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roan  ·  29 May 2017

Hi one and all, I have read this site a few times over the years but never added a comment. I think I used it to take tips on how to better battle heart flutters and to also reassure myself at night when things are worse.

I have had flutters and skipped beats on and off for over 15 years but the last 3 months have been worse with very fast heart rate episodes and added irregular beat patterns. I have always been convinced that this has some relation to the stomach as most of my issues come after eating with inflammation like effects.

I have done my own research and I am convinced I have ROEMHELD syndrome (Gastric Cardia) which effects the vagas nerve either by being pinched from working out or from stomach related inflammation.

I would like to reach out to the knowledge on this site and with all the research Nick has done to get his/others opinion on the Roemheld syndrome as it well known in Germany but the papers have not been properly converted to English I had read.



The part that related to me was the podcast between a radio show in America and a Canadian doctor http://roemheld-syndrome.com/learn-about-roemheld-syndrome.html

Any opinion most welcome

Stay well



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Andyp1984  ·  27 Jan 2017

Just a quick update. After reading above abour the gas-x post I had a closer look and discovered simeticone so went out and bought rennes in the UK.  Since taking this and gaviscon the heart palps have improved 90%. Not getting hopes up just yet but I believe there must be some truth the acidity / alkaline posts. Thank you for that. Fingers crossed the palps stay away I will post at a later date when I know for sure.


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Andy  ·  24 Jan 2017


I am 32 year old male weighing 10stone and a resting heart rate of 49bpm. I am a competitive runner with elite times and have never had any heart issues previously. I rarely drink alcohol. My palps -which feel like flutter and skipped beats with a harder beat after, possibly pacs- came on 6 weeks ago. I had one night out after a hard race and ran 15 mile the following day. 24 hours later the palps started at the same time I got a viral cold.I have seen a Dr who performed bloods and ecg all normal.  However the palps have hung around after the bug has gone. I'd say I probably get between 40 and 60 per day and these only come on after eating, walking or after training. (When training my HR is fine and no palps). They are annoying and off putting and I am now not training because I don't feel comfortable. The only other thing worth mentioning is I hurt my metatarsal in the same day I went out drinking and this is hurting still with what feels like perhaps a trapped nerve. Could it be related to the palps?

I do drink soda, 1 or 2 cans of dr pepper at most a day but will look to quit this in case it due to the caffeine.

Anyone have any idea if these palps will just go away or what could be the cause behind them. Can a long lasting viral infection be the cause?


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Nick  ·  22 Nov 2016

You have no idea, John.  You judge me without even knowing anything about me. I graduated with my two best friends who are doctors.  I chose not to become one because of their ideological bent. I am financially independent and at 62 I can do all of the studying I need to do. My experience is that GPs are owned by Big Pharma, whether you want to believe it or not. Surgeons and specialists are an entirely different breed.  GP's are like articling lawyers. You can try all you want to prevent people like me from helping others, but you have zero effect. People looking to solve their palpitations problems will find my sites and blogs and Kindle books and they will be helped. 

Nick M. Walsh


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John Williams  ·  21 Nov 2016

"I studied more about medicine than most of your so called "doctors""

Enough said!


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Nick  ·  18 Nov 2016

I understand you John Williams. To you, "properly researched" means data gleaned only from your limited and sanctioned resources. I have personal experience with CBD Oil and cancer, so my words are not opinion. They are fact. I am sorry that you are so myopic and intolerant that you would seek to limit exposure of these great aids to other.  I studied more about medicine than most of your so called "doctors".  I can debate them on most topics any day of the week. And you are wrong about the Compendium. It is commissioned and financed by the big pharmaceutical companies. It is not one author!  

Nick M. Walsh


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John Williams  ·  17 Nov 2016

I wouldn't normally reply to pseudo-science rubbish submitted by unqualified person but on a site such as irishhealth.com many people innocently look up subjects thinking that they are getting properly researched information on medicines or illness complaints. The arrogance of Nick is unbelievable. A doctor who takes seven years university training plus a few more as a hospital doctor is dismissed as know-nothing by some unqualified person. No doctor that I know would depend on any one book to diagnose disease and recommend treatment. (I doubt whether many doctors have a copy of Compendium of Medicines which is a one author book) Sicknes and ill health are far more complex than that. I have seen this contributor promoting, on other websites, hemp oil as a CURE for cancer, that should tell you the level of quackery involved.


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Nick  ·  04 Nov 2016

Rokk, in my opinion John Williams hasn't a clue what he is talking about. Doctors will only diagnose based on the information in either the Compendium of Medicine or the Doctor's Desk Reference (in North America).  Uk will have something similar.  Each of these publications is paid for in full by big pharmaceutical companies.  The only solution to any diagnosed symptom is a drug to diminish the effect of that symptom. Nowhere do they discuss "Cures". Williams is like the others who scour the net trying to put out the flames of natural healing. I have been talking about my own successes in this area for 14 years.  I began studying this issue in 2002 - back when I joined Irish Health.I have emails from professional hockey players, from mixed martial arts fighters, including one champion, and from hundreds of citizens about how well they felt after trying Aloe Gel for themselves.  

