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NCirish  ·  14 Aug 2017

Hi Bloomingsteck, Your post was quite a while ago but I feel not enough information is available on the topic and wanted to share my experience.

I had CIN II results after my colposcopy and Biopsy initially and in the irish public system was referred directly for LLETZ treatment - I cannot comment on the risks of this procedure as I am not a doctor, but based on the letter I received, I would be restricted from flying for a few months and other strenuous exercise; which wasn't convenient for me and for this reason, as I was shortly moving abroad, I went and discharged myself and admitted myself to a gynaecologist in Switzerland, where I now live. 

I was surprised to see on day 1 that the Swiss Gyno had a completely different approach, she said because of my age (26), and the fact that I was not planning a family, LETTZ was not needed and a more sensible approach would be to observe closely and to have another biopsy every 3 months (in case of becoming high risk, we would reconsider LETTZ) until results were clear, then every 6 months there after and every year if they were totally clear.

She also explained the differences in the results. 

CIN 1, 2 and 3 - these are the degree of risk that the 'abnormal' cells will develop into cervical cancer, 1 being very low risk, 2 in the middle and 3 the highest. Worth it to mention that she said if I was 3 there would be more of a consideration for LLETZ. She also mentioned (not in all cases but some); sometimes a biopsy can cause the body to produce some white blood cells/antibodies (as it fights off an infection as a result of the insiscion) and can actually result in you body fighting off any abnormalities that are here and reproducing normal cells again. I'm hoping this is what happened me because next visit my results were clear, now I'm due back for the 6 month checkup which I think I will try with the private sector in Ireland as I return shortly.

It is well worth a discussion with your gyno/doctor/GP if you are worried, and even in the public sector at home they were open for questions but unfortunately they just don't have the time to give the care that the situation deserves as my GP had already warned me before visiting but I also got lots of info from my GP before I went for the initial biopsy which helped me prepare for what they were doing (which is a very very simple procedure But could have been daunting).


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adnerb  ·  01 Aug 2017

Hi Bloomstick I to had CIN111 and had to have LLETZ procedure done to remove the cells. I have since had 2 pregnancys, both going to full term with no issues. The first birth was c-section and the 2nd was natural. The only effect the LLETZ had on the pregnancy was I could not go to the MLU unit. My Dr never seemed to be concerned that I had the LLETZ done and I continued to have a normal pregnancy.


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MJVW82  ·  06 Jul 2017

Bloomingheck, did you get any more info? I have had a CIN II and went private even though I could get free treatment, meant it was a bit quicker and when pay for health insurance I want to get benefit for it. I had 2 colposcopy's, each 6 mths apart and both repeat results were CIN II, they thought by looking at me that I was young and told me that if I was posative again they wouldn't do anything because it would probably come right, then when they reviewed my results and my file they realised I was over 30 and because of my age I had to have LLETZ. I went back for another two colposcopy's after the lletz and both were negative, I was then referred back to my gp 6 months later and had another negative result, I now have smears very year.

When you get LLETZ it can shorten your cervix and can result in increased chance of pre-term labour, it is important to go to the gynae as soon as you are pregnant and get them to check if your cervix is short, if it is, they can put a stitch in to prevent miscarriage. Sometimes they only do this if you previously miscarried, it is important to fight for this.


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Bloominheck  ·  06 Jan 2017

Hello, I'm hoping for a little guidance as i feel very in the dark and incredibly emOtional. I had a smear with gp in September last. My gp said he wanted to send me to colposcopy as the smear result showed some inflammation but nothing to worry about. My colposcopy app was 15th Nov. The doctor/gynae said all looked fine but because of my smear result he would do a biopsy. I asked 'why what was the result of first smear?' and he said it was high grade abnormality! I thought that was odd as gp said it was just inflammation. Anyway result came back and I had to go back for treatment On 20th Dec. On the day, I was told it was LLETZ I was having done and there was a small chance of miscarrying if I become pregnant. TBH I was a bit shocked and overwhelmed. I'm 37 and have no kids yet but was hoping to over next yr or 2 (I know I'm leaving it very late!). So I had the treatment and have been so emotional since. I don't know why. I started crying when it was done (even though the treatment was absolutely fine). I just think I wasnt really prepared. I got letter today saying lab confirmed the expected abnormal cells on cervix and I must go for a smear at colposcopy clinic in 6 months. That was it. This 'abnormal' phrase seems to be used all the time but I don't know what it means. After reading up online I keep seeing this CIN 1,2 or 3. Do I have one of them? Or is it just 'abnormal' cells. Sorry for long lost. Only my boyfriend knows, he's a star but he can't answer my questions. Thank you x


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joanne  ·  09 May 2016

Get in writing what diagnosis is prior to signing consent. 


