Can prayer aid healing?

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Jamie  ·  25 Aug 2009

TO Editor.

'CAN PRAYER AID HEALING'. I posted to this heading under the name JAMIE on 28/03/2009.

A JAMIE posted to the same heading on 25/08/2009.

That was not my posting.  Matthew.



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Jamie  ·  25 Aug 2009

I find it bizzare so many people actually believe in prayers to heal. Doctors heal, prayers don't. If prayers are so powerful, why go to your doctor? Just say some prayers instead? Somehow I don't think people will do this, even though prayers are supposed to be so powerful. 

Why are so many billions of prayers unanswered? What about people in africa/india that live on rubbish dumps and have an average age of 20? Why does god not answer their prayers?


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Rose  ·  06 May 2009

I am so grateful to people who care for me and pray.  The truth is I died with my husband on 18th April 2008.  The only difference is he is under and I am over the gound.  The world has stopped for me and I cannot move forward.  But believe me or not, when people pray, it helps me.  Tonight for the first time after a year, I managed to go to a religous meeting without him.  However, all throughout the prayers, I was crying quietly.  It felt like my husband was next to me.  I am wearing his watch since he has gone.  The one he was wearing, when he passed away.  Whenever I get upset, the watch gets hot.  This tells me, he is with me.  Everyone said a prayer and I felt so much better.  Prayer is the only thing which calms me down, especially when others do it for me.  I really believe when we pray for others, it is a lot more powerful.  May be because it is more sincere.  I wish you guys could touch his watch now.  It is very hot.  I think he is holding my hand.  Who knows, perhaps he is saying thank you to you good people.  If we can afford to care and pray for each other, we are in heaven. Smile I pray for humanity and I pray to get a chance to help anyone who needs it.  But above all I pray that you might pray for me, as I need all I can get.

Thank you...

Lonely Rose


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buzz  ·  06 May 2009

"Prayer is often answered but not in the way we think of"

I am sorry but that I do not buy into. In that case, whenever a prayer is NOT answered we can just cop out and say "oh well it was answered in another way".

What about a mother watching her baby struggle to live? She prays harder than she has ever prayed in her life, and then her little baby dies anyway. Can we have the audacity (and moreover who gives us the RIGHT) to tell her that her prayers HAVE been answered but in a "different" way?


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Anonymous  ·  06 May 2009

Hi Rose, I cannot imagine how you must feel with the loss of the man you love. I know no words can console you. I am not siure how me praying would help as I am not religious so what I will do is give you advice. When you feel able and when you feel emotionally strong enough please do consider bereavement counselling. Nothing can bring your loved one back but I know people who have been helped enournously by bereavement counselling. It might be something to consider. I hope you find strength and peace in the days to come. Buzz you don't mention what's troubling you but if it is also the loss of a loved one, you might consider bereavement counselling also.

Kind Regards - Maura


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Sorella  ·  05 May 2009

Rose; we pray for you this day. Pleae know that; and I think we are saying the same thing in essence. Grief is always hard and a year is no time at all. Death is hard for us all. It was for Jesus Who wept when Lazarus died.

Just keep quiet faith.

And no. God never laughs at us; why would He? He is perfect love and He made us. 

Prayer is always answered; but like a wise and loving Father, often not in the way we would think of.

Blessings this day... hold fast to Jesus ..


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buzz  ·  05 May 2009

It is hard to keep your faith when God does not answer your prayers. I know that sounds childish but after a while you start to think, hang on...why am I doing this?? Not that the ONLY reason one would pray would be because you want something, but so few of my prayers are ever answered that I am beginning to have this image of God smirking and laughing at me, saying, "you FOOL, you are STILL asking me for your prayers to be answered?" :(


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Rose  ·  02 May 2009

dear Sorella, You say and I qoute: "All our prayer is for the Will of God to be done".  I begg to differ.  I think whether we pray or not The Will of God will be done as He is The Almighty.  He will do what He willet. What can we do?  I think we pray that He may give us strenght to cope with the result and be content with whatever he knows best.  This is very painful for me.  All I want from God, is my Husband back.  I know it is impossible.  I know by religion that Death is messenger of joy. I know I have to accept The Will of God, but I am too week to do that.  It is now just over a year that I have lost Him.  (18th of April).  I hate April.  I hate 18th.  In fact why do we not call it 19-1?  