It's the old story.  If your only tool is a hammer, then all your problems are nails.  Why are we talking about drugs?  I am talking about NOT HAVING THE CONDITION IN THE FIRST PLACE. I am saying that with proper nutrition, you can create the conditions in your body where palpitations are unable to exist. If Williams can't see the difference between the two, then he needs to go back to school.You are free to do what you want.    Cool 

Nick M. Walsh


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John Williams  ·  04 Nov 2016


If I were you I would ignore the self-serving last post. It is just off the wall quackery probably for some financial gain. Your doctor is the best person to give you advice. He or she did not spend seven years in university to be told that aloe juice, sorry gel, is a wonder drug. Really irishhealth.com should take down advertising comments like this especially when they are giving dangerous advice.


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Nick  ·  02 Nov 2016

Hi Rokk,

💊 I've been studying this subject since 2002, when I first got heart palpitations. I participated on this forum with the rest of us sufferers.  A fellow named "George" triggered a search avenue that I pursued vigorously.  Nearly all of us reported the same symptoms.  To make a long story short, there are a number of risk factors for Heart palpitations. 💀 Doctors will never tell you the truth on this, and I don't know if it because they don't know themselves, or that they are so tightly controlled by big pharma 😈 that they can't crack and tell us what to do.  Regardless, I spent 7 years researching this and I found the connection and the cure for myself.It all relates to acidity and alkalinity.  It is definitely connected to digestion. The first thing for rapid relief is to get hold of some Aloe Vera GEL.  Read that carefully because more than half the people I tell have so low of an attention to detail that they come back and tell me that Aloe juice is working!  I am sadly running out of patience for people who can't get it right.  IT IS NOT ALOE JUICE.  IT IS ALOE GEL.  💚 THERE IS A MONSTER DIFFERENCE 💜.   The brand I use is from Amazon and is called Lilly of the Desert Brand aloe gel. 

You can also use Aloe Vera Freeze dried capsules.  But first.. with the gel, you take one ounce in water three times a day for a week.  Then twice a day for a few days, then once a day for a week, then one or two shots per week.

The issue is digestion and the aloe helps to normalize this process. Also, the villi in the small intestines get gummed up with all kinds of stuff.  Aloe cleans it out.

You asked about the connection to exercise.  When you exercise, you create lactic acid. Lactic acid increases your acid levels. This means  your body is operating right at the top edge of acidity.  You need to change that.  Check my site and read the articles.  You will beat this in a day or two if you do.

Nick.  Cool 

Nick M. Walsh


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rokk  ·  01 Nov 2016

Dear all,

after reading many of the post, I have decided to explain my little story too. I am 37, healthy male person, physically active (no smoke or drink or else). Exactly 2 months ago, I had a sprinting exercize done - an intensive one, I pushed over the limit a little too much perhaps.  As I went back home, my appetite disappeared (felt a pressure in my stomach) and also rushes of blood in my head. The appetite came back a few days after, but I have struggled to digest food properly. I went to see the doctor, and prescribed antacids. The blood rushes (feeling of pulpitations) nearly stopped but my stomach was not balanced. MY GP thought I had developed a hiatus hernia - so I had an endoscopy done which releavled all is in order inside my stomach. Stomach is getting better now after 2 months....however my pulpitations are back. They only last a few seconds but are very frequent and especially in the night. I have had and ECG test done also (right after a pulpitation) and all seemed normal. Every 5 years I check my heart (including stress test) as a routine - last full test was 2 years ago and always all normal.

It is incredible to realize all happened after that intense sprinting exercize...but cannot figure out the connection!!!!????

I had a full blood test done in Summer 2016 (routine check) beofore all these happened which showed all normal includine Tyroids hormons.   

Any clue?


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SFFAR  ·  05 Apr 2015

Hello, everyone. This is such an ongoing item, isn't it? For years I have been a constant science experiment. I'm experimenting on myself for the best possible ways to stop these blasted palps. I've had a couple of new breakthroughs. My husband more or less challenged me to 'heal my problems' after his friend's doctor told him he could heal his heart problem. OK. I've fired all of my doctors - GP, cardio and chiro. I've gotten a new set of them. The only one worth keeping is my chiro. The rest are standard 'think INSIDE of the box' docs - not willing to check things out and make up their own minds. So, I'm going alternative...VERY alternative. We'll leave it at that, for now. I've found that I need to clear my kidneys and stop inflammation in my body. Well, I never knew I had a kidney problem. So, I've checked and the kidneys are involved with hormones and I believe my palp problem stems from erratic hormones (female issues). Try to find a doc willing to admit to that one! Also, I have GREATLY reduced my red meat intake to maybe one day a week in order to lower cholesterol and inflammation. This means one very small serving of beef, pork, venison or lamb once a week or two. I love all of those and it's hard to give up. I have GREATLY reduced my wheat intake to one time a day - this would be two cookies or 6 crackers with tuna spread. I AM A WHEAT-A-HOLIC! This is really tough. I also went down to one cup of java each morning, which is down from about 6 cups of various caffeinated products a day. I no longer drink beer, which nearly gave me palps one day a couple of years ago. U.S. beer has a load of chemicals in it. I've paid my dues and detoxed. It doesn't feel great to detox, let me tell you. However, I can say all of this vigilance has been worth it for the past month and a half since my husband challenged me. I've felt great and have had such energy. I sleep well. Today I ate a gluten-free blueberry muffin for breakfast and one slice of pizza for lunch. I figured it would be OK for a holiday. WRONG. By 3:15 pm I had raised heartbeats and started my pre-palp flush. Another thing that has really, REALLY helped me is watching The American Monk on a popular video site. This man is a healer and inspirer. I learned a method called 3 questions, which helps me to bring my palps back down to normal when I feel them startup. I ask and answer these 3 questions: What color is (my problem)? How heavy is (my problem)? What shape is (my problem)? Takes my mind off of the problem and has worked like a charm. I do this over and over until my palps go back down. OK. Now you see what I mean by VERY alternative. Well, the docs want to operate and give me drugs which they can't give me a 100% guarantee that will help. No thanks!

Nick - thanks for the kind words. I can only relate what I've been doing and what seems to help me, just like you do. You're an inspiration to me. Read any other good books, lately?

P.S. I am also looking into sound healing to see if this would help any. Non-invasive and can't hurt. Cheaper, too. Think outside of the box! It's going to seem like you're alone in this, but you're not. We can only hold each others' hands on this site. Don't give up.

My daily regimen: 100mg CoQ10, probiotic - both once a day. HRT - dosing myself with meds from an endocrinologist to take care of the hormone problem. (This raises blood pressure dangerously high, which is why I don't follow the rules. It's a necessary evil for me.) Taking 1/4 of 5mg pill of BP meds (prescribed) to keep the HRT under control until I can get the kidneys cleared sufficiently. FYI, I don't like the prescribed meds and will only take them until I get fixed.


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Nick  ·  31 Mar 2015

Hi guys, It has been a long while since I last posted.  I've been quite busy with research and other topics.  I've been running my blog called stopheartpalpitation dot com since 2002 to relay all of my finding and those of people I've worked with. Last years I discovered a huge connection th h. pylori.  I found that nearly half the worlds population suffers from h. pylori but they don't always know it.  A simple breath test at  your doctor's office will tell.  Essentially, the bad bacteria associated with h. pylori release toxins that increase acidity and inflammation in your digestive tract.  You lose the ability to digest certain foods, and the good bacteria get over-run.  I have at least a dozen cases where a round of special antibiotics cured the h. pylori and afterward the patients were palpitation free.  My own brother is one of them.

The other thing is ALOE GEL remains my TOP recommendation for those suffering from palpitations.  Next is spirulina and bacopa monieri.  All of these are available on Amazon.    I am now palpitation free for about 6 years. I can sleep on left side or right side and have now issues.  

SFFAR - I commend your diligence.  You've been helping people for a very long time! Keep up the great work.

Nick - Vancouver, BC


Nick M. Walsh


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mpapa  ·  31 Mar 2015

I used to play football and various exercises since my childhood upto 2013.then i was busy with my studies so i did quit doing so. after 2 years later one day went out for picnic at the beach with my friends. so we took our ball to play with. we had some ball kicking and running. so i was very tire and palpitation began. but i was not worried because i knew that after a few minutes it woul have vanished, but it didnt. it still comes but not freguently but rearly. once in a blue moon, and when it comes it just lasts for seconds only. and it happens much of it when i am in deep thoughts. and now adays it comes just like a little wind or belch comming out just below my chest and a little above at the center of the chest. i have become used of it because it causes no gig problem but it irritates me and i wonder why it doesnt go away despite the fact that i took a lot of medication. please i am begging for your help and your advice. ADAM FROM TANZANIA , ZANZIBAR,.


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Tigh  ·  29 Jul 2014

I have a rapid heart beat of about 95 - 100 resting, but my blood pressure is fairly normal.  My G.P. was concerned as he stated with exertion this would rise more.

I assumed when blood pressure was normal, heartbeat was okay.   I have an appointment to see a Cardiologist, but I am on a waiting list.


