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Tizzy   ·  24 Jun 2018

There are too many postings to read so I apologise if I repeat what ye have said.  I was listening to the radio this week and came upon the latter conversation about hypnosis / a blue plate and, how it works for people.  I have no idea what radio programme it was on, otherwise I would go to "catch up".  It seems that hypnosis and the concept of blue plate has worked for a gentleman who was being interviewed, very interesting!  Irish radio RTE, has anybody heard it?

Tizzy by name and nature


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irishrob37  ·  06 Jun 2018

And I have lost over 13st through slimming world in under 23 months


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taylor41  ·  04 Jun 2018

Hi there...I'm not sure if anyone still comments on this thread as it's been a while since anyone said anything. I just wanted to say that I lost over 4 kg in one month with Reductil and still going. This is an achievement for me as I can't usually lose anything. It's so exciting to actually see progress. 


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IrishManAidan  ·  02 Jul 2016

4 years? Damn that's a longtime. I'm hoping to get called up quicker than that as I can't afford to go private. I would also go for the bypass if I had the choice having researched them. They seen to produce a much larger weight loss in patients.


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MsA  ·  30 Jun 2016

I had the gastric sleeve surgery Nov 14. I've currently lost 7 stone but want to lose another 5 at least. I've stayed the same more or less for a year now. I was on the waiting list in Loughlinstown for over 4 yrs and decided to take a loan out and got it done privately in Bons in Cork. If I could do it again I would have went for the bypass. I can't recommend the team in Cork highly enough. Amazing experience from start to finish 


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IrishManAidan  ·  29 Jun 2016

Hi. This is my first post. A little unsure what to say so I'll just ask does anyone know how long the waiting list is to be seen? I'm currently waiting exactly 1 year to the day now to see anyone.


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Cedar  ·  17 Feb 2016

Hi IrishRob, I had my consultation with the surgeon on 10th Dec. and my psych evaluation on the 22nd Dec. I seen the dietician the same day as the surgeon. Had all my heart screening tests and sleep study test all done by the 20th Jan. Now I'm waiting to hear what's next. I don't know if the surgeon has sent on the file to my insurance company or if I have to have to see him again or have any other test done. Just waiting to hear. 


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irishrob37  ·  17 Feb 2016

cedar how long where u waiting to see the psych because i had my first appointment with the surgeon july 2015 he said that i would have the psych eval soon still waiting what comes after eval and how long u been waiting in total i am on my 3rd yr


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Cedar  ·  17 Feb 2016

Hi Yellow Rose, I'm hoping to have the gastric sleeve surgery too. I've had my appointment with the surgeon, dietitian and my psych evaluation. I've also had cardiac screening and a sleep study done. I'm just waiting to hear back now from either the surgeon or my health insurance now re cover. Fingers crossed they agree to cover the cost. So ready to have the surgery! Laughing


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Yellow rose  ·  26 Jan 2016

Just waiting to see surgeon for 1st visit. Wondering how other people have got on with gastric sleeve surgery


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irishrob37  ·  18 Sep 2015

i have an appointment to see the surgeon at the end of the month how long after seeing him would i be waiting for the surgery could any1 tell me


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SCronin  ·  14 Jan 2014

Personally I would not have obesity surgery here in Ireland mainly due to the severe lack of experience, facilities, and care.  The doctors in Ireland dont have the capacity and only 150 surgeries a year is performed.

That is diabolical considering after a lot of research, i found a World Renowed Doctor who has carried out over 14000 procedures, does around 14 - 16 surgeries a day and is less half the price than what the Irish are charging.

Actually, there is a question ... why is it more expensive to have weight loss surgery by a far less experienced Doctor and have to wait YEARS for an appointment by which time, as seen on RTE Obesity Clinic, people have died waiting?!


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MsA  ·  31 Jan 2013

Hey, I've been attending Loughlinstown for over 2 yrs now. It took over a year from when the doctor referred me until I got called. The staff are amazing. I have finished my one to one appointments and preparing for a long wait for surgury. I'd love to talk to someone else who has been through Loughlinstown and has had the surgury. If someone has, my email address is howth44@gmail.com 


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wissendas  ·  31 Jan 2013

Fat people got that way due to eating, now they need to stop. why should the health care system have to pay to cover the cost of what they have self induced.

Why must nurses, HCA  and others have to put their own health at risk having to move these people.

recently i saw on  TV, one born every minute.

There was a lady in labour, she needed 5 people to lift one leg,, what a waste of resources.

Obesity is in 99% cases self induced and should be solved by changing lifestyle choices. the health care industry should not be made to pay for it.

I would even go so far as to say,, we should charge overweight people for weight induced illness .

it saddens me to see fat parents  and fat kids. why do that to the children.


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dahmani  ·  25 Dec 2012

Hi all,

I read your commons and used to face such clinical condition. i have no advice to give here. The primum moven remains the same , all,  or nothing and restititu i integrum. herein the decision should be based upon three  aspect: multifactorial , multidimensional and mulidisciplinary. medical , surgical or both .The end point will be primary and secondary. Results are influenced by variability : inter , intra and trans individual .Only qualification and observation are different. I will let you deciding upon these criterias only. ex : a lady who lost 40kg after surgery , developped renal colic , becoming diabetes free but on  renal replacement therapy awaiting renal transplantation.


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nickim  ·  23 Nov 2012

just out of curiosity does any1 actually read this that can actually help or is it just all of us in the same boat trying to support each other....if any1 can give me some advice on what to do please contact me...at floppysfanny@gmail.com

i need advice on what to do my health is getting worse am suffering with pains in my knees now and my back is suffering..tore ligaments in my ankle in august and they are still trying to heal my weight is not helping....


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leelalou  ·  24 Oct 2012

thanks hopefull

my email is lisamcg2@gmail.com rob


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Hopeful  ·  23 Oct 2012


i had the sleeve gastrectomy. I use solgar protein shakes available online or from health matters. These are the best nutrionially, as some protein shakes can be full of bad chemicals. 


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irishrob37  ·  23 Oct 2012

leelalou hi my email addy is robertodonnell33@yahoo.co.uk


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leelalou  ·  23 Oct 2012

hey hopefull can i ask what type of surgery u had and how are u now? im starting my pre op in two weeks. at the moment im finding it hard on deciding what protein drinks buy they all yuck. ne advice. i know who your talking about i think i researched all the options and got quotes from ireland and as i dont have insurance. its up near 20 g so for the gastric bypass. i am saving 6g by going to uk so its the only option i have as im borrowing. yes kittty my new doc is very suppiorive of my desicission and at first i was even considering to go to belgium but he didnt agree with this but was all for me going to uk. irish rob as i myself was in the same situation with loughlans and know a good friend of mine who is attending the process is very slow Cry its defo a pitty we cannot private mes eachother would be so hand.


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Hopeful  ·  22 Oct 2012

Hi guys,

i am free to answer any questions I have a new email address where I'll answers any questions I can about my experience, that's all I can do. 

As far as surgery went I had an easy enough time, to be honest the aftermath has been difficult. Learning to love your body is not something an operation can change and depending on how long you've been over weight the more the effects of that will always show. 

Ive had some bad side effects, bone and joint pain, depression, and digestive but I have a life now. So I can't recommend it enough but don't think it's a miracle cure. You may never have the body that you have in your minds eye and everyday I struggle. The physical and mental scars of being over weight for so long have left their mark so please speak to someone professional. We don't eat cause we enjoy food, I only started to enