing that there are so many of you out there that experience the same symptoms as I do. I thought I was the only one.

Im 33 and a father of 2. Since my teens I recall not being comfortable with my heart and what it does. I suffered panic attacks for years which turned me into a bit of an agoraphobic/hypochondriac (not travelling far from home etc - def not flying). After years of various therapies to counter the panic attacks I have managed a couple of family holidays last year (saved my marriage im sure and I really loved them) which is great, however.... since doing this the palpitations and flutters have greatly increased....(just when I thought things were going my way in life)

In 2001 I was told by the Cardiologist that I had a slightly floppy Mitral Valve but that it was nothing to worry about. I am 6ft 2 and slim build and always been fairly sporty even upto a year ago I was playing 5 a side football 3 x a week. Since the middle of 2008 my chest flutters have become so annoying and unbearable, lasting for days leaving me feeling weak and jittery.

I spoke to the Doc who said my BP was high and after a few return visits he was happy that it was ok as it fluctuated back to a normal level for my age etc. However the flutters have driven me crazy so I we to see the Cardiologist, My ECG with Doc had shown abnormalities, but they were not that concerned at the hospital only that my BP was high (prob due to the worry), so a 48hr ambulatory test, 24hr BP test, heart Echo and Blood tests later and they are still only concerned with my BP. They say the electrics of my heart are ok, I had to tell the Cardiologist that I had MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) and then he prescribed Bisoprolol 5mg (Beta Blockers). They seem to do the job for a few days heart seemed more at rest, but now the placebo has worn off 1 month later and here I sit after 5 hours and counting of flutters and skipped beats driving me up the wall. I get so moody and stressed out with my wife and kids when I feel like this as I am on edge and feel detached.

I truly can not stand it any longer.... I need to find a solution or be totally convinced that these are just an ugly symptom of something that is not life threatening. MVP can allow the heart to regurgitate blood which can cause heart attacks....I have to go back for another Echo in a years time to see how the MVP is....

Full of despair



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Jameszz  ·  31 Jan 2009

Everyone!!! My palpitations gone.

Well first of all, I tried aloe vera and it worked but I started the anti-yeast/parasite therapy and realized that my body was full of yeast/parasites(in the intestines)

Yeast/parasites release toxins which causes you to have anxiety attacks/heart palpitations/random sweating/unstable homeostasis. etc.

Try it out.

There is a natural herb called Oil of Oregano. NOT just oregano. it's called OIL of Oregano.

It kills yeast/parasties in your body and very potent. First three says I became nauseous and I thought I was dying and thought this herb wasn't working but it was due to parasites/yeast dying off and the toxins were getting cleansed by our liver.

I have been on it for more than a week now and I feel so energetic. and living the greatest life ever. email me at ijamezxp@gmail.com

I will get more specific about. I'm not here to sell anything but tell you guys that I had anxiety attacks and was afraid even drive around due to anxiety attacks. Trust me this works.


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Ross09  ·  24 Jan 2009

Hi, I'm 39 and have been getting heart palpitations on and off for 6 or so years this stage. I've had my worse ever episode that have continued for the last 4 days - I get them mostly when I am standing up after a period of rest. I haven't been to the doc yet as I was hoping they would disappear. I previously had a Holter monitor attached for 24 hours but of course I had no problems that day! Today I bought Solgar Magnesium and Homocystine along with New Era Tissue Salts Mag. supplement. I'll post back if the supplements work. I might get the Aloe Vera gel caps too...do they really work?


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vespuccio  ·  24 Dec 2008


    having suddenly developed palpitations  18 months ago (my word was that scary) I found this forum by accident  and made a couple of posts.

   Since then I've had very few and  at least I'd like to share what i've done.

1. got an ECG done and thyroid tests  both normal - so there isnt anything actually wrong with my heart. If you havent  then  do the same ,it can at least aleviate the worry to some extent.

2. Sorted out my gastro-oesphageal reflux- believe me  this made a difference and I dont know why- I'd read about this being a cause of heart palps so got my self on PPI's ( -esomeprazole -antiacid drug) .

3. I never drink caffiene now  and when I do - guess what ??  palps ++ 

4. I do get palps occasionally  some quite strong but I KNOW this is nothing- and that is a VERY important point with dealing with them.They are an inconvenience.

   Always remember your are not alone -millions of people have this world wide and if it were dangerous  there would be a screening program -wouldn't there ??