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Nicole Ratliff300  ·  07 May 2016

I can't ever reach him, but I did speak to a nurse and got a little cleared up, but not everything. According to her it's classified as LGIS but had originally told me before we got disconnected and she called me back hours later that her results in the computer said low grade endometrial cells...both contradict each other because ones cervical and the others uterine...I have surgery tomorrow morning so maybe I'll know a little more then, but will still have to wait 1 week for those results to determine specifics.


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joanne  ·  05 May 2016

You need to speak to your doctor pronto 


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Nicole Ratliff300  ·  04 May 2016

West Virginia, US 

I have copy of records, that's the issue they're very vague.


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joanne  ·  04 May 2016

Nicole can you ask the cancer society to assist in interpreting terminology can ring them? 

Or or can you just ask doctor for a copy of findings? 


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joanne  ·  04 May 2016

Hey where are you attending? 


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Nicole Ratliff300  ·  04 May 2016

Okay, I'm mentally drained from searching the web. I'm causious about google, and I think we can all relate to that. But after several weeks I found on my online portal through my doctors office, my results. It doesn't give specifics though and when searching I'm finding that all these people haave a 'stage' or whatever for their cells after their pap smear. I haven't really gotten anything from my doctor. Which let me se say, I love him and he's one of those super intelligent men with no common sense or bedside mannors. I think bad news makes him uncomfortable so he doesn't realize when he gives me information in termonology that I don't understand so the few questions I could think of quick enough he did answer. So, to get my point...I apologize. Back in December I had a pap test (crazy story actually) and it came back abnormal. He said not to worry it was probably nothing and anything could have been the cause. Okay. Well, he schedules me for a colposcopy for a couple of weeks later which I had to put off until last month in March due to an insurance battle I needed to clear up. During and after that test he assured me it wasn't serious and didn't go too into detail well, he found concerning cells and did several biopsies. Again, assured me it was no big deal but the info he did give me was conflicting. I think he's just bad at lying to me. Well, he's not untruthful he just seems to not want to worry a patient until he has all the answers. Well, that test came back a week later and he was surprised that it showed precancerous. He said there were cells on the outside of my cervix I believe, at the opening and I guess in the vagina but what was concerning to him was the cells the biopsy found inside of my cervical canal. He explained something important and that he couldn't see how far back they were, or if they had spread etc. He said he wanted to go ahead and start treatment right away and scheduled me for the LEEP test two weeks later, coming up monday May 9th. When I asked if it was cancer, he said it's definately precancer! and we want to get it out because there's always a risk of it causing more problems so it's just a precaution....From what I have read if it weren't serious I wouldn't of even gotten the second test and would of waited 6 months or so before being checked again to see if they had gone away on their own. Now, I'm having surgery...I'm missing information and the anxiety is killing me. My online portal says this: Problems: Cervicovaginal Cytology: Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Status: Active Source: Encounter 

Oh, I'm 23 and my husband and I have one 2.4 year old! :) I wish I had more information for you guys, but I'm just praying someone can clear even a little bit of this up for me. I just feel like I'm going through this already and this situation is making it was harder than it needs to me. I would really appreciate any help, Thank you!


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Mary87  ·  27 Jan 2016

Im 29 never had a smear and only heard of it recently from my sister, im now very worried, i cant stop thinking of it, as Ive looked up the symptoms and I have the most obvious ones!! I always bleed after sex with my boyfriend and although I havent had a lot of partners my last being 4 years ago (1st boyfriend) im still very worried! 

how long on average does it take for results I have myself worried sick, its just the type of person I am I simply can not focus my mind n anything else until i get word that i have the all clear!


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mollie1  ·  10 Aug 2015

what is the cervical check phone number please.