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SFFAR  ·  19 Nov 2013

Hello, everyone. Please refer to my conversation with Nick on 6/20/2011. He mentioned that taking a Gas-X will help stop the palpitations within 10 minutes. I have been keeping a bottle of liquid antacid containing magnesium hydroxide 400mg in the fridge for a bout of stomach aches. When my palps started to rev-up, I started panicking. Then I remembered Nick's suggestion. I pulled out the antacid and took a big tablespoon of the stuff. In 10 minutes the palps went away and I waited to see if they'd come back. They didn't. This may not help on all occasions, but it kept me from going to the hospital this time.I will try this first from now on.

I also bought and read 'The Sinatra Solution' by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board certified cardiologist. He has a LOT of good information in it for heart issues which doesn't include drugs. In this book it states a deficiency of magnesium can be an issue for those with heart issues. That is why I have the magnesium hydroxide antacid in my fridge and is why I believe it helped me in this case. This book is a MUST READ for all with heart issues! If you do read it, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. Your local library should have a copy on hand if you can't afford to buy a copy. I hope you do read it.

Because of 'The Sinatra Solution', I've added CoQ10 to my diet every day with what I feel is great success. I won't be without it.

I'm glad to see someone else is experiencing a bit of relief from HRT. Check it out. It can't hurt.

A BIG thanks to you, Nick. Keep up your research.

Good health to all of you!


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Jan13  ·  18 Nov 2013

Hello again, this is Jan13, 

Just wanted to add a little something I have learned that may help someone else diminish the strength of their palpatations.   I had bloodwork done to see if bio-identical hormone therapy would be of help to me.  Results showed my hormones are not a problem.  But one item did show up worth doing something about.   My vitamin B12 level was quite a bit below normal range.  B12 is needed in making red blood cells, also nerve health.

 B12, by mouth did not work for me, I now give my self B12 injections.  I am calmer, the sensation of panic when palpatations happen is greatly diminished, I don't notice if I'm having them most of the time.  

I hope this may be of help to anyone.          Thanks.       


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robertalan  ·  23 Sep 2013

I am a 66 yrears old male of Irish origins living in the UK.I am very fit and run 5 to 6 miles every day. I have, however, long suffered from anxiety problems for which I have been treated on a number of occasions.

In July this year I started experiencing heart palpitations.This is my second episode of these-thefirst was in October to December last year.On this occasion my doctor gave me a physical examination and an ecg.All seemed ok and the palpitations eventually subsided.

I have seen my doctor about this reoccurrence of the palpitations a couple of times He eventually advised that I have a 24 hour ecg

It took a month for this to be arranged. As time went on I began to got more and more worried.I eventually had the test last week-Sept 18th and was told the results would take at least 7-10 days and would be sent to my doctor.The continual waiting this has caused my anxiety to go through the roof. It's got to the point where I can think of nothing else  and absolutely dread every single palpitation however small.I've got to the stage where I would rather hear bad news than no news at all.As each day passes the worry and dread just gets worse.

Has anyone else had had to wait ages for tests and results and nearly lost it with worry while waiting.Any help would be appreciated.




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Jan13  ·  13 Aug 2013

Hi Greengirl,

Contact Nick through this sight.  I did, and he was so kind to email a copy of his regimen. He is a palpatation suferer too, but through his research, came up with a regimen for himself that has him free of palps for 3 or more years.  I implimented his plan and am greatly improved.  

I may try the gastro-tolerant aspirin too.  My doctor said to take a full aspirin everyday but I am concerned about hurting my stomach.

When I had my ablation surgery, I didn't know that it fixed the biggest part of the problem but not all of it.  There remains the palpatations, that, like you, will bump pretty hard in the middle of chest.  To zap the nerve/s to stop the palps requires surgical entry on the other side of the chest cavity.  And one has to suffer really badly with palps before a heart surgeon will perform that surgery.

I am waiting to hear from another doctor regarding bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, hoping to further minimize the palps.

My best to you.     Thanks for your reply.           Jan13 


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greengirl  ·  12 Aug 2013

Hi Jan 13,

I am 59 and had a ablation last year, the bad SVT's stopped but I am having

what I can only describe as hard thumps right in the middle of my chest. Does anyone else have this? as it makes me panicky.

As regards Warfarin, I was put on Asprin to protect against strokes, maybe you

could take this instead I take 75mg. of gastrol-tolerant asprin. Hope this helps.

What is the Nick diet? sounds interesting.


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Jan13  ·  09 Aug 2013

My history in short:  Female.  Palps began, periodically, progressed, at age 40, am now 65.

Stress and other factors triggered Atrial Fibrillation.  It progressed, then had Ablation Surgery.   Afib stopped.  But I still was having the palps. (Found out that would take  a separate surgery to fix those/ that nerve/s.  ?