Have a good christmas all


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tj  ·  22 Dec 2008

I'm new to this, so just a little info. I've had palps since childhood when at the age of 10 my mother passed away. Plenty of stress there and as a child I focused on them more than was healthy. Spent most of my young adult life sure I would die at any moment and looking for a doctor who would at least explain these to me. Mine are mostly PACs which are considered benign but they do give me the fluttering sensation, and from time to time were very disheartening. The medical community may understand that these are harmless, but they need to do more to educate the rest of us. It is difficult to focus on life when you're constantly plagued by the thought that your next heartbeat might be your last! Eventually, when I woke up every morning, I decided that what hadn't killed me yet, probably wasn't going to soon. Enter the internet, suddenly thru sites like this and others I realize that I am not so unusual in my affliction, and that there are ways to make the palps better, if not dissappear completely. Its great that people can share their ideas about what helps. I just wish the medical community would take it more seriously, and if nothing else, tell people about such sites. I have tried Magnesium and Potasium supplements which help, staying away from caffeine and booze are obvious, though not a lot of fun, sleep aids get me too. Recently I tried something new and it seems crazy that it works, I can't imagine why. I eat about a cup of raisans every day! I went from dozens of palps every day to practically none. I don't think its mind over matter, I've been at this too long. Does anyone have a logical explanation? Is there some terrific mineral in raisans that could make such a difference? Thanks again for this site, any thoughts are appreciated. tj


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Vanderlei (EMM76412)  ·  12 Oct 2008
Hi Nick and George,

3 weeks ago I developed PACs (probably because of the crazy economic environment we are at), that wouldn't go away, and when I did some research, I found this thread. Thank god I did!

So 5 days ago I bought Aloe Vera soft gels and a bottle of Mangosteen and started taking them. Today is the 2nd day my PACs (or PVCs) are completely gone. Like a miracle. I do not believe it was all in my brain. Maybe stress did start an inflamation process, but I continue to be stressed (just look at the new on the economy... things are getting worse, not better). But the palps are gone. So how? Well, I trully believe one of those 2 items did the trick. Or maybe a combination of both. Either way, I am 1) EXTREMELLY thankful for your posts and care for others, and 2) I am EXTREMELLY puzzled about Mangosteen.
Nick, If possible I would like to get an update from you if anything new showed up in your researches. Hope all is well.


Vanderlei Silva

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Nick  ·  13 May 2008
Hello phililind,
You may be hypoglycemic... or even borderline diabetic. You are on the right track. Inflammation in your system is made worse when you add sugars that are broken down into polypeptides which fuel the fermentation of other food products inside your intestines. You must reduce your inflammation. It is a precursor to many other diseases anyway... so get on it!

First cut out all fish products. No fish oils and no fish of any kind.

Next cut out sugars except fructose or natural fruit sugars.

Forget the aloe gel caps... they are not enough. You'd have to eat ten at a time. Gel Aloe Gel by the gallon container and drink two ounce three times a day until the palps are gone. Then maintain it with one or two ounces twice in a day ... three times a week.

Home made wine is also out.. as well as hard liquor. Only good wine will be made without the chemicals that help aggravate the condition.

I've checked this formula with dozens of folks all over the world who suffer this condition. It works! I surfed into this group in 2003 suffering four or five attacks a week. Each time I though I was dying. I know the anxiety it creates.

Check out my article collection on this and other topics at phytoscience.ca.

Good luck.


Nick M. Walsh


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kai (LYO71019)  ·  03 May 2008
Im still very young but when ever i go to lay down or relax for the night i can feel in my chest and throat a
pounding, as if my heart stopped or races,and it gets me scared. Ive had a montitor b4 but they said i was fine. I'm still scared though,

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Anonymous  ·  11 Apr 2008
I have been suffering from palpitations on and off now for the last 10 years. I've tried all the herbs etc and some medications but the only thing that seems to be helping is the Buteyko breathing method. The theory is to reduce the amount you breath and thereby increase your CO2 tolerance. CO2 is a vasodilator which opens up little blood vessels. Anxiety can cause these vessels to contract leading to palps. You'll feel your energy levels rise quickly in the first month, I've been doing it for 5 months now and I've found the palps seem to be greatly reduced. It takes a year to build up high CO2 tolerances.