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mollie1  ·  30 Jul 2015

I had colposcpy done after a the second smear also skin removed for analysis and the stuff they put on me I was burning with pain I also got an infection and was slow to heal.  I still have the slight abnormal cells more than three years later awaiting on results of smear again since last month.

I feel I didnt need the skin removed as itcaused me severe pain and I dont have a cervix so I was wondering. I have an abnormality since I was born but perfect otherwise.The Gynaecologist that referred me to the other Gynaecologist doesnt give an answer about it but I feel my life was turned upside down with the pain and infections kept coming back.I have a friend in Canada they did lazer on the abnornal cells and she is ok.


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JamesH  ·  23 Jan 2014

Edunne, best option is to take the guessing out of and just ring CervicalCheck on their help line.


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edunne  ·  21 Jan 2014

Hi everyone,

I've just had a smear test on the 11th of this month, I had the lletz treatment three years ago so am always worried.

I was checking on the cervical check website, entered my details and last week it said that they were awaiting information (I'm assuming they were waiting on my test) I've just checked today and it says I'm not due for a recall or repeat and my next one is not due until November. I'm assuming this means they had looked at my test and it's clear? otherwise it would give a closer date?

I have not yet recieved the results and I'm worried so just wondering if anyone has come across this before?



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JamesH  ·  16 Sep 2013

JI if you are in teh age group 25 to 60 you can get a free smear from CervicalCheck.


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ji  ·  16 Sep 2013

Hi, I had a smear test in another country. I got my result and I was suggested to have colposcopy. I am wondering how much does it cost as I have no insurance and how do I go about it? Do I need to have another smear test done again here?Thank you


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Anonymous  ·  20 Jun 2013

Sorry, Cork, my mistake - I had presumed this related to the smear tests which are done every 3 years under the National Screening Porgram. If your GP advised you to have one done routinely, then you should definitely insist on the results asap - 2 months is an unacceptable waiting period. If however, the GP advised a smear becuase they are trying to detect something very specifi, then it is possible that it was sent to a different lab so it may take longer but the delay is something you wuld ned to question the GP on - why the lab in question is taking so long.


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cork90  ·  19 Jun 2013

I didn'y get a letter from them, my GP advised me to get the smear test and so I did it with them and they sent it away, should I still ring them and see what the story is?


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Anonymous  ·  19 Jun 2013

Hi Cork, 2 months is not an acceptable length of tie to wait, I had my results back in 2 - 3 weeks and I attended a busy city centre clinic. I would say the give the National Cervial Screening Programme (their number will be on the letter you got)  a call to see if the delay is at their side.


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cork90  ·  17 Jun 2013

I'm 22 and had a smear test on April 18th but still havent received my results in the post. Had the test at my local GP and rang two weeks ago and they told me I should get my results soon but still ahvent received anything, is there someone else I could call to find out my results?


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Anonymous  ·  11 Jun 2013

I'd say give the clinic - or wherever you had it done, a call. There's probably not a lot to worry about tho'. If it had been serious a year and a half ago, they would surely have had you back for a repeat smear within 6 months.


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Sj8  ·  10 Jun 2013

Thank you for the reply, it's been 3weeks and 4 days still not back, my last smear was abnormal a year and half ago, due to pregnancy I had to wait for a repeat so I'm stressed waiting on these results. 


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Anonymous  ·  07 Jun 2013

Hi, under the National Cervical screening program, I was waiting 2 - 3 weeks, from what I can remember.


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Sj8  ·  07 Jun 2013

Hi does anyone know the waiting time for smear results?


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Amanda24  ·  14 May 2013

Hi i am 24 years old had my first colpocopy done in November of 2012 i have not gotten my results yet but have an appointment on June 10,2013 one day after my daughters 3rd birthday i have been getting abnormal results ever since she was born... I am freaking out cause i dont understand why i am being referred to another doctor i am thinking the worst cause this is my first colpocopy results and i am confused with the referral! Has this happened to anybody else????


