Should cannabis use be legalised in Ireland?

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Thetruth  ·  01 May 2015

Cannabis use should be leglised, no doubt. While some people see it as 'a dangerous drug' they dont realise that the alchohol they drink with their dinner is far more dangerous than smoking the plant. It is hard to comprehend how alchohol is legal but cannabis use is seen as criminal, for example on a night out in town i have seen drunk girls literally passed out on the floor or throwing up on a car, on the street, in the club/bar, i have seen fights between drunk people or drunk people threatning peasants with violence, i have seen drunk people vandalising the city, people die and cause deaths cause of alchohol!!! Mean while the cannabis user whom while under the effects of cannabis the biggest threat he or she could present to is cake or some nice dinner. The cannabis user someone who pays taxes, goes to work/college... etc is put into jail and given an unafordable bill for just sitting on the couch watching a movie while enjoying nature as cannabis is nothing but a plant, or being parked by the beach enjoying the view while enjoyining cannabis, without bothering anyone or causing any trouble. 

It is incredible how we are ignoring the multiple uses  the cannabis plant has, all beneficial from medical to material. Because this world sadly works around money big pharmaceutical companies make billions for producing lethal 'medicines' which are extremelly expensive and literally destroy the body, a pharmaceutical company doesnt want cured patients but costumers!! Cannabis has PROVEN TO CURE CANCER, REDUCE NEUROLOGICAL IMPAIRMENT, RELAX MUSCLES (ANTIPASMODIC), PREVENT MIGRAINED, TREATS GLAUCOMA, TREATS ADD, ADHD, ACTS AS ANTI-PSYCHOTIC and much more, cannabis oil could be a thousend times more effective than chemotherapy! 


From personal experiences being under the effects of cannabis, has helped me to maintain very focused on my college studies, it has kept me eating properly i even eat more vegetables now haha, i dont drink at parties anymore i only enjoy cannabis and therefore the morning after the party i remember what was the night like and i dont smell like puke and i dont have a bad headache. Obviously it can not just be all good mixing it with tobacco still damages your lungs but theres is extremelly healthy ways of using the plant. I could talk about this all day trying to make my point but its up to the people to open their mind and eyes and not believe everything the goverment tells. 

Enjoy life, be healthy, stay blazed.


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steve son of_Eire081  ·  25 Feb 2015

it will be legilised whether the world is ready or not, a weed with so much potential can no longer hide behide the veil of lies and misconceptions. ive smoked weed since i was young i use it for deep meditation and use the oils, ive never been to a doctor or a denist in my life and am over 30. i once had trouble in my stomach and made a strong oil from cannabis its been years now since i felt any pain in that area.

Smoking strong buds full of thc is certanily a health problem for young people and this should never be allowed, bud which contain high amouts of CBD and less thc can be growing and in my option better to smoke, high thc buds should be used internally as an oil or food, geting the same (BUZZ) but at a safe level not damaging the lungs or brain but promoting a much needed detox for the polluted body that causes dis-ease.

So from the 16 years ive be taken and smoking weed i can say a big yes to legalising it for all purposes, for young and old because no man can stop the people of the world trancedening and using what nature has i guess its foolish to be debating about how to legalise weed when the world has bigger problems people will grow it with or without consent from the government but would be nice to see people of power working together with the citzens of the world to create changeSmile 



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Williiam Wadesworth3  ·  21 Feb 2015

Legalizing weed, will cause its quality to degrade, as well as a raise in price, it will also be seen as a lesser drug by "cool" kids, and god knows what the "cool" kids will do.


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BenMeaning  ·  29 Aug 2014

First off @Sasan heres a few links to help you get learned, dont know where those facts of Netherlands with highest abuse by young people came from. :)

and i ask you  if a group of society have problems with addiciton/dependency, the correct move is to ban said activity/product? pushing it underground uncontrolled and lining the scum's pockets, whilst there free to adulerat as they please, with anything like in Germany pretty sick stuff.

Im not saying if its legalised it'll be clean,probably get the same poisonous preservatives and additives that tobacco did with cigerattes(doesnt matter too much with Ireland,we happily drink poision everyday.and soon well be paying for it)

Then theres the financial side of things,tax,tourism,export not to mention hemp related industry and off a sector thats already running all the time draining money form the country.Legalistion would end this countrys money woes,when you take into consideration one shop in colorado is generating $70k(E53K) a month,$840K(E637) a year from one shop.

Then the medicinal side too much to mention heres links

Looking at all these studys and facts from none other than professinals in scientific and psychological science would you not think a super product such as cannabis isnt legal the world over?probably the same reason were still driving around combustion engines.If it was legal other industrys would defiently suffer because of cannibis's  ambidextrousness. the vitners would lose out so would would clothes industrys not to mention the big boys in the pharmaceutical companys and of course there pals in goverment would be hard pressed.

I hope this was informative not trying to change anybodys views.Facts are the only thing that matter.

After youve gained them its your choice, ignorance or acceptance.


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Sasan Sanehi753  ·  25 Aug 2014

I am totally against cannabis legalisation, It is bad enough that we have under age drinking problems in this country. Know some people want cannabis to be legalised? 

This is unacceptable, It is proven that cannabis harms the brain of young people from developing and destroys short term memory. If we legalise cannabis it would be a lot easier for our younger genration to obtain cannabis just as it is easy for them to buy drink and tobacco.

look at Netherland they have the highest cannabis abuse by young people and have spent millions to help them get off cannabis addiction, Do we really want to spend millions from preventing cannabis abuse in young children and young adults??

this is just crazy just because some states in America legalised it dosen't mean we should fallow them and jump off the bridge. 


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Blue420  ·  24 Jul 2014

Yes it most deffntly should. For medical and for recreational. It would certainly help us out of recession. More money for the government, less drug dealers and crime rates would go way down.. And it helps everyone who needs it medically with out them looking like a criminal. 


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Jamie  ·  06 Jan 2014

Colorado have legalised it for recreational purposes, and it's constantly being made more easily available in USA. But in some ways we're more conservative in ireland, so I wouldn't hold my breath


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jaffacake420  ·  03 Jan 2014

Weed should be legalised because if you look at amsterdam they have allow use of it in coffee shops hotels and houses you might not be allow to smoke outside but its a small price to pay for it being legal they keep the soft drug users away from the hard drug users they bring in ballions of revenue every year to there country there goverment actually listen to what there people want. we should be allow to have a choice to smoke weed or not i mean alcohol and cigarettes kill millions of people every year and there legal weed hasnt killed one person directly in the five thousand years humans have being smoke weed. weed even provides health benefits to people who are sick for people with cancer it provides pain relief its even know to kill off cancer cells so why would the goverment keep something so beneficial to sick people illegal?


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mmd360  ·  18 Nov 2013

Most definitely. The results of scientific research as of late on Cannabis is truly overwhelming. A miracle drug indeed. I could write a paper on this but i will just say that this plant could be treating patients right now with amazing results. It is beyond my comprehension how medical people in this country are still so far behind the curb. Every argument against cannabis can be countered with cold facts but they deny the benefits and always bring the argument back to there opinions,which is surely all they are because from the arguments i have heard lately, there is no fact based evidence at all.

I do not know the ins and outs of bureaucracy but this is surely the biggest cover up in the last 80 years. The plant can treat nearly any illness,completely natural and non toxic compared to the unnatural and toxic pharmaceuticals. Any claim about it contibuting to other illness is absurd and before you might like to counter that sentence with some BS do the research yourself and not from 10 years ago.

All the research done on cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system is so utterley mindblowing that i am so surprised to hear any body is against this plant. It is basically in built in human anatomy that,just like vitamins, the body needs canbabinoids in the system to regulate the bodys health. Again, this statement is a fact!

It is breaking down Cancer cells for gods sake people and in alot of cases has actually cured cancer patients.Seriously people, before you fall off the edge of the earth, because i presume that is how little you know about this subject,enlighten yourself with some facts about this plant and be prepared to fall in love!

Medical Practitioners in this country should be ashamed of their lack of knowledge about this plant. And the Government laughing the Cannabis Bill out the door in the Dail,that hurt. They have no idea of the benefits legalising this plant would do for our nations health and welfare. It's time the 'nay" sayers woke up and smelt the pollum...


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iandev  ·  14 Nov 2013

Jamie, too true.


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Jamie  ·  14 Nov 2013

iandev, your story is one of the political reasons why something like cannabis will probably never be legalised properly in this country. The pub lobby want you to spend money on drink. The pub lobby is massive, and more than a few TD's own pubs, and in most small towns the pub owner is one of the loudest voices. I think it should be legal, and i reckon the police think the same. The only people that don't are the pub lobby and a few auld ones that listen to Joe Duffy that think cannabis is a drug, the same as heroin and crack, they're all as bad as each other


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iandev  ·  11 Nov 2013

I used Marijuana and for 17 years and am more than fond of a few pints. Due to the building trade collapsing I went back to college which has left me financially restricted. This left me with a choice of using marijuana (regularly) or having a drink in the weekend. Guess which was easier to give up..., yep marijuana. I know first hand that a lot of anti-marijuana arguments are myths, I have had no learning difficulties or psychological problems and will use marijuana again as soon as I can afford it. As for the drinking I cannot even go 1 week without it and hope to change this in the future (I am not an alcoholic, just a weekend binger). The reason I am mentioning alcohol is the gateway drug argument, I personally have never seen someone get stoned and say "Do you know what would be a good idea, lets try some other drugs ", however I have witnessed others get drunk then say and do this. I look forward to a future where people open their eyes and see the truth. This is only a small part of an experienced and truthful opinion. 


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EO\"G  ·  04 Nov 2013

Im an 18 year old with full knowledge of cannabis culture in my area of dublin, this means i see every day the true effects cannabis has on the young community.

I will firstly state that I am TOTALLY in favour of this bill.

Here are  my reasons. (I will ask the less informed readers weigh up the pros and cons after reading this)


so the main problem associated with Cannabis is that is seen to be a ''GATEWAY DRUG'', my thoery on this is, due to the fact that it is illegal, when a group of teenagers begin to use cannabis frequently they loose all regard for the laws prohibiting its use, taking the next step to a harder drug then becomes much less of an issue for these people as the have already gotten away with breaking the law neumerous times before this moment. In short, by smoking cannabis illegally they cross a psycological barrier which they remain across when being offered this other drug. Their regard for the law was lost in the act of smoking cannabis so other drugs dont register in that illegal category.


Due to the fact that cannabis is sold illegally, there is no age limit on who it is sold to, i have seen cannabis being sold to a 12 year old boy!


The  fact that it is produced and sold illegally for profit (which funds criminal activity) means that instead of the cleanly harvested plant matter which it should be, it is treated with harmful chemicals during growth to increase yield and when harvested, made heavier by being sprayed with a wide range of substances from club orange to sand  to deodourant to hairspray (I have no way of knowing what else these criminals might put on it im not sure if i want to). Heavier yield means more money for them.


There is a wide association with paranoia.

After 3 years of smoking cannabis I have noticed the onset of some occasional paranioa. By breaking the law on a frequent basis and being under constant threat of jail time, crimial convictions and huge court fines, is it possible that this is a MAJOR contributing factor to this deep running fear?


This is the case in all developed countries and the goverment continue to fund 'Operation Nitrogen' which is an initiative by Garda to eliminate the substance's presence on our streets. In a time when government measures to beat recession are harsh (effecting the most vulnerable members of society eg, Medical card holders,state pensioners, hospial services etc,). Tell me it wouldnt be better to make savings in the defence sector by relieving these Garda duties and redistributing this money to a cause which is not failing day in day out. (Over the past year there have been multiple seisures of major cannbis plantations all over the country, this has not effected the availablity of cannabis one single bit!)


Should it be made legal, just like alcohol and cigarettes have huge government tax on them, cannabis would aswell! So not only would they save money by spending less on Garda funding, they would profit from the huge irish customer base AND that of tourists who would be guaranteed to travel for the freedom of smoke (look at the business that is done in Amsterdam for example)


One of the biggest problems with the fact that its is illegal is that you can get it from a drug dealer on ''lay'' or ''tick'', this means you can smoke now and worry about paying later. This is one very close to my heart because I have seen friendships destroyed over money, friends beaten and pepper prayed for owing a dealer 25 0r 50 euro, depression arising from unescapable ongoing debts.