In the last year and a half I have lost over 60 lbs, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

My question:  Since I was still having palpatations, heart doctors insisted that I stay on Warfarin to thin my blood for the rest of my life.  Unless I missed a letter, no one else has mentioned being on blood thinner as a precaution against having a stroke ( due to the irregular beats with palps sometimes I guess).  Are other folks on blood thinner?

I am now using Nicks plan, doing great, palps down to a bare minimum, and I am still improving.  I am now visiting a bio identical hormone replacement doctor to see if there is further help there since my palps began same time as pre-menopausal symptoms began.    

I visited my heart doctor and told him I wanted off the Warfarin.  Looked at me like I was nuts, wouldn't condone it.  I think that may be to protect themselves if something goes wrong.  I understand that.  I told him I am stopping the warfarin, and asked if he would take care of me if a problem happened.  He said yes.

Thanks All.  And a special "thank God for you" to Nick.



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alo1  ·  14 Nov 2012

Hi, I suffer a lot of the time with heart palpitations in bed I had a triple by pass almost three years ago and since then I have them I am normal weight would it be the tablets I'm on that's causing them I suppose the doctor would be the next step for me.


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Devesh  ·  02 Aug 2012

Hi All,

For those who are Fat, Fair and Flabby (3 'F') and get Palps after meals (especially the lunch), and after lying down, please try Homeopathy medicine Calcarea Carb 200 and see the results!! I am sure you will get cured in some months. Normal frequency for the 200th potency is once a week. (Take 5-6 drops of liquid on buccal cavity). But I advice that you can also take it as soon as you get 'severe' palps after meals. Another symptom of Calc. Carb. patients is that they easily catch cold and cough.

Please remember that homeopathy will take time to cure, but the remedy will act sure footedly and with mathematical precision. Continue till you get well and stop immediately once you are cured.




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Jeremiah  ·  05 Jun 2012

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SFFAR  ·  03 Jun 2012

Hey everyone!

I have a bit of news for all of you. Not just for us gals, but for the guys, too.

I am at 'that age' when bodyily things start changing. I have just started a regimen of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. It's been several weeks now, and I may be jumping the gun here, but I'd like to say my heart palpitation feelings have pretty much gone away. Right now it is rare that I'll have a feeling that my heart wants to race and I get anxious feelings beforehand. I feel like a new person right now after starting this. 

Those of you who may want to get your hormone levels checked, may want to find a good physician who specializes in this form of therapy. It is NOT FDA approved and may cost a bit. DO NOT fall for chains of physicians who do this for a yearly cost plus all other costs. There are very reputable and caring physicians out there who think 'outside of the box' and cost a bit of money, but not even close to what you'd pay for the national chain hormone replacement. Do the research in your area and don't be afraid to ask questions. Those who've been doing this kind of therapy for a long time are those you'd want to consider. Right now, in my area, some physicians are just jumping on the bio-identical bandwagon because people want to be youthful and are really vain. Me, I don't care about that. All I want is to feel normal again. (You ladies know what I mean by this.)

I had been told by my GP and cardiologist that hormone levels wouldn't give me palps. They said it was something else and prescribed horrible meds, which I stopped taking after I started 'spacing out'. However, because of me going through 'the change' and it forcing me to do something, I found I was right. At least I think I am right because of the way I feel. I FEEL GREAT!

Like I said, I may be jumping the gun to say I feel great because of hormone replacement. But think...your endocrine system runs the whole shebang. If the hormones are out of whack, then 'you-know-what' hits the fan.

I just thought I'd give all of you something to think about.

Take care. Best of health to you.


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CactusCoat  ·  31 May 2012

If you are trying to avoid aspartame you should know that it is an excititory glutamate and is related to MSG or monosodium glutamate.  You should avoid that also.  Google it to see the names that it can be given to hide it in food.


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SFFAR  ·  21 Jun 2011

Thanks Nick!

I meant Alkaline, but I wrote Acidic. Thanks for the correction. I searched for alkaline foods and found a great website for breast health that has a listing of alkaline and acidic foods. I already eat what's on the list, but I also eat too much from the 'bad' list.

I agree with the Gas-X thing, too. I give a great big burp (in private) when I feel like a palp coming on. (Not too ladylike, I admit.) That clears that for a while. That dang Vagus nerve! I've cut down on the amount of food I eat at a sitting to help that, too.

I'll give you a look-see. I gotta check out that movie, I'm sure!

Thanks for the response. Keep up your work!



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Nick  ·  20 Jun 2011


Good to hear from you too!  You are one in a million!  And for that, you will live long and healthy life... and at the same time, you will be ridiculed if you talk about how you got there.  If you want to see the FDA taking their lumps, google "The Burzynksi Movie" .. or search it on Vimeo.  The first three minutes will rock you!  This doctor fought off attacks by the FDA and the National Cancer Insitute for 14 years.  It is an amazing story of courage.

Regarding palps, it is an Alkaline diet you want.  Processed foods and most of the foods westerners like are acidic.  This leads to inflammation and gas.  This triggers a nerve near the heart that interferes with rhythm.  If you want proof, then next time you get a episode of palps, take one or two extra strength GAS-X.  You're "palps" will subside within ten minutes. 

The medical instustry genuinely believes they are doing the right thing.  But they are owned by BP.  If your only solution is a pill, you'll see all your medical issues as symptoms.  Google lucidboomer and you will find me.  I'll send you anything you wish.  I have loads of articles.

High cholesterol is not a problem.  You will be healthier with it.  Lower the homocysteine.  Make sure you are taking at least 200 micrograms of folic acid daily.  When you contact me, I'll send you my own personal regimen.  You can look it over and ask any questions you want.


Nick M. Walsh


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SFFAR  ·  19 Jun 2011

Good to see a post from you, Nick! You are my hero and have been for a few years, now.

I'm still trying to feel good about getting my palps under control. I just had an episode in February after my last one in October 2006. My blood iron was almost non-existant which was a major cause of this flare-up. I don't do (many) processed foods and soy since that seems to make my palps happen. I am lucky to have a GP who thinks a little outside the box on certain things. I'm fighting tooth and nail not to start on the drug regimine that everyone else buys into. I am ridiculed for this, but I don't care! My GP doesn't like me for telling my hubby to ask certain questions about the drugs he prescribes to him. 'Who's the doctor? Me or your wife?!' LOL!!!

Thanks for the info on the cholesterol and homocysteine. I'm told that I may need Big Pharma drugs for that if I can't get my bad cholesterol down and my good cholesterol higher. I don't take BP drugs, but I do take vitamins for my deficiencies. However, I need to switch all over to natural vitamins...not synthetic OTC stuff. Halfway there.

US FDA...BINGO! You've got their number and so do I! And, you're right when you say that only 1% of the population wants to hear about BP and the FDA. I feel like I bang my head against a wall when talking to some people who just don't want to hear the truth. They bring up the subject. It's all for the almighty dollar and not for any concern about human life.

I bought 'Cracking the Metabolic Code' and am reading that. I've also been reading articles on homocysteine overload, which you just confirmed in your last post below.

I also believe that an acidic diet is the way to go, but I'm totally confused with this. Can you direct me to more reading on this subject?

All help from you is greatly appreciated by me! Take care.


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Anonymous  ·  14 Jun 2011

Ho Jonsie sorry to hear about your brother, that is a worry but the good thing is, it has been discovered. Granted a cholesterol reading of 6.4 is high for someone your age, especially someone who is of slim build and athletic but did you find out the reading for LDL and HDL - the good and bad cholestoral as this will give you more information. If your diet is relatively healthy, it may be that the cholesterol is inherited. Bear in mind tho, that where a physical cause has been ruled out, the palpitions may well be worsened - or even caused, by anxiety. So the worrying you're doing  could be contributing to the proble itself. Caffiene can also be a contributary factor if you are sensitive to it. However, as well as giving yourself more time in the morning, there is no ned to be reluctant to bringf it up with your GP  - you're over 16, so anything your discuss, s/he is obliged to keep confidential.


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Nick  ·  13 Jun 2011

Hi again... I'm just checking in from the hinterlands here in Canada.  I first posted many years ago when I started getting Palpitations in 2002.  I knew I could not live with them.   They had to go... or I had to go.  I was already a professional researcher at the time so I became a health/nutrition/phyto-science researcher.  Ten years later I am palpitation free for the last 4 years!  I found the risk factors and I learned a ton of stuff along the way.  Not everyone will like to hear it, but I don't care what you think.  The information is here for that 1%, or less, who are able to think outside the box.  

Palpitations (of my kind - ie those not related to physical issues like prolapsed mitral valves or scared purkinje fibers) are the result of internal inflammation. Internal inflammation is brought about by acid diets.  Alkalinity is the answer. A friend of mine who had ablation therapy was so disappointed when his palpitations came back! After ablation!!  He tried my regimen and is palp free today.  Another lady who suffered high blood pressure for 12 years was put on nasty acid pharmaceutical drugs which only partially worked.  She tried my regimen and in 10 days went back to her doctor with normal blood pressure.

What I've learned in the past 10 years is that Big Pharma and nearly all doctors work too closely.  Big Pharma cannot be trusted.  Big pharma doesn't care at all about you - except to the extent that you need to stay alive so that you can keep paying them.  Big pharma has to be ripped apart and rebuilt.  And the biggest of all is the US FDA.  They need to be completely disbanded, neutered, and toss away.