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Mona  ·  01 Apr 2008
I'm not alone! I have had palps for probably 20+ years. I'm 55 and on BP meds. Sometimes I have them all day long, just sitting at my desk and I sort of do a cough thing or some sort of expelling of breath that sort of sounds like a wheeze. Of course, I too, have worn a holter monitor two times over the years, had an echocardiogram too several years ago. Doctors look at me like i'm krazy, saying my heart is fine. I do have a weakness for chardonnay and I'm beginning to believe there is a connection. But, I can go for days w/o palps even after having my glass of chard with supper. Then they start up again. Lately, I've been taking a potassium supplement and I don't know if it is a placebo effect or not, but it seems to calm those little buggers down. Mine are like skipped beats. Another way it feels sometimes is like there is an elevator in my chest and it is at the top floor and then the elevator drops down in my chest. I used to be so scared, but now i'm plain annoyed! I notice I do not get them when I'm on my stationary cycle, but more so when I'm sitting or lying still.

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Vespuccio (XHC69844)  ·  22 Mar 2008
Amazing.... I've found this site and Sooo many people are just like me.
I've had palpitations for two years now.But i'd like to say that it's not tachycardic . its more like a missed beat or perhaps two in a row.

i'm in my mid forties and they started out off the blue. However thats not strictly true. All through my life i've had the feeling that my heart has missed a beat once in a while but it was a low level 'hardly noticed it' sort of thing until two years ago when it suddenly became 'OMG my hearts stopped !! '(you've all bin there !) then a fraction of a second later all was well.At least with my heart- the rest of me was a stressed wreck !
However this developed in to a flutter where my heart would feel like like it wriggled ( best description i can find)
scared me witless and after having a bloods(thyroid etc and an ecg (x2)) I discovered.... there was nothing wrong.
Well sorry doc thats not what it feels like here !
I've noticed somethings that are puzzling though.
Generally they happen when i'm not doing anything.Keep busy and it doesnt happen
They seem to coincide with a bout of gastritis/reflux- read that this can be the case.(whether taking antacids affects blood chemistry and throws things out i dont know but it was quite coincidental)
Cant blame caffiene cutting it out made no difference.
Cant pinpoint a food either.I've been on 100mg/day of CoQ10 and multivitamins (general a-z type)for the last month and they have been less
both in intensity and frequency.Also been drinking more water - dehydration will certainly affect blood chemistry which i feel could be at the bottom of this. Hope this helps someone if only to reassure that this isn't a heart condition but a condition that affects your heart.
BTW my doctor tried to reassure me by saying
'Any one in their forties who has a serious heart problem usually has a massive heart attack- there's none of these 'warning signs' like you get in your 70's or 80's' - i had to laugh . I knew what he meant but it doesnt come much blunter than that !!!

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Adam  ·  14 Mar 2008
I take one 25mg aloe a day and it works for me. I have been on these for months and still no major palps. Well, I do have some minor ones on occasion but I am 98% better - the only thing I changed was adding that one aloe pill every day.


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Mark (VJP69509)  ·  09 Mar 2008
George or Nick,
I am taking Aloe Vera Gel Caps that are lebeled 200:1 25mg.
How many of these caps should I take at one time and how many times a day should I take them.

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Mark (VJP69509)  ·  07 Mar 2008
I am using the GNC aloe vera gel.
The label says one soft gel contains:
Aloe Vera Gel 200:1 25.00 mg.
How many of these am I supposed to take at one time and how many times per day?

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debb63  ·  25 Feb 2008
Just want to say a big THANK YOU for all the info. I have had palps on and off since my 20's but they only happened very infrequently and didn't bother me that much. Then in the last few years they started to get worse, I was having them nearly every day and they were worse when I was being still and just sitting. Anyway I started researching on the internet, most of the info I found at first suggested Magnesium, which I tried. It did help initially but after 2 weeks the palps would return, I would stop the manesium and then restart it with the same result. Anyway I did more searching and found this post. Just before Christmas I started taking CoQ10, 100mg a day and now I hardly get any palps. I have noticed that if I do start to get them taking CoQ10 makes them go away in an hour or 2.

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George (NIV39780)  ·  22 Feb 2008
Those of you who are here for the first time may notice that some people here are getting relief from Aloe Vera Gel. At least one of these posts looks like just a spam. Beware of those posts that aggressively try to direct you to a specific supplier and are designed to evade irishhealth's built in spam detection.