O people who read this, whether you believe in prayers or not, please pray for me.  Pray for my healing as I am terribly ill without My Beloved Husband.  I will soon let you know if prayers will help healing or not.

Thank you all.



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Sorella  ·  30 Apr 2009

Anne; you quoted half a verse. It is not that "money is the root of all evil, ' But that "the love of money is the root of all evil."

No time to read this whole thread; but just a thought or three. Always all our Prayer is for the Will of God to be done. One friend asked us for prayer for  a relative dying with cancer; not for healing, but that she might have a peaceful end. All die in the body. NB that prayer was wondrously answered.  Ofyen it is the attitude to illness that changes; it becomes less totally engrossing and there is peace regardless. That too is healing in its own right.

And Jesus is not the Church in any of the traditions, nor is the Church Jesus. All faith is in Him, simply and He always hears and responds; always, always, always.

Blessings this night and always, and peace 


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Jamie  ·  28 Mar 2009

To all correspondents:

I believe the Catholic Church was divinely instituted, otherwise it would not last a fortnight because it's run by such a crowd of thieves. Hilaire Belloc.

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him. Voltaire.

When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything. G.K.Chesterton.



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Rose  ·  27 Mar 2009

You are looking for proof? I believe a couple of years ago, they did reserch in USA. They had two groups of people who were terminally ill. They prayed for half and not for the others. Apparently as you guessed, the half of the patients whom they have been prayed for did much better. This is not a scientific proof, but it was the result of a study in USA.

I can also tell you about myself. In year 2000, I had been told that I was not going to live for long. In fact I did not even pray for myself, as I was considering it some kind of cheating. I was thinking if God wanted me to go, whom am I to ask him to change his mind. I never said, why me either. In fact I used to say, why not me? I was not and I am not anyone special. Not any more special than the next person. Then my friends and family had a different vision. I never realised I had so many friends. To cut the long story short, many people around the globe prayed for me and now 9 years gone, I am still alive to tell the tale. Was it a miracle or it was power of the prayers? You tell me.

Besides as someone else said, prayers can calm you down and encourage positive thinking. Now if you do not purticularly believe in power of prayers, may be you believe positive thinking will help.

Now the question is changing. Does prayers bring about positive thinking or not necessarily.


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brandy  ·  26 Mar 2009

Hello all,

The it stands....can never be answered with any degree of proof or truth.

But perhaps that is not the important thing....or indeed what was intended by the questioner ?

If prayer indeed aids has/can....never be proven....whether or not 'a higher authority' is responsible for this.

The ACT of prayer to 'a higher authority' effecting a cure or healing...has/can... never be proven.

Being an agnostic....I cannot dispute any claims regarding 'healing prayers'....nor dispute claims to the contrary; what I will that if any one finds comfort or solace in prayer....then the very least it may do is no harm to the 'patient'....and perhaps is to be recommended....if they have such faith.


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buzz  ·  26 Mar 2009

Hi Gratze only saw your question to me now. To be honest, I do not think that seeking or having faith is something that one needs to justify to anyone else. I do not feel like I am missing anything in my life that cannot be remedied through steps which do not involve faith seeking ie I have family, friends, employment, health etc etc but then again, the spider who lives in a box thinks that the box is his entire world. He has never seen what lies outside. I think sometimes that there is a certain peace that comes with believing. I am not talking about those altar huggers who "wipe the slate" on a Sunday and then forget about it the rest of the week, nor am I talking about those who use their cause as a stick to beat others with. No, I am talking about those who genuinely believe in something bigger, and the peace that they seem to have. Of course I am only human and I wonder about (and envy) this peace. I am not seeking forgiveness for something or looking for absolution, I have not been told that I have little time left to live and so am seeking a comfort to see me through. No, I am just an ordinary person!


