Laser eye surgery - pros and cons

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kinogam  ·  06 May 2018

As I read I have to wear glasses and I'd love to get rid of my glasses. I plan to perform laser eye surgery to eliminate the disease in my eyes. happy to read your article! 


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D1m0n  ·  12 Mar 2018

I think because people have problems after LASIK eye clinics life time guarantees schemes started to loose them money. As result they are rebranding themselves or closing down and emerging under different names. As usual Irish regulators want to know f* all about this.


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billiswilling  ·  07 Mar 2018

Fingo, touching your cornea too much is dangerous, read about ectasia. Id let sleeping dogs lie on that , but would go to court about the money... cheers!


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billiswilling  ·  07 Mar 2018

I used to have  6.5 myopia in each eye, and had my first lasik in 2001 (I was 25 y.o.), I came out seeing perfectly! But regressed to 1.5 myopia in a year. Then had a 2nd surgery in 2003 to correct that. Still myopia came back in a year with 1.5.

I decided not to have a new touch up tho, and thank God I could still have a very good vision with glasses. Bottom line, lasik reduced my myopia a lot, but not perfectly. Doctor said cornea has "memory", and at that point you cant fight nature and genes The most important thing Id say is studying your cornea very well first, if you have keratoconus, or a very thin cornea, lasik may not be appropriate. Or if you do lasik on a very thin cornea, you may get ectasia.


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Fingo  ·  02 Dec 2016

I got the Bilateral Lasik with a company in Dublin on 30/1/2006. At the then age of 53 I was informed it would last the rest of my life but I will always need glasses for reading. I accepted this as my main concern was for night driving. I paid €1,800 and I find that I am back to square one 9 years on and in need of the same again. When I contacted them, they informed me their Lifetime guarantee has only been adopted since my operation and does not apply to me and I would have to pay again. I refuted this and subsequently paid them an additional €25 to receice a copy of all my records. For obvious reasons there was no record of a lifetime guarantee even though this was discussed back in 2005-6 but not recorded. Why would I pay €1,800 for a procedure that was only going to last for a few years. Personally I feel cheated and betrayed by them. Definately notes were missing from the records not one single copy of a receipt for the money paid I am thinking of taking them to the small claims court. Any advise woyld be appreciated. On my way to get Glasses for night driving. 


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pinkmonkey  ·  30 Nov 2016

Hi, I posted here in 2010 (pre-lasik- questioning if I'd do it), and in 2013 (after having it done in 2012, very happy). Just thought I would add my two cents to give an update, to warn people to really consider the likelihood their clinic will not 'go bust', and to seek advice if anyone has it. 

Overall my vision had been good especially the first 3 years or so. I have loved the freedom of no glasses these last 4 years. However I noticed my vision was getting worse. I have always felt so secure knowing I have a lifetime guarantee for aftercare and follow up surgery. I bit the bullet and called my clinic recently for the first time since my 6 month review. Turned out the clinic had 'gone bust' in 2013. The phone number -oddly- rang through to optical express (not the clinic I had it done, which was Ultralase), who told me Ultralase closed down and they had looked after the ultralase follow ups immediately after. But they couldn't answer if my lifetime guarantee was now valid with them. An expensive assessment was offered. 

I decided I'd go to Specsavers first as they said they do full exams including long term post lasik. I have since had to get glasses at -1 prescription(~). To be honest I am grateful to have them now and I realise I really did need them.

Its very annyoying having paid and gone through the surgery in the setting which i researched fully to be the best in Ireland at the time- for it to then throw you out on the streets! I feel betrayed by them and a scared about the future in terms of my eyes. I suffer from dry eyes, though I always did before surgery anyway. 

Make sure you do your research before you agree to lasik and push them for a back up in the case their clinic shuts its doors. If anyone has any advice please do let me know thank you ✨


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Di Collins908  ·  29 Nov 2016

Hi! I'm PRK in Cork. Having PRK as I play contact sports. Really nervous! Any tips?  


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Sasha Rodoy781  ·  16 May 2016

Have look at the converstaion here and see OERML for more details


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Fingo  ·  15 May 2016

I requested a copy of my medical records from a company who performed failed Lazer Eye treatment on me. They charged me €25 for these records. I was of the opinion that the maximum cost for this should have been €6 does anybody know if this is correct. I am in the process of taking a claim in the Small Claims Court and I am aware I will need exact details before I commence. If these people are trying to make it difficult for me by inflating a basic charge I may consider putting this in the hands of a Solicitor and go to the district court. Any info would be appreciated 


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Sasha Rodoy781  ·  21 Mar 2016

My name is Sasha Rodoy. 