I could go on all night but iv got school in the morning.I would like to finish by stating that NONE of these problems would exist if cannabis was legal in Ireland. Thank you for reading!


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Weed Hikaru  ·  05 Dec 2011

The main issuse of cannabis is the miss information. For those of you who say how bad it is and my friend did this and that.. is bull. In my opinion, cannabis is not addictive, yes there can be a want for it but it is extremely easy to ignore and what they do on it is them as a person.

I would like to know who here that is against it have actually read, and looked at what the drug is, does and its side effects etc, other than what the govenment said. 

Please if you think you have looked at all the facts unbiasedly I would be interesed in talking about this. I am looking to get it legalised (please email me if you wish to be involved) but by actually letting people see the facts. 

It was banned for money!

Please feel free to email about any suggestions or views


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Papa  ·  27 Feb 2008
Of course it should be legal, the only reason it isn't is because of political reasons. A load of old biddies that listen to Joe Duffy will be up in arms if its legalised. I was caught with a lump of hash by the police and they didn't even take it off me. They just told me to have a good night!

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Cork  ·  27 Feb 2008
chasa many people can and do use cannabis and function properly, if not better in some cases. to say that cannabis forces the smoker into your friends situation is evidence that they are misinformed about the drug.

only though experience have i learned how to 'use' cannabis properly. legalisation provides a service where users will be educated about the drug, not forced to deal with a black market with the out of date laws and the prosecutions and negativity that it brings.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Feb 2008
How on earth does anyone think that cannabis will ever be legalised in Ireland when we are living in a society that has banned smoking in pubs and are now thick enough to think that they can ban smoking in motor vehicles??
Its got nothing to do with healthy or safety but more to do with a complete lack of common sense.

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Anonymous  ·  26 Feb 2008
Chasa, in my opinion you actually know very little about cannabis

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Anonymous  ·  26 Feb 2008
no it should never be legalised. its too dangerous for any one to use. just see how people behave, what goes on in their head i don't want to know. but they act so strange. not all do all the time, i know a lot who use it. they start of with an odd joint, then it gets a lot more. what use are they when they are really hooked, no use to any one or society.

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Warlock  ·  10 Feb 2008
Cannabis needs to be debated by the government. It's time to stop the taboo that surrounds Cannabis. Legalisation shouldn't just take place so people can enjoy it recreationally or so that criminals lose profit. Cannabis Laws need to be looked at for those who could use it for medicinal purposes. More than 10 states in the US have medical marijuana available and all around the world other countries are looking into it.
What bugs me is that under Irish Law Cannabis is classed as having no medical use, yet studies and people's experiences worldwide have shown otherwise.
Change needs to happen and it needs to happen as soon as possible.

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Cork  ·  06 Feb 2008
Cannabis users have never considerd the law when lighting up a spliff. The current "reefer madness" agenda is that skunk is dominating the market. This is because cannabis is illegal. skunk is more profitable. Its simple economics, something our politicians know very little about. The demand will always be there so people will grow cannabis the most efficient way for the highest profit margins possible. No matter what your views on cannabis are you have to agree that its certainly not going to go away. I am a proud smoker. I must be honest and admit the laws are doing a lot more damage than cannabis will ever do. No drugs are dangerless but cannabis is certainly more dangerous illegal.

It is not going to go away. Legalise it. It should be tax free.

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tom (UKW20582)  ·  12 Apr 2006
Ciara everyone has something they like to do to unwind does that make them all addicts or liers

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Ciara (cpoleon)  ·  12 Apr 2006
I could stop but I don't want to - the classic catch-cry of every addict!

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tom (UKW20582)  ·  11 Apr 2006
it is well documented that most people who experiment with cannabis grow out of it in there 30s i have never heard of anyone growing out of cocaine or heroin this is because cannabis is not addictive. i have proven this fact myself since i gave up tobacco i have gone from smoking an ounce of cannabis a week to having the occasional vaporizer with no problems whatsoever i could stop altogether but i just dont want to.

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Anonymous  ·  11 Apr 2006
Alas, Fifi - for those damaged by drugs - and I relaise this is not all tokers, but it is society who must pick up the pieces.