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gratze  ·  02 Mar 2009

Hi Lou,

Can't help but comment on your phrase "but now I am trying again to find my faith". If I may be so bold as to ask why are you trying to find your faith? Do you believe it is something you should have that is gone missing? How do you know when you have found it? What are you expecting once you feel you have it?

I only ask as it seems such an interesting turn of phrase, particularly when you preface it with a comment on your "staunch athesism".


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Dolores  ·  01 Mar 2009

Prayer can aid healing - mental or physical, that I am sure of. It has done both for me, many years ago when I had very young children and stress brought on tension headaches , not to mention bowel problems, insomnia , chest pain and many more symtoms of worry and stress, you name it , I suffered it. I could talk to no one as I am a very private person, so one day I just went to Church and sat there quietly and told Jesus why I was there and I asked his help. In simple words I told Jesus that my husband had lost his good job and we had no money escept what he had from Soc Welfare. It was an impossible situation. I felt Him saying to me, Yes I will help you and your family, but you must Trust Me Completely. I had nothing to lose, so every day I spent some few minutes in prayer - simple prayer, and I became calmer. Things in time were sorted out, and I put Jesus in charge of EVERYTHING, no matter how small or how big the problem was. My husband got a job after a while, my children finished education, and are happily married and all are healthy. My faith is what makes life worthwhile. Please give it a try, ask HIM to help and HE WILL - and all will be sorted IN HIS TIME. God Bless. Dolores.


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Lou  ·  27 Feb 2009

Hi Gratze I agree with you that a lot of people ahve stepped away from the church in recent years, I think now there is a huge emphasis on "ticking the boxes" shall we say everyone wants to keep up with the jones and I think when that type of instant gratification trend starts to infiltrate then people forget that spiritual wealth can be just as important. It seems to be goinf nearly full circle now, with people "going back" shall we say. I know I went through a phase of staunch atheism for a long time because I just did not want to believe, but now I am trying again to find my faith.


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Anonymous  ·  27 Feb 2009

Hi Gratze, welcome. Certainly church attendance is down but this doesn't neccessarily equate to less people beleiving in God / Gods. There are many people I have come across who believe in a God or Gods but have nothing to do with any church or organised religion. I agree that we are becoming more consumption-oriented - which I do not beleive to be a positive thing. Tho technology, used positively can be of great benefit. Best Regards - Maura


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Anne   ·  27 Feb 2009

Hi Gratze,

Welcome back! No I don't see your posting as patronising, and am happy to answer it. True there has been a lot of scandal in the Church and the media have gone to town on it which I am thankful for. However, when I talk about God and prayer I am not talking about the Church, I would have many issues with the Church, God on the other hand is what/who I am talking about and prayer/conversation with God is important to me.

In recession when "the root of all evil" money is in short supply it allows people to be level with all others no such thing as keeping up with the neighbours, instead the neighbours help eachother and God comes into his/her/its own, so that is why you see a a discussion on God and prayer.

The above are my observations for what they are worth.



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gratze  ·  27 Feb 2009

I don't mean this in a patronising way, but I am amazed to see so many people still believe in prayer and gods. I was under the impression (media driven mainly) that believers were becoming fewer, church attendance down and we are a consumption, technology devout world. Perhaps, but not in Ireland it seems.


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Anonymous  ·  27 Feb 2009

Ah no., Anne, I wouldn't say that. Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves but thank you anyway. Like you I am very comfortable in my own beliefs and any view which is not extremist or harmful. Kind regards and have a lovely weekend - Maura


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Anne   ·  26 Feb 2009


Your thought process is way superior to mine and I give you that one, but I am very comfortable in my beliefs. I am still open to other peoples views and, maybe in the future somebody will come up with a solid reason to convince me I may be wrong and then I will reconsider but I can't see that happening really.

I admire your eloquence.