My eyes were irrreparably damaged by Lasek surgery in 2011. 

I am one of estimated tens of thousands left with problems.

I am now a patient advocate and campaigner calling for government regulation of the refractive eye surgery industry.

Please google my name.


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Glendaglendareyes  ·  31 Dec 2015

This an old thread but the content and comments posted here are very valuable and great reference. I just like to add for those who under go and scheduled for Lasik here are Do's and Don't after operation


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D1m0n  ·  21 Aug 2015

What's the point to wear scleral lens if the whole idea of eye surgery to make people free from contact lenses? If I wear one type of contact lenses now and aftet lasik I'm suppose to wear another type of contact lenses it makes no sense to me.


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Chaku  ·  20 Aug 2015

5 senses are equally important to all healthy people ..i had very high myopia (-5) in both eye..i gone thru lasik last april and from tht day i suffer from double vision and glares or halos wtever you say,,its difficult to explain hw it seems..agree to all become worse at gave me alphagan,,steroids i.e. furosine and lubricant i tried tears drop,,optive..and used eyemist gel...had nt helped become worse in digital screen lik tv and computer..other ppl also had lasik bt they dnt have such they also dd nt had high myopia so m confused..night time driving is diffcult when too much traffic is there ..i wish i nvr had suffer myopia and nvr dependent on specs..for nxt lifttime i wish this...


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Tammy Corbett154  ·  24 Jul 2015

New advances in the last two decades have introduced the new and improved LASIK, known as LasikXtra which is said to dramatically reduce the risk of infection, regression, and eptheial ingrowth. 


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Irina Busareva343  ·  07 Apr 2015

Hi ChannelZ,

Have you ever heard about scleral lens? This kind of lens help people who have these problems with night vision after LASIK. The name of lens is PROSE.These lens also are helpful for dry eyes.Hope this help. 


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John09  ·  30 Mar 2015

Hi ChannellZ, I feel sorry (and angry) to hear your story and I can truly believe from your words that your side effects are severe enough. I have done the surgery more than 5 years ago, and now my main strenght is the capacity to cope year after year. But I would say to you not to feel defeated straight away, for example are u sure you are totally unable to drive at night, even going slowly and making sure you feel safe?

In my case, in all these years (as I realized after few months) there hasn't been any improvement regarding my glare and halos, but it didn't get worse either. And also in the last few months my close distance eyesight started deteriorating more than before, but that's a normal consequence of this surgery. I have to think that I have now a new pair of eyes. And after all the things that you have tried, I'm wondering if somebody in the future will invent a solution for decreasing these permanent side effects post Lasik, I wish the science may come with something.

In this kind of physical and psycological difficulty (even the sense of regret and remorse for taking the chance and going for that surgery) it's vital to talk about this problem, if a friend or a person with sensitive and emphatic capacity to understand (it's not enough to say "be positive"); and I cannot exclude couselling with somebody professional, for some people can help believe me, thay can heal traumas, beherevements, they can listen and advice, but it's better not to stop to the first one, if he/she's not the right one.

I sincerely respect your feeling right now, even if unfortunately I can't give big solutions


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ChannelZ  ·  27 Mar 2015

John09, I feel your pain. I had custom Lasik using microkeratpome  8 months ago and since then I am experiencing severe halos, glares, decreased contrast sensitivity at night and photophobia with no improvement. I am unable to drive or cycle at night due to incoming headlights of cars and this has greatly affected my quality of life. Have seen several opthalmologist, have gone for contact lense fitting, glasses etc... all which did not help. Tried pilocarpine, alphagan, tear drops to moist the eyes. Nothing seems to work. It has affected my work, and life quite severely. I am so light sensitive now after lasik that I can't even go out in the day without a hat and sunglasses. I can't go out at night because of the screaming car lights. So the only time I am able to go out is during a cloudy day in day time. Been having to do this for the last 8 months.I can't even watch a movie without having rays of the screen shooting downwards. Even in the day i notice these glares.I fear it is permanant. People keep telling me that I need to be more positive towards it. But heck, it is hard to stay possitive when there isn't one person you can find who improved significantly after 8 months of having terrible glares, halos and starburst.John09 I know it has been awhile since you posted. But I do want to know your progress. It seems like we both share very similar symptoms.