I read so many of your posts and I am saddened to see how many of you have bought into the game.  Cholesterol is NOT a problem.  It is homocystein.  You fix that with folic acid.  But Big Pharma doesn't like that known.  If you lower you cholesterol, you cause all kinds of other issue... for which BP will sell you more drugs.  You need cholesterol for brain function, joint lubrication and hormone development.  Stop trying to lower it!

You can go ahead and attack me for telling you the truth, but do one thing.  Keep this note.  If you live long enough, you will see I am right.


ps... do a search for "Burzynski the movie" and learn more about Big Pharma and why you need to step back.

Nick M. Walsh


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Jonsie  ·  13 Jun 2011

I originally posted on this about a year ago discussing my palpitations however since then more things have come to light.

To begin with I had my bloods done recently (I was suffering from the side effects of overdosing on coffee but didn't realise it at the time!!!) and although my bloods were normal my cholesterol was 6.4 which the doctor said was nothing to worry about as im young and my hormones would balance it out, however the nurse seemed more concerned as im still only 21 years old and in her words having a cholesterol that high is not normal given that im of slim build aswell. She asked had i ever had a screening test done or history of cardiac problems in my family which there wasn't. Shortly after that however the local GAA club did voluntary heart screenings and my 15 year old brother was highlighted for having a long QT (apparently its a worry concerning sudden adult death syndrome) and was sent to the Mater hospital for more tests. The rest of the family had to have ECG's done, myself included, which all came back normal. My brother has been ruled out of playing any competitive sports much to his dismay and he's awaiting further testing. The end result could be him having a pacemaker fitted. I was looking up this SAD's thing just to find out more about it and came across some information that worried me....apparently symptoms of it can be palpitations(as i mentioned before) but also black outs which i suffer from as far back as the palpitations began in my early teens, i usually put them down to rushing around too quickly in the mornings as that seems to be when they occur most. Now however I've really freaked myself out and putting the high cholesterol on top of that, to say im a tad scared would be an understatement!! Don't wish to bring it up with the family doctor as my fathers already worried over my brother so do not want to make it worse on him!! If anyone as any information on this though I would be extremely grateful.


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Fishboy  ·  11 Jun 2011


I've just joined and i'm trying to educate myself on palpitations. I've had them very intermittently over the last few years but since Easter they have become a worry. I have had anxiety since Christmas as my mum has Motor-neurone and maybe I have tried a little too hard at times. I also have got slightly light-headed with them. I have gone to my GP and she referred me to a cardiac consultant who put me through all the usual tests. I am an orienteer (50 yrs of age). He is going to perform an angiogram soon as he found slight abnormal readings and mild muscle build-up in the heart but it may be an athletes heart according to him. Time will educate and tell me. I don't like these palpitations  and i hope they are not precursors to cardiac problems for me. 


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Paul1977  ·  18 Mar 2011

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theoldbean  ·  26 Nov 2010

Thank you so much for the following posts. sunnysuz Posted: 05/07/2009 13:19 sunnysuz Posted: 13/07/2009 21:22 SFFAR Posted: 14/07/2009 17:29 I have very rapid episodes of heartbeat, nowadays mostly irregularly as I have made the effort to try and look after myself health wise much more than in my youth! Your posts were reassuring! I can generally get my heart to stop doing its rapid beating within the space of a couple of minutes by getting down low on the ground, expanding my chest and drinking cool water. I have for years wondered whether my underwire bras had anything to do with the occasional issues, and I too will immediately remove them when an episode starts. Likewise, the comments about being too hot and especially after showers! Thank you so much. I had an episode this morning at work after a very bad sleep overnight - day 5 of my period and at my age (47) I guess the hormones are playing a major role here - this is my "pill free" week so there are no artificial hormones propping me up. I hope I am not going to have even more issues as menopause really kicks in!


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Van  ·  29 Aug 2010

I hope you find this useful. I’m free of this problem for 2 years now, but went thru 1 year with it. So I feel your pain, and maybe this can help…

I’m 35 years old. 3 years ago, out-of-the-blue, I started having palps. It got so bad that I’d go the entire day having over 5 palps a minute. I could feel each one. They were real, as recorded by one of those devices you wear for 24 hours. Yes, I thought I was going to die. Went thru the usual check-ups, including stress test, blood work, eco, etc… All was clear. The palps would get better at times (never completely disappear), and then worsen again.

My cardiologist recommended exercising… so I did. Running/walking a good 30 min. Still no results. Then I went to Beta blockers. A small dozes (a Tropol equivalent, if I remember well, 40 mg a day). That did the job. I took it for almost 8 months. But during the last 4 months, I was determined to get my body out of this drup dependency (it is a bit scary to see that you can no longer bring your heart rate above 130, while outside of the med you reached 170). So I researched, and researched, and researched … and of course I didn’t get to a single conclusion. After trying a bunch of stuff for close to 1 year, I locked down in the following “cocktail”, which worked well for me (don’t try this at will, talk first to your doc, to clear all other possibilities first, and remember, statistics tell us that very, very likely you are ok, but there yes, is a remote chance you have a problem, and if you do, your doc will catch it).