Kind regards, Anne


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Anonymous  ·  26 Feb 2009

I think it was Karl Marx who said that if God had not invented man (humans) that man (humans) would have invented God. Basically out of a need to have something higher to cling onto. Is it out of a lack of ability to rely on ourselves and take absolute responsibility for outrselves and each other or is it a beleif in an omnipotent higher power. Some would say the need for a higher power started in the pr-rational era where human discovery couldn't explain many natural phenomena thus needed to explain it by the presumtion of existence of a super natural power. Others, like yourself see a soul seeking the way back to its origin. True there is no way of telling and personally I think that if you know the influrence in your life is positive then you don't have to confirm anything else. Kind regards - Maura,


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Anne   ·  25 Feb 2009

Interesting Maura,

I wonder why do most of us humans have something or someone to look to, no matter what name, that's not important.  Two, do we need to have somebody or something to turn to. Three, when did the need for higher power start, somebody said that it is the soul seeking the way back to its origin=God.  There is one sure thing and that is we won't know until we pass over and maybe not even then, but I personally believe in my maker and I know that I am being guided for good, I cannot confirm anything else.

As they say Maura, it is a mystery.

Best regards,



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Anonymous  ·  25 Feb 2009

Hello there Anne,

Isn't it interesting tho, that when my father was in hospital facing serious surgery - which was a daunting prospect for him, and could be said to be a time when he was not control of his own, he was nonetheless agnostic and remained so, ever after. Nol I know that you are not trying to convince but what you are saying about thew presence is interesting. I have a cousin who claims she sometimes feels a presence at important times of her life - even when she didn't until afterward realise that that day or hour was important but for her, she would tell you that this presence is an ancestral spirit. Someone, usually a well loved relative who has died - or as she put it - gone before her. Of fathers and mothers - I have just oen of each :-) but each to their own and everyone is entitled to whatever they feel gives them support and strength, be it God, Buddha, Allah, ancestral spirits or the inherent belief in the power of the good of humanity, which is my belef, as long, as I siad that we do not use it s an excuse to impose on other or engage in corruption or harm. Kind Regards - Maura.


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Anne   ·  25 Feb 2009

Hi Maria,

It is when we are faced with scary moments like not being in control of your own life is when you need a helping hand, and that is where God comes in for me. Sometimes, I can actually sense a presence at times when I need to make an important decision if I am about to make the wrong one it is then I sense the protection, and it never fails. I am telling you this not to convince you but to explain. Maria I don't want to mislead you I am no " goody " I have a relationship with God not the Church, ie priests, wealth of the church in Rome etc. I have many arguments with the Vatican. God is my Father.

Good Luck



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Patti  ·  25 Feb 2009

Hi Anne,

So glad thaat my last letter was of some good to you. Hope it will be of some

benefit to others also.

I was operated on approx. 30 years ago. I was only in my 20's, and was just

married a few years, but I am counting my blessings, as I am alive, and that is

something to be be happy for.

I have very strong faith, and am glad, as I know in my heart, that it was prayer

and a great Surgeon that brought me through the operation, and of course

God. It is a gift to believe in the Power of Prayer - so if you have that gift, hold

on tightly to it. To those that feel like knocking my advice. Well all I will say is

YOUR LOSS MY GAIN - Take good care Anne.


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purple  ·  24 Feb 2009


i don't know, but i would hope and pray to god that it did.


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Anonymous  ·  24 Feb 2009

Hi Anne and Patti -my father had a similar experience to yours. His condition was perhaps not as serious but nevertheless he was scheduled for heart surgery - which if you're the patient and one like my fahter who had never been in hospital in his life, its a daunting prospect. So he said to the surgeon, -'will I ever come out of this all'. The surgeon, a devout muslim, responded that he (my father) was in the best of hands, becuase Allah was guiding his (the surgeons). As it happened my father had a complication with his blood pressue during the surgery and it had to be brought down manually. My father recovered and joked afterwards that his heart, was literally in the surgeons hands. The surgeon replied yes, his and Allah's. Like your surgeon Patti, this man prayed three times a day and always prayed before surgery for Allah, as he put it, to guide his hands. Did this have a positive effect on my fathers surgery and recovery. I don't know but I see nothing to indivcate that it had a negative effect either. Kind Regards and the best of health to all - Maura.