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Thomas Sadler933  ·  04 Mar 2015

In terms of price, push them push them push them. They are increasing prices by about 100 a year.  Do not sign up on first day, they are likely to drop price more to entice you.  I was with one insurer, said I was renewing soon so would change to insurer with higher discount and was told not to bother as they would give me full discount (25% I think)

That's a really good point for the larger, more competative high street clinics but does it work for smaller, perhaps more prestigious clinics? 

From my experience (i run a laser eye surgery review website in the UK) these sort of clinics are far less likely to use bait and switch techniques and more likely to provide single price points per eye. 


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Thomas O\' Connor585  ·  05 Aug 2014

I have been meaning to give my view online on laser the past while. 

I read a lot of forums before doing it and reading through it there are a lot of posts from people within some of the laser companies recommending their company so be wary. 

It is not a nice procedure, very uncomfortable and you are feeling pretty crap that day.  Seeing stuff after laser though is amazing. 


I had it done about 5 months ago, eyes were -3 and -4.  I had it done with Optical express.  I have a combined better than 20 20 vison.  One eye is stronger than other now.  I am happy with the procedure.  I was back in work on the Monday, had the procedure on Saturday, and worked a few shorter days that week as eyes tired. 


Glare can still be bad enough and halos at night.  There are a lot of risks involved and it can go wrong.  You will need reading glasses quicker if you get it done. 

Blackrock price is similar to others or even cheapest if you have a strong prescription (They have a fixed price per eye).


My view is do not do during winter.  Driving at night is difficult post surgery due to glare/ halos.  If you do in winter you will be constantly driving in dark.  Spring is ideal/ Autumn is probably good too.  Long evenings and not to sunny is best. 

You need a good pair of Polaroid sun glasses after.  I am still a little dazzled when I go outside on sunny day.

In terms of tax back, late in year is best as you will get the 20% back quicker. 

Most health insurance plans do not cover anything.  However a lot of laser providers do give a discount based on who you have insurance with.  This discount is purely given by laser provider though. 

In terms of price, push them push them push them.   They are increasing prices by about 100 a year.  Do not sign up on first day, they are likely to drop price more to entice you.  I was with one insurer, said I was renewing soon so would change to insurer with higher discount and was told not to bother as they would give me full discount (25% I think).  I got Lasik, intralase with wavefront.  My starting price was 4100, with insurance discount about 3100, then told 3000.  About a week later 2900.  Asked for 2800, was told they had to ask head office and got confirmation a day or two later.  My refer a friend got 100 Euro too who split it with me.  Optilase and Optical express do refer a friend programs (probably others too.)  Make use of them, if you not know anyone who got it done with a voucher find someone who does, just ask. 

In terms of aftercare I have had it after a day a week, a month, 3 and 6 months.  Think it is yearly as well. I have had unlimited drops included (10 or more bottles now probably).  I was told to come back if I wanted more last time.  I am still using drops a few times a week due to dryness.  I was a little unsure about my eyes given a sizeable difference in strength.  I went to specsavers for a second totally unbiased opinion and to reassure myself as much as anything.   This for 15 Euro was worth a lot to me.  They told me one was far better than ‘perfect’ (a lot better than 20:20) and other was almost 20:20.  This I feel is well worth going to your own optician if you have any doubts.  Your laser provider is very biased. 

Try get something like free sunglasses thrown in when making the deal.  Big discounts available after cancellations if surgery isn’t full on a date coming soon.  If you are flexible try this.  Tell them you are getting a price from their competitors. 

As for which company is best, I really don’t know. They will obviously all tell you they have the mot hi-tech equipment.  Obviously it is best if you meet your surgeon before the day you have surgery.  This doesn’t happen with Optical Express (and also with some others I think). 

Reading forums the one eye versus two eyes a time is a big grey area.  I really don’t know.  I had both done together.  I would hate to have to go back a second day but if it goes wrong and both eyes are done you are in a worse situation.  

It is meant to be cheaper up north if that would suit. 

Overall I was happy with service provided.  That’s my random thoughts on laser.  Any questions just ask.  My main things are be careful the time of year you do it and if you do choose to do it push them on their price.  Read up on it, you sign a scary disclaimer form of the 101 things that might go wrong.  


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LIGHTWORKER  ·  29 Jan 2014

Please educate yourself if considering this.