I have not visited this board for some months now and am just noticing that there is a question from November of last year regarding what type of Aloe Vera one should choose for palpitations. Let me note that Aloe Vera comes in two distinct oral/internal formulations, each based on using different parts of the plant. One is a rather harsh laxative form. That is NOT the one you want to use. The other is more diffuse in its affect. While it may cause some initial intestinal cramping which usually goes away when you adjust to it, you shouldn't experience a true laxative effect. THIS is the one you want. It may come as a bulk gel, soft gel or perhaps in other forms, but you will know by the effect whether you have the right one. In any case, if you have a rigorous laxative effect, stop, because you have the wrong product. If you are not sure, it is best to inquire about this with the vendor before you buy. - George

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Babs  ·  22 Feb 2008
Hi, I have been suffering with SVA for a lot of years. I was to go into hosp last Tuesday for cardiac ablation, but there was no bed available. Now have to wait to be called again. I have been told by my cardiologist that it is nothing to do with lifestyle or what you eat or not eat. It is an extra electrical impulse that can trigger the palps. In my case it gets to about 250 per minute and the only thing so far is to get to A&E and have my heart stopped and restarted with an IV drug.

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Anonymous  ·  18 Feb 2008
Hi, Ive just come across this website for the first time, so glad to see others have been going through what i have been going through. I have been having palpitations for a few months now but they only got worse before x mas, so i went to my doctor and he gave me some kind of tablets to take when i do get the palpitations. They always seem to come at night time also. The tabs the doctor gave me were useless and did not stop the palpitations, and the longer they last the more panicky i become. This weekend i got palpitations on Saturday in the morning,which has never happened to me before, i will admit though that i did not get much sleep the night before as as had a tummy bug, so was really pee'd off when i got the palpitations so early in the day. The tabs didnt help so i ended up having to go to the doctor, my friend had to drive me, the doctor i saw was a different doctor than i usually see, and he gave me xanax to take, the medium strength dose, he advised that your better off taking some thing that can just "Zap" the palpitations when they start instead of waiting for them to get worse and get more panicky. I totally agree with him, i got palpitations last night again and took one of the tablets, the new ones, and it worked. Am feeling a bit tired to day though as it was one in the morning when i took the tablet. I would like to know if anyone can recommend any exercises or any quick help techniques besides using tablets, i have done all the ones my first doctor told me to do such as massaging the carothid(not sure of spelling) gland very slowly, ive tried the paper bag effect and i have also tried the slow breathing relaxation technique and none of them work so would seriously appreciate if any one could help me out here.

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Neevers  ·  14 Jan 2008
Hi Everyone. Since I last posted, I had my ultrasound and I was delighted to know that the workings of my heart are normal "but" of course the ultrasound doesn't show up any blocked arteries so my mind isn't completely at ease yet. I'm slowly but surely beginning to understand what gives me the palps, it's definitely wine number one suspect and large meals, when I lie down I get a couple, when I raise my arms above my head is another reason. My palps only happen very ramdomly, I do not have any pattern and could go months without any, though I do get flutters quite often.
I've been taking one Aloe Soft Gel tablet a day and I'm not sure if it's helped the palps although I've been palp free for a couple of months now but it's making my skin look fab! So thanks for that little tip.
In the back of my mind and I'm sure all of yours too, we feel there must be something wrong with our hearts for these palps to happen to us, they are scary and seem to happen to me when I'm doing nothing, relaxing which is scarier than if I was doing exercise when they happen, at least i'd now what brings them on. It's something I have to learn to live with!

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Steph  ·  11 Jan 2008
I've had them for about 3 years now, and had a holter monitor and EKG test done, which came back normal. I am being sent to a cardiologist next week though, just to put my mind at ease. Since the tests, I've cut back on my red wine intake considerably, and stopped caffeine completely. I haven't had them in weeks (maybe a small flutter here and there). While it's not to say that I'm "cured", I must say that stopping caffeine made a difference right away, and then cutting down on weekend red wine drinking made the biggest difference. Try it, and see what happens - particularly the caffeine.

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Barbara (QCM67746)  ·  11 Jan 2008
I have just been diagnosed as having supraventricular tachycardia. I was twice rushed by ambulance with a heart rate of 240 per minute. Then I had all the usual tests etc. All clear, but I was put into the care of a very good cardiologist. He told me what I was suffering from and I am now awaiting a cardiac ablation in Beaumont Hospital, which I am told will cure me and mean that I no longer have to take beta blockers. Can't wait for it to be over.