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Ac679  ·  20 Nov 2012

Hi...Im 22 and i got a smear test done and it came back abnormal and going back to discuss the results should i be worried ?iv also cystic ovaries ? thanks


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xxworriedxx  ·  30 Oct 2012

Hi i first wrote on this forum a year ago id had lettz treatment after a CIN3 smear result. 6 months later I had another CIN3 result and another lettz treatment. I had a 3rd smear done 4 weeks ago and just received results which are CIN3 again however this time instead of been giving an appointment for treatment ive to go see the consultant in the Rotunda. Im just wondering what to exspect at this appointment. If anyone has had the same experiece id be really greatfull. 

Thanks suzanne


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bubbles22  ·  14 Sep 2012

hi confusedinclare,

just thought I'd share my experience so far with you. I had my first ever smear in 2009 which came back clear. I was called 3 yrs later for my routine smear in April 12. It came back abnormal so I was referred for a colposcopy in May. I was told at this appointment that my smear results had come back with "abnormal glandular cells" which is apparently less common result. So they took a few biopsys at the colposcopy and i had to wait a further 6wks for the results. The results arrived in the post and came back as cin3. The letter also contained details for an appointment for a lletz treatment for another 6wks down the line in Aug. So I arrived at my appointment the morning of the treatment and was seen by a gyne/onc. She had a look at my cervix and decided that because of the glandular involvment in my cervix a cone biopsy was the best treatment for me instead of the lletz. I then had my bloods taken and was sent home with a date for the cone biopsy 4 wks later. I've just had the procedure done almost a wk ago now which involved 2 nights in hospital. I'm due back in 6 wks time to discuss results and check up so fingers crossed that will be the all clear that day and an end to the journey!!Smile


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confusedinclare  ·  31 Aug 2012

hi everyone

hope someone can help me out here. i had an abnormal smear June 2011...the nurse who gave me the results didnt say anything about CIN, just that the changes were very minor but id have to repeat the test in 6 months. my next smear was clear in Dec 11 but i had another in june 12 which showed the same abnormal cells so i was referred for colposcopy. i have to say the procedure was fine, the biopsy didnt hurt and they actually had to do it 3 times cos they kept messing it up. i had to cough and i just heard a click when they took it (i had taken two nurofen though) but the worst bit of the whole thing for me was when they put the iodine on to show up the stung like mad, like really bad cystitis. the doctor wiped some off when she was finished and it started to go away but i didnt think that would happen....did anyone else have that??  i have to wait 6 weeks now and im getting really anxious. reading the stories on here it seems you can go from having minor abnormalities to full blown CIN III :( after colposcopy. id appreciate any advise or personal experiences. Thanks


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imkindalost  ·  02 Jul 2012

Hi Joanne,

The coloscopy in the rotunda is pretty grand...! You get called in and they look at you closer with a camera and if they see anything warrenting a biopsy they go ahead and do one.  I went in for a coloscopy on the 3rd may and am still waiting for the results...! When I rang they would not give me results but did inform me that I have to have another coloscopy and biopsy in november! Appears I have skipped the smear stage...! :(

For me the worry is that it has been CIN of some sort for me almost every time for the last 4 years...! Is it never ending and is every smear going to come back with these results forever? 

Good luck with everything...Xxx


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joanne  ·  01 Jul 2012

Hi imkindalost (I see you posted in March so not sure if you still on here) I was just looking back on here to 2007 as that is when I had my first cin 3 result. And all have been clear up until this year. Result came back as being abnormal but not at cin 1. And I have the same queston, why the hell is it back. Tomorrow morning I go to the Rotunda for a colposcopy. What will they do - I have no idea, I am preparing myself for a letz but would they do a letz when it is not at CIN 1, will find out tomorrow. I agree it is a worry. I understand now why they have you come back for 10 years. Jo


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imkindalost  ·  16 Mar 2012


Im hoping people can help me...! In sept 2008 I had my son and at my 6 week check I had a smear, that came back with CIN III but the secretary forgot to contact me regarding them so I did not get the results until January 2009, I went for a proceedure 2 weeks later.

6 months, July 2009, I had a CIN II result and so again had a proceedure.

6 months, January 2010, I had a clear smear.

1 year later, January 2011, I had a slight abnormality which no proceedure was needed

A year later, February 2012, My results came back abnormal again.  I am having a proceedure in 2 weeks again.