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texasdoll  ·  21 Dec 2013

Thanks again John, may i wish you happy christmas ans seasons greetings


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John09  ·  20 Dec 2013

Thanks TDoll. My side effects are permanent, and there haven't been any change since I got the surgery. That's why I wanted to share my experience when you mentioned that your surgeon said side effect will decrease in 6 months, 12 months etc. In my opinion they are simply guessing. But because every operation has its own course, then I will hope you will have a full recover soon


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texasdoll  ·  19 Dec 2013

thanks for your reply John...seems i can only wait and hope for the best....i hope yours gets sorted out very soon, will keep my fingers crossed for you.....i know you said you still have them but they even reduced in the past 4 years? 


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John09  ·  19 Dec 2013

Given the fact that replacement lens surgery is different form LASIK, I still feel that these eye surgeons tend to guess because, pratically, they know as much as you as every surgery can have its own course. In my situation, but I had LASIK surgery, they said that glare and halos would go after 1 month; after they said 3 months, after they said 6 months. And after (and I swear I'm telling the truth) an , during the last free post operation visit, had the guts to invent that halos and glare may disappear in the number of years that correspond with the degree of myopia that I had prior the surgery: The optician meant that, because  my myopia was approx -3, then the halos and glare would have disappeared in 3 years time, unbelievable!

Regarding your concern, what I can say, according to my personal experience, that this side effects may disappear or reduced in the next few months, but they can also stay forever like in my case (more than 4 years now)


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texasdoll  ·  18 Dec 2013

i had replacement lens surgery carried out in November and was wondering how long the glare and holos last when driving at night, the clinic said about 6-12 months but were a little vague


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LoftyK  ·  29 Oct 2013

This has been a very useful thread. I have been scouring the net this past week for reassurances about getting LASIK done for myself. Read several blog posts about individual experiences. Most of them say positive results. But many of them also mention side effects (some of which go away after a while but others that remain and are worrying). Since this is a thread that has gone over 10 years, I could read about several experiences. Although there are several disappointing experiences cited here. Working in the US now and intend to get it done in one of the clinics here. Got a pre- test done and they say I'm a good candidate. But I'm concerned about the long term effects. It is great to read some people who have come back after 5 years and posted how they have no trouble with their visions today. 

I've been reading from several sources about the risks, side effects or complications that could arise like those mentioned here- and also in this thread.. Now this is what worries me. Obviously, it varies from case to case. But still, is it worth the risk? I have been wearing glasses and later lenses since I was in my teens. It is a bother when I engage in any sporting activity, swimming, etc. This is why I'd like to get this done. But it surely isn't worth it if the chances of any complications are high. Please leave your opinion on whether I need to do this since I'm 34 now.


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dryeyevictim  ·  09 Sep 2013

Every patient signs the same consent form which outlines the serious risks. Both patient and surgeon sign up for these risks. Now, given that some of these risks occur frequently according to laser surgeons' reports then they are performing mindless surgery purely for financial gain. 


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John Von  ·  09 Sep 2013

Hey Witofire

In reference to your question about 110% eyesight outcome, let me tell you this; When people has better outcomes than 20/20 vision after the procedure, is because they were overcorrected and from a clinical point of view that is not good, in fact, that procedure is considered a failure, even though the patients is happy with the results. If you want more information about this subject you can take a look at the following article! Which has extensive information about quality vision after LASIK surgery



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Mand  ·  09 Sep 2013

I thought I would add to this discussion as I havent posted for a number of years.

I originally joined this site like most to weight up the pro's and con's or laser eye surgery.

I can gladly say that I had my surgery in around 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  After surgery I had glare on night time driving but after a couple of months that resided completely. I have had no problems with blurred vision or dry eyes.  

I have had my 5 year check up with my local optician and my vision is still 100%, to say I was happy would be an understatement. Laughing


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John09  ·  06 Sep 2013

No, I have never worn contact lenses. The only side effect which I haven't suffered is dry eyes because I had chosen an option for Lasik surgery called Intralase, which the corneal flap is cut in a non manual way, with a with blade free method, which the depht of the cut is pre calculated, knowing the thickness of the cornea. This option costed me an extra €1000 at that time. Still the Intralase method didn't guaranteed to have 100% chance of not having dry eyes after the surgery. And infact I paid extra also for the Wavefront option, which it's suppose to prevent glare and starbust, but I got them both, big time


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D1m0n  ·  06 Sep 2013

Hi John,

did you use to wear contact lenses before sergery? Just wonder to know how dry eye caused by contact lense wear compare to the one caused by laser sergery.