-          Your mind! It is “mostly” all there. Work it out! Yes, you body might be pre-wired for what you are experiencing. But if it wasn’t the palps, it would be something else! Fix your mind, first and foremost. I can’t over emphasize it. I’d recommend you read “The Divided Mind”, by John Sarno.

-          Exercise! Unless you are already during rigorous and frequent physical activity, to solve this problem you will have to “beef it up”. If you ran. Run longer, faster, more frequently. If you did nothing, start now! Again, consult your doc first!

-          Vitamins! Sure, why not? I take a third of the recommend daily doses of a regular multi-vitamin (any will do, really), plus an extra [higher] dose of the following: Vitamin C, Magnesium, B-Complex 50.

Like I said, this has been working for me for 2 years now. No more beta blockers. I did go without exercise for periods of 2 weeks at times (other illnesses prevented me from physical activities), and while I didn’t feel the palps, I did notice I started being more “aware” of my heart beats. So I try to keep it to it religiously. I am not saying other treatments won't work for you. You should definitely try Aloe (like I did), or some of the other harmless proposals found here. Each person is different. I can’t tell you what of the above did the trick for me, but I decided not to change a winning team.

Good luck, god bless you.

Vanderlei Silva



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Jonsie  ·  04 Aug 2010

Im a 21 year old female and have been suffering from these (what feels like...) my heart jumping since as far back as 12/13. Only recently I read an article and realised it was palpitations i was having as they only seem to happen when I am resting. However I am still slightly worried as i have been hospitalised numerous times before for things that a reason was never found for and I now fear they may have been heart related. I want to visit a doctor to get them checked out but as I dont usually (actually never would be more accurate) go to doctors I'm wondering how much I would be looking at for a visit.....us broke students and all that!!!!


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DentalDi  ·  08 Nov 2009

I'm 42/female -I have suffered for 20yrs with palpitations, on and off. I have had them for a little as a day, to as many as my most recent attack of over 2 months straight...I once got as many as 16-19 skips per minute...the more you worry, the more it feeds them..its a vicious cycle.

I have been to my M.D and 3 different Cardio Drs., and placed on Toprol Xl.  They go away, and always come back.  I have had 2 stress tests, 2 echos, -stress echo. EKG'S and halter Monitors galore and lots of blood work.  They find nothing abnormal.  My M.D. did catch a few PVC'S on my EKG. Said they are harmless to your cardiac health, my Cardio Dr agreed...

 Everytime I get them for long term..I go back to the Dr. and they increase my betablocker and give me some xanax.

  I got tired of feeling so blah from my Toprol xl, and still having those darn symptoms...  I started to google for some answers...what could be causing these, and how can I try to treat them naturally.

  I found the posting, by "Nick and George" on the Aloe Vera Gel Caps and I read something else about the Coq10.  I thought what have I got to lose..bought both on my lunch hour from GNC....the very next day.

Day 1...I felt less palps...Day 2 even bettter...Day 3...almost completly gone.  I have been suffering since the end of August, its now November 7th.  I feel so much better...I take the aloe as directed on bottle 3 per day...and coq10 50mg 1 time at dinner (per bottle insructions).  I also started some calcium-magnesium once per day.  Keep in mind, I have not stopped my Toprol, but take 50mg, and my b.p is 110/64.

  I was wondering if Nick knew of anything natural for anxiety?  Thats my next goal.

I feel pretty lucky to have found that discussion board...and I hope this regimen continues to work for me.Laughing

SO THANKS NICK!! for your research, postings and helping a woman all the way from Michigan, USA



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janeybabe  ·  20 Jul 2009

Hi all, I have just saw this topic on palpitations. I have been a sufferer of this for a long time now. I used to be very worried, went to heart specialists etc., got all kinds of medical tests done and got no answers. I eventually noticed that it had to hormonal, because it was always worse the week before, during and the week after my period. So gradually, the worry lessoned, and I tried not to stress about it. I learned to accept that I couldn't change what was happening, and I just put up with it when it happened. As I got older, I noticed it less and occasionally it still happens, but I try not to get too worried. Its a very frightening thing when it happens, and I would just advise not to panic. I wish you all the best of good health and hope this helps someone out there.


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Nick  ·  14 Jul 2009

Hey SunnySuz...

Be careful not to alienate the "cross-dressing" community! The reason you experience this phenomenon... is because of the nerves in the solar plexis area. Trained martial arts experts know this and often exploit this vulnerability in the human form. Others may have noticed that palps can be triggured with light pressure to the solar plexis area if your body is in the right position. The lower band on your bra would put weigth on that area of the solar plexis.


Nick M. Walsh

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