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Anne   ·  23 Feb 2009

Hi Patti,

I can agree with you 100% and I too have the same faith. Also, I admire you because like me, you are not trying to persuade others to your beliefs. This is what helps me in the good times and bad knowing/believing that no matter what God is there for us. Some will say what about this and that, I say there was always bad in the world, if there wasn't bad we wouldn't recognise good and good=God.

I am delighted that you survived your serious operation and your letter did me a power of good, there are too many in the world and, on this forum that will try to belittle our belief system. I believe in God and I am only talking about God the Church is for another days discussion.

Thank you for writing in Patti so I could read your letter, good news is a rare thing these days.



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Patti  ·  22 Feb 2009

Yes- Prayer can Aid healing, if you believe it does. I believe it does, as I have

experienced same, and the Neurosurgeon that operated on me many years

ago believed the same. The day I was being taken to the Theatre to have a

very large Brain Tumour removed I was very nervous, and I asked the

Neurosurgeon if he would save my life, and he replied," MY DARLING GIRL FROM CLARE PRAY FOR GOD TO GUIDE MY HANDS" and I was told that before he went into theatre each day, he went to mass & Communion, so I am lucky

to be alive, as I had to be resusitated during my operation.  I thank and pray for him every day since and I also thank God for putting me in the hands of such a powerful Surgeon in every way.


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Anonymous  ·  19 Feb 2009

 "subject of course to Bill's approval that what you "believe" in is not a myth" - Oh that was funny Lou.  Aw Thanks Anne, that was kind of you. Kind Regards - Maura


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Lemmy  ·  19 Feb 2009

I believe a positive mental attitude can aid in healing, if you're the religious type, then praying to your god will help in maintaining that attitude, wether or not your god exists is immaterial, the fact that your believe in your faith is strong and he/she/it/them will help you fight your illness/injury is what's important, in short, your faith can give you the mental strength to aid your healing. if you're atheist, then praying won't help as you don't believe in it but being an atheist doesn't make you negative, you can find your own ways to stay positive (l love playing the hell out of my drumkit, that does it for me).

Incidently, the naturalist, Charles Darwin put forward a theory of evolution, known as "the origin of the species" (a fascinating work and well worth reading) but it is a theory, one which I happen to agree with but has yet to be proven, hence the word "theory" he did not "discover where we came from".


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Anne   ·  19 Feb 2009

Hi Lou and Maura,

I took it upon myself to try to protect you against ridicule in an earlier posting (it is the mother in me) however, you must have had a giggle you two can take care of yourselves and you can put me on your list. I am only in the halfpenny place, keep up the good work girls!

Your friend AnneWink


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Anonymous  ·  19 Feb 2009

Hi Bill & All. that comment about the creator reminds me of a story my father told me about a question he was asked as a young boy in religion class is school - 'Who made you'. When he answered 'My mammy and daddy', the teacher was not too pleased :-). But Bill even if they are illogical myths based on brain washing and a lack of critical thinking, they are STILL beliefs and as long as Anne, Patricia, Lou or you or I are not imposing them on others then we are all quite free to believe as we wish. Kind Regards - Maura.


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Lou  ·  19 Feb 2009

Bill I think YOU are the only poster on here who is "angry"! The term "stamping on one's beliefs" yes does sound angry, but only because it is an angry action, carried out by an angry person! :) I am not angry at all. Are you angry Anne? Patricia how about you - are you angry? Bill I cannot speak for anyone else but I suspect that you are perhaps the one working yourself into a bit of a heap here. Regards Louise

Incidentally a technical definition of the term belief is as follows: confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof - it does not say "subject of course to Bill's approval that what you "believe" in is not a myth" :) Bill, people can believe in whatever they want to believe in. You should try not to be so judgemental. What are you hoping to achieve?


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Anne   ·  18 Feb 2009

Oh Bill! You are so so transparent,  You protest too much!


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Anne   ·  18 Feb 2009

Good Morning Bill,

What exactly is your perception of Jesus I think in this conversation we are discussing two different ideas my perception could not be further removed from your idea than I am from you now, so we have absolutely nothing in common.  Sorry, no argument friend.