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John09  ·  05 Sep 2013

I totally agree with the previous post. Obviously somebody can have great result with laser surgery, with a little bit of luck, because that's what is about: luck.

I had Lasik surgery 4 years ago, and after all this time I still regret it. I think this kind of surgery that has no come back, side effects can stay forever and it's not stressed during the pre operation visits. I suppose, thinking now, a person should suffer at least -8 or -10 miopia to decide to take chance of being left with pain from dry eyes, visual aberration as starburst and glare at nighttime, and many other irreversable side effects. I would compare Lasik surgery like crossing a motorway with closed eyes. If the other side is reached, then, of course it was safe and easy! And even easier to spread the news to everybody about how safe and great it was!

When things went wrong for me, no support at all was offered by the clinic, only lies and false hopes: the surgery is done, the money is paid and the patient is not any longer needed, definitely not a "moaning" one


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pinkmonkey  ·  10 Jun 2013

Hi all. I wrote on this forum back in may 2010. You can see how confused I was when I wrote! I was really put off and too scared to get laser. Anyway I got it done in may 2012 and it's been amazing, I am so happy I did it, and it felt right for me (was still quite paranoid before and for a while after due to the fears of side effects!). My eye health is much better than when I wore contacts- contacts web the best dried them out so much. I went to ultralase in Dundrum. I have no complaints. People reading this probably only see horrors and fears so I though I'd add the good too!


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Witofire  ·  09 Jun 2013

Cull says, "My eyesight is at 110% in both eyes, basically better then 20/20". Is this possible?

My neice had this procedure done and is delighted with the result but having read through the postings here I will not.

There is no smoke witofire!


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Ash121  ·  05 Jun 2013

Hi, I am interested in getting laser eye surgery but am hearing conflicting stories about who to get it down with. What are peole's experiences with the hospital versus an commercial place? Thanks.


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helen001  ·  20 Mar 2013

Ok, so I had -6.50 in both eyes and had to have surgery in both eyes 3 times! this was 3 yrs ago now and since then I suffered with dry eyes and fluctuating vision.

Now carefully think about whether or not youve got any other health issues??

Ive had graves thyroid disease for 10 yrs but was told that shouldnt affect results of eye surgery, however, in January this year I was also diagnosed with celiac disease (another auto-immune disease which is common in patients  with thyroid, crohns, rhuem arthritus etc)..

Anyway, once I went on a strict gluten-free diet (for life) and included daily flaxseed (for a month) my eyesight is now perfect and no dry eyes Laughing...even my optician was shocked as he was going to fit me with glasses.!!


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ryannnnn  ·  20 Mar 2013

I am long sighted...+4.00 and +4.50 with astigmatism of between 1 and 2 in both eyes.....would you recommend eye surgery.....and is there ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS SIMILAR PRESCRIPTION TO ME WHO HAS HAD IT DONE AND IF SO WHAT IS THE OUTCOME???


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independance  ·  22 Jan 2013

I had Lasik surgery done twice now. I had a high astigmatism in both eyes. The first time I had it done It was unsuccessful at fully fixing my eyes. I was still left with 1.0 in both eyes. I had the surgery redone again in November, and It still hasnt worked. I was told by my clinic that my eyes were perfect , but I knew they werent. I had my eyes tested at the local optician and they said that both eyes are at 0.75 ??? I cant understand why the clinic would lie about this. Twice now I have had this done, and tomorrow I am going to the clinic to see what they say. I am going to keep quiet about my local optician testing my eyes as I want to hear what drival they will come out with. All in all I do not trust these companies/surgeons. They will say anything to get you out the door. I am now in the position as to if I am offered again do I go through with this ?


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snowballs  ·  12 Jan 2013


I had lasik surgery in 2003 almost ten years ago now , my advice to anyone that is thinking about the procedure is to get one eye done first it saves a lot of hassle and it was standard procedure when my operation was performed, it was't straight forward for me as i had a re-op but 10 years down the line it was the best discion i ever made, i can get slight glare from streetlights but it is not an issue for me as my sight was so bad pre-op


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madde  ·  08 Jan 2013

Been thinking about doing laser eye surgery some time.  My mum had it done and I know many others who did and are very happy with the results.

I've found this discussion very useful, I'm wondering if any of the people suffering dry eye syndrome are atopic? I.e. have asthma, eczema, allergies. It seems that atopy might increase patients risk of dry eyes. Any opinions?

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