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Anonymous  ·  05 Jan 2008
Jen -- might want to google adrenal fatigue. Read on.

I've stumbled upon a few things that are helping my palpitations that I wanted to share with others. All palps are not the same, so I better describe to you what kind I have. I have had PVC palpitations most of my life but only very rarely and then just a few (almost 50 - female). But in the last two years they've gotten much worse all day with bouts of sinus tach in the middle of the night. All completely investigated - heart is great, no problems.

For the last month, I have been taking really complete supplements with Magnesium plus everything but the kitchen sink thinking this might help, and it has somewhat. I'm gluten and caffeine free and eat many low glycemic small meals and avoid large ones as they trigger more palps. I also walk 30 minutes 5 days a week and that also helps.

BUT what's really been helping me is sea salt. I kid you not. I was reading about adrenal fatigue and it all started to sound like me. Adrenal fatigue flushes sodium from your body (which your body needs to beat normally), and just by consuming a bit more sea salt every day to compensate while you heal , it helps stabilize your electrolytes, hormones and palpitations. Now for some people, salt can be a trigger -- so I think this might only work in cases of Adrenal Fatigue which actually is quite common, Google Adrenal Fatigue and Sea Salt. My Dr agrees and feels I do have adrenal fatigue and we're working on healing it.

So if any one else is prone to anxiety, worry, frequent urination, low blood pressure, general fatigue with palps, you may want to read about Adrenal Fatigue and see if this might be you too. There are ways to test for it.

Start slowly if you do this over a week or two, but I've worked up to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (NOT Table salt) in a shot glass of warm water first thing, with a bit of OJ as a chaser then I eat breakfast and consume water normally. I drink around 7 to 8 8 oz. glasses of water a day.
Again, before my afternoon lull, I repeat the salt and at bedtime. It may sound like a lot of salt, but it's only around 1500 mg (about as much salt as is in one BigMac but healthier since it's sea salt). I don't eat junk food and always ate a low salt diet. Big mistake. So enjoy those salty soups, crackers, and meats if you have adrenal fatigue. ALSO animal fat as in whole milk, whole yogurt, and butter all help to heal the adrenals. Sort of counter to everything we're taught to eat. Obviously if you don't have adrenal fatigue don't follow this advice! But this is sure helping me. There is a lot of info online.

There's one more thing. Many of us with these issues don't sleep well. I have learned a few tips for a better night's sleep. Exercise during the day. Get sunshine on your skin for 15-30 minutes without sunscreen or sunglasses and then sleep in a really pitch black bedroom. This all helps to set your internal clock. If you wake to go to the bathroom, keep the lights off. I'm actually sleeping through the night for the first time ever. So this really works IMHO.

Hope this helps someone.

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Anonymous  ·  02 Jan 2008
I usually have eczema and skin irritation but since I started using aloe Vera Gold Gel that I bought from www.euroNaturalhealth.com my skin is looking good and healthy. what will happen if I stop using this product? please help

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Jen  ·  22 Dec 2007
Hi fellow palpers,
I have not posted here since August. The news now is that I was diagnosed this week with autonomic dysfunction. This I believe is a vagus nerve problem. My symptoms are palpitations on & off all day everyday plus horrendous racing heart after food & drink. These last for several hours. I take propanalol for this condition but can only take 20mg three times a day as any higher dose gives me low blood pressure. The hospital have given me no hope or guidance.They merely suggested I do not eat normal meals but graze instead. They also said to have no alcohol( I do not drink much anyway) Can any of you help me.Is there a cure? I feel alone & depressed.
Happy Christmas!

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Neevers  ·  27 Nov 2007
Just an update. I wore my heart monitor for 24 hrs, of course I didn't get one palp while wearing it. They did bloods again, ECG again, and sent me home with the old age story of some people are just more aware of their's than others!! I've had an appointment through for a ultrasound scan of my heart, and then if that comes back clear I'll be told it's all in my head or not to worry about them. I can't help worrying about them, they are just so scary. I've been talking the Aloe Vera soft gel tab's every day for a month or so now but I still do get the old palp but I do seriously think mine are caused by food and drink I consume and wind! Maybe I'm mad to think this, but I think it's definitely related!! Thanks for listening!!