Maybe we will meet up again on another discussion.



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Bill  ·  18 Feb 2009

Anne, who are God’s representatives on Earth; the Catholic Church which covered up widespread child abuse, the mad mullahs who inspired men to crash planes into buildings, David Koresh who caused his followers to die in Waco, that great follower of Jesus, The Rev Jim Jones who led 1,000 poor & semi-literate Americans to death in Guyana, the loonies who committed suicide to escape on the comet Hale Bopp, maybe even Ian Paisley?

There is no “creator”. This year we celebrate the scientist who discovered how we got here, Darwin.

I notice Patricia uses a Ying/Yang symbol, maybe that explains how she thinks two contradictory statements can exist simultaneously. Prayer aids healing or it doesn’t, it can’t be both.

I think there is a lot of anger in the statement, “stamping on someone’s beliefs”.

I keep pointing out these are not “beliefs”, they are illogical myths based on brain washing and a lack of critical thinking. That’s not an angry statement, it’s just a plain fact.


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Anne   ·  18 Feb 2009

Dear Friends

Sorry Bill I won't let you goad my friends any further if I can help it, if you do that will confirm my opinion of you.

Feel free to reply to my postings, I will do my best to help you.



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Anonymous  ·  18 Feb 2009

Hello Lou & all. Your Dad is a whizz in the kitchen - would he ever drop 'round and teach my man ;-). Only joking. That said, my hubby can sew better than I ever could. It's a great philosopy, the one about catching more flies with honey. I don't go in for the shouting and roaring myself - my eldest son introduced me to cardio kick-boxing!! You don't actually kick-box but you use all the routines in a cardio exercise. Wonderful for stress. It is so true - those who are looking for disagreement usually find it and sometimes I think peple get out of their beds in the morning looking for disagreement.

The preservation of the family unit only works where you agree that the definition of family is subject to societal flux - as it has always been and that the family is defined by people who want to be together and are commited to caring for one another. It doesn't matter one whit that I am related to my uncle Joe, if we do not care about one another or want to associate with each other.That woman in Roscommon was not a mother to those children in anything but the biological sense. She did not mother them, in the sense of caring and nurturing them. Divorce is another bugbear of mine. If adults are unhappy together it really is not any of my business that they divorce - some people are better off divorced and indeed make better parents when they are not together. Why would any reasoned person have a problem with that. Similar, if a couple (regardless of their sexual orientation) want to undergo IVF or adopt, then provided they can love and care for a child, why would this be anything to do with anyone else. As for the subjects of contraception and abortion, the offical catholic line makes me so angry, but as anger without action is something I regard as negative, I follow the same line of thinking as with divorce, if a someone decides to hve 6 children, howsoever, that they can love and look after, then than is their business. Similarly if they decide to have none and take measure to prevent children whom they cannot care for, from coming into the world, then it cannot reasonably be any of anyones' business. Tho given that pregnancy is something that happens only to women, the hierarchical agenda on that is something that has far more to do with subvert motives on the subjection of the female gender than it does with any bible-based (Christianity beig supposedly based on thre bible) or God-like motive and to me is as damaging and sexist as any hajib. Suicide, to me, is incredibly sad. No one can make any judgement on any of its victims. On the subject of "limbo", now I will go out on a limb here and say that it is a nonsense which is an invention solely of Irish Catholicism - now discarded.

Hi Bill not sure if you're talking to me or Anon. It s certainly the result of the heirarchical interpretation of religions that result in hangups about sex - and single sex schoolas yes. AlthoI have heard that there are educational benefits to them, but probably not social ones. With regard to good schools, I was referrign to their reputation as teachign establishments and the record of their results. I cannot answer for what you think all Catholics or Protestants think in NI - which as we all know was politically (and socially) dysfunctional for years. As I said before I don't know whether there is or isn't a God or many Gods. If a person wishes to belieive that their is, that is up to them and not really anything to do with me unless they attempt to use it to harm others or impose their belief on me. Best Regards - Maura.

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