I am 28 years old and this has been going on since I was 25.  It is getting pretty draining emotionally. Not to mention, my periods have not returned to normal either, they are getting better (I was bleeding for 20 days with a 10 day break, now its about 12 days with 3 week break)

Why does it keep coming back? And so quickly? Is there anything I can do to change it? Should I be worried? And is this what it is going to be like for the rest of my life?

Any advice is welcomed...


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butterfly53  ·  29 Oct 2011

Hi there , in 1998 i had LLETZ treatment for repeat cin1 smears , and thankfully all have been normal up until 18 months or so ago . Iv just had a letter from my gynae to say that once again my result has shown a very mild abnormality cin1 . He would like a 2nd opinion by another consultant and is sending me to him in the Mater Private . I go every year privately for my smears as i have a very complicated medical history and have had 7 bowel ops for Crohns Disease and its very hard to get access so have to go to the colposcopy suite as they have easier access with the stirrups ( uggh ) Anyway what i would like to know  is if anyone else has has so many repeat smears coming back with cin1 and not been sent for LLETZ treatment ? My mother passed from cervical cancer , so im totally worried now that he may think i have cancer :~( Please reply if you have any advice for me ... Thanks xxx


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xxworriedxx  ·  27 Oct 2011

thanks so much for replying to my message, u both made me feel alot better i didnt realise that they would of said something on the day of treatment, i feel so much relieved since reading that, thanks for taking the time to answer me hopefully i will have some news soon ill let you know


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Rak  ·  27 Oct 2011

Dear Worried, I know how your feeling. I have had CIN 3 twice, and LLETZ twice. I too was exhausted and in pain after my treatments. I had back ache, tummy ached and felt everything was such an effort.

Being in pain al the time is very draining. I found it hard to move around after my LLETZ. I felt the need to support my tummy with my hand as tighening my tummy muscles was a chore. I would be breathless after climbing the stairs. But rest assured this is normal.

As for your results I know nobody can put your mind at rest but the doctor. But if the doctor had felt your CIN 3 had progressed to cancer you would have been advised and prepare for the chance of more treatment on the day of your LLETZ. You seemed to have a really bad treatment with a lot of tissue removed so take it easy and take care of yourself. I know its hard while your in limbo waiting for results but take some time to do something for you, something you enjoy.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope you get the all clear soon Smile


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Anonymous  ·  26 Oct 2011

Worried, first let me say that the anxiety you are having is normal under the circumstanes but CIN3 is not cancer. If there is anything wrong, be reassured in knowing you have caught it in time. You have already had tests, LLETZ treatment and a biopsy. On nthe subject of the tiredness, when you nare as worried and anxious ans you are and when you've been in pain following treatment, that can have a profound effect on your physical wellbeing as well.


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xxworriedxx  ·  26 Oct 2011

hi all i just joined up to the group taday and im hoping i can find someone that has been through the same, im a 41 yr old mother of 5, about 3 months ago i went to doc because i was having very slight bleeding between my period she did a smear,( id never had one), anyway it came back as cin 3 i went to hosp and had a colospicty( please excuse spelling)  ive been suffering really bad back ache and around my waist i dont know if its connected anyway i had LLETZ treatment that day it took alot longer than id been originall told it took 40 mins also i had stitches , at the moment im waiting on results of biopsy they should be in any day now as this is the 5th week since treatment, i feel so sick and tiredness i cant even explain sometimes im so tired i find it exhausting to even breath, anyway why im here is because i feel i already know the results of the biopsy i feel so scared the thought of my children they are 12, 13, 14 . 15 and 18. can anyone tell me if they had these symptoms and what the outcome was and also if cancer is confirmed what happens then, i havent told anyone only my husband the thought of telling my family makes me feel so ill, please help

extremly worried


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Cross roads  ·  15 Mar 2011

Okay my emotions are starting to calm down and I have copped on. It is just a struggle at the moment day to day. I am waiting on a second result now. It won't be back for another 2 weeks. That is what is driving me mad. Although all of this is so urgent the doctor told me that it could take 2-6 wks to get the second smear test result which again angered me because what the HELL are we delaying for if it is so urgent Yell

Your so right though if the next result confirms the original result then I need to bite the bullet. It's like I have moved into the stage of acceptance.

I have lost so much sleep over this. blogging has definitely helped. Wink

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