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monique (CKU66801)  ·  27 Nov 2007
i am a 56 year old female who suddenly 3 months ago developed multiple palpitations / pounding heartbeats, up to thousands per day. i have gone through all the usual cardio tests and am now being evaluated by an electrophysiologist; it appears there is an bundle branch block in my heart's electrical system that may or may not be a contributing factor.

i eat well, exercise, don't drink or smoke, no caffeine.

the suggestions regarding aloe vera gel are somewhat confusing [nick? george?] .... i purchased Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel, for ingestion [not a topical product]. but someone here seemed to indicate that the whole leaf version was not a good idea. what's the reasoning? and it there a downside to taking aloe vera gel over the long haul?

also, i had my first acupuncture treatment yesterday which seems to have been extremely helpful in alleviating the associated anxiety.

thanks for the great info i've found here.

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Mendy (SBA65859)  ·  22 Oct 2007
Thank you guys so much for this discussion. I have had palps for about 15 years. I am 35 years old and it drives me crazy. I have been to many doctors and have been told the same as the rest of you. People who do not experience this do not understand how horrible it is. I am on a dose of 50 mg a day of Toprol XL. It seemed to be working for a while but in the last two weeks the palps have returned. I followed the advice on the Aloe and have not had any palps since 30 minutes after I took the first dose. I am doing two tablespoon of 100% pure, organic inner leaf aloe gel three times a day. I can not be positive that this is why I have not experienced any since last week but I am going to continue to take it. I even had a few drinks on Friday night and did not experience any palps on Saturday!

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Toni (OHG65781)  ·  18 Oct 2007
Hi everone, It makes me feel quite a bit better to know that I am not alone with these palpitations. I really do feel as though I am a prisioner of my own body. I am just 23 and have had palps for about 3 years now. I have been to my doctor a good 30 times in the last 3 years............I have had a holter monitor, 2 ekg's, been to a cardiologist twice and several different doctors and no one can find anything wrong. It's so annoying though bc it's like this...you feel theres something wrong, u have physical sensations, but there's no cause...just doesnt make sense to m,e. Maybe if I understood how the heart works it would possibly make it better for me to grasp that they are benign. I have been asked to go to PEI this weekend but am deathly afraid as i am scared i will need to go to the hospital or no one will know what to do etc. I have always been a nervous person, this is on my mind when i wake and when i go to sleep. Its horrible. I used to have panic attacks but not but not so much anymore, yet the palps still remain. Its hard to talk to people about them who have never had them because they just dont get it until theyve felt them personally. Its easy to say oh theres nothing wrong just relax....easier said than done. I just want them to go away, I want to have fun, i want to RELAX!! My psychologist says that I am self inducing them bc i am constantly worried about getting them. Could this be possible sort of like a self fulfulling prophecy?? Am I just too anxious? I cant relax because Im so afraid to let my guard down bc then i think something really bad will happen. Any advice??? Thanks guys :)

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Neevers  ·  17 Oct 2007
I had some palps again all weekend but I had been out on Fri night and consumed 'some' alcohol (beer). They woke me up on Sat night out of my sleep & was so frightened that they might never go away! They did and I've been palp free since Monday! What I don't understand and maybe someone might explain is how can food & drink upset the electric going on's of your heart?? I've just had my appointment through to wear the 24 hr holster heart monitor, which knowing my luck nothing will show up on it but should I maybe drink alcohol or eat choclate the night before so that the palps will show?? Or is that cheating?? Help x

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Marlene  ·  17 Oct 2007
Hi again - I've kept on the Omega oils, but have cut out caffeine & sugar & chocolate after 7pm and that has made a huge difference.

Was doing good for a couple of days then went to visit a cousin and we had some Kahlua (contains coffee & sugar etc) into the evening, plus a couple of chocolate cookies. OOPS!

That brought the palps back. It took me several hours to fall asleep. The next night, I had no palps.

For me, it may very well be what I eat and how late. I'm sure if I took my Ambien, I'd sleep well through the night but I really don't want to take those. I'd rather use them for a very extreme/rare situations.

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George (NIV39780)  ·  15 Oct 2007
"I have palpitations a lot, should I consult a GP?"

YES! They are probably nothing serious, but you should ALWAYS let your GP know about these things, since they can indicate a serious underlying problem. Your GP is trained to be able to detect these things.

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Rosebookay  ·  12 Oct 2007
I have just joined. I have had palps for most of my adult life. They got pretty bad about 3 years ago for a few weeks and then subsided. My doctor was not concerned after an ECG.
They pretty much disappeared for a long period of time. Lately, I have been getting a few and now, more regularly. They are showing up every few weeks on my blood pressure monitor when I take my blood pressure. That has been spiking, also. Normally I have quite normal blood pressure.
I do suffer from anxiety and that makes things worse. However, I often think there are other things going on.
I have been taking magnesium but not potassium rich foods or supplements. I have also been taking a very large dose of fish oil for about a year. I didn't think there was a connection because they seemed to stop but now I am wondering if I have been taking too much for too long. I am going to stop for now.
I, too, take Mangosteen Xango. I thought that had helped so much. How much do you take? Apparently my 3oz per day is not doing the trick any longer. Also, I have ordered the NOW Aloe Gels. I hope I am one of the fortunate ones.
This is a great group. Years ago I subscribed to another on-line group for PVC's. It was just not useful. There was one poor soul who tried to offer advice as Nick does but they weren't really interested in help.
Thanks for being here.


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starrynights  ·  09 Oct 2007
Hi Sandy, I take up to 1000mg of magnesium when I feel them coming on. I don't recall the type but please get the mag that doesn't cause diarrhea. If you'd like to email me I can forward you some great info from the naturopath (sp) which I have found to be extremely helpful. pcalvin@thecyberpros.com I do use flaxseed that I use for over all health. I no longer use fish oil caps at all -- believe it or not they used to cause my palps!!
Marlene - I get my aloe gel caps at GNC.

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Neevers  ·  09 Oct 2007
Forgot to mention, that my GP put me on Lexapro to deal with the anxiety and it decreased my heart rate to under 60 beats per minute which makes me Sinus Bradycardia! So, I had to come off those then! It's a nightmare isn't it. I really do want to see a cardiologist as I'm scared all the time that my heart will just decide some day that it's going to stop and I'm only 35yrs old!!

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Neevers  ·  09 Oct 2007
Hi All. I'm here in not so sunny Ireland! Hope ur all well. I had more palps last Mon & mine don't come very often, maybe a couple of times every 2 or 3 months. I called the doc totally stressed cause I thought my heart was gonna stop. I had a good few one after another. My doc checked me & my heart was beating at 90+ beats per minute. She sent me in to A&E where they attached me to a heart monitor, did an ECG, bloods, chest x-ray but of course they all came back clear & I didn't experience one palp when I was there! It is so frustrating because I am just so nervous when I get them. My partner works away from home, so it's just me & my little 4yr old at home alone. I'm so scared that my heart will stop when he's there. I've taught him how to ring my mom & my sister in case he can't wake mommy up. I wish I had a reason for them whether they are harmless or not. I'm going to go to my local health food store & ask for the Aloe Gel. It is comforting to know though that all of you experience the same because as many of you have said, sometimes our partners, parents and friends think you've gone a bit MENTAL!! Thanks

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Sandy (KBH62421)  ·  09 Oct 2007
Starrynights -
How much magnesium are you taking? Have you used flaxseed oil - the fish oil DEFINITELY gave me palps. (See my post to Marlene)

Thanks - think I'll forego the mangosteen!!!

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Sandy (KBH62421)  ·  09 Oct 2007
Marlene -
I found the aloe vera soft gels at Wal-Mart. I live in NY - don't know if you have Wal-marts in California.
I found it in the vitamin aisle! But, I'm sure GNC would also be a source.

I tried fish oil and had heart palps. Stopped it for a couple of weeks, tried it again and they returned. Did it one more time just to make sure and I got them again. I'm going to try flaxseed oil for the omega three.

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Steph  ·  08 Oct 2007
I too can't find the soft gels, and I'm in the Toronto, Canada area. If anyone is in the Toronto area, can you recommend where to get them? Also, how much magnesium did you take, "starrynights"?

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Marlene  ·  06 Oct 2007
A question on the fish oil - I thought I had read, perhaps on the other Heart Palpitations board, that some people reduced the palps on fish oil, while now it seems it might increase the palps.

Is there a majority of thought on fish oil, one way or another?

Does anyone else live in California that has found the Aloe Vera Soft Gels? Is GNC a source?
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