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fifi  ·  11 Apr 2006
chana we are dealing here with people who are addicted. They are not going to see our views. We would just be wasting our time. Let them while away the rest of their days in a haze.

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Anonymous  ·  22 Feb 2006
Puh, - whatever about relgion being Bulls**t, o you realy think all drugs should be legalised?

Including those like crack cociane and heroin. If that really is your opinion, then you seriously need to think again.

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puh  ·  11 Feb 2006
all drugs should be legal
religion is bullshit

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Anonymous  ·  10 Feb 2006
yes chana i can go without it like i said just cause someone takes cannabis does not make them addicted.

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Anonymous  ·  10 Feb 2006
Yes, enjoy a beer on a Friday night but that does not make me addicted. I can go without it.
Can you?

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Anonymous  ·  09 Feb 2006
fifi would you name all the other things that stupid morons do as you put it i would be interested to know what else would fit into this category another thing i would like to hear from you is a factual reason why sick or non sick people should not have cannabis backed up with a link for me to look at that way you might have something interesting to say instead of stupid morons.

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Anonymous  ·  09 Feb 2006
no chana but i will admit that i enjoy it and i have had no problem with it so why would i want to stop can someone else not come home after work and chill out with a beer or a brandy without having to explain why they are doing it or does everyone who drink an alcoholic.

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fifi  ·  08 Feb 2006
So what, cops, doctors etc.. these professions does not make them Gods. IF they do smoke hash, they are still morons regardless of what their day job is. Chana made a very valid point. You seem to have transferred your addiction. Its hard for you to see outside your circle when you are plonked in the middle of a situation. Trust me, anyone will tell you that taking hash (by any means) is a stupid pastime and a waste of money.

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Anonymous  ·  08 Feb 2006
You say you have given all your addictions up except cannabis.
Do you admit then that cannabis is an addiction for you?

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tom (UKW20582)  ·  08 Feb 2006
chana you said "I would doubt very much that cops and Dr's would be tokers" which would imply that i was lying to answer your question again i dont have anger issues now that i have stopped drinking i have not transferred my addiction but have given them all up except cannabis if you have any more questions i would be delighted to answer them for you.

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Anonymous  ·  06 Feb 2006
You clearly didn't read my post. I said you either have anger management issues or you have transferred your addiction.
Which is it?

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Anonymous  ·  04 Feb 2006
there is a garda in our town who has been caught with cannabis i know the fellow i used to buy hash of sold it to a teacher and a doctor i saw it with my own eyes. yes i used to fight when i was drunk because it did not sit right with me now i dont drink and i dont smoke i use it through a vaporizer you can say i am telling lies if you want but if you think that cannabis is just taken by poor or young people you are very foolish. i do not have to lie about hash because there are no hard facts out there that make it worse than anything else. i know i am a better person taking cannabis through a vaporizer than when i was when i was drinking and smoking. if that is hard for you to believe then tough on you.

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Anonymous  ·  03 Feb 2006
I would doubt very much that cops and Dr's woild be tokers. They would have more sense.
As for hash hel;ping you give up fighting following drink. Are you saying that either you couldn't controil our anger or you didn;t have the willpower to give up drink?
If it was the latter, then it seeems you have just transferred your addiction.

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Anonymous  ·  03 Feb 2006
well fifi i think it is my choice if i want to stay anonymous that is why the option is there. yes i am a user over 17 years now so i think i am more than qualified for an opinion. that is that it has only been beneficial to me since i started smoking cannabis i have quit drinking wich has saved me from getting locked up for fighting while being drunk. now i have stopped smoking tobacco after 25 years because i use a vaporiser to take cannabis which rules out any harmful side affects from smoking. now if i was to listen to the information that is supposed to be facts on cannabis i would now be mental with no job or motivation instead of going to the gym 3 times a week after work. i am not alone a lot of my friends have been smoking as long as me they are all fairly sane and are all working. i would be very interested in the facts that led you to believe that people who take cannabis are morons seeing as those people include cops, bank managers, teachers, solicitors, and doctors just to name a few.

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fifi  ·  01 Feb 2006
Anon 15.19, firstly get yourself a username for when you are on here. Secondly, I stick to my point as would any intelligent human being. I guess by your post that you are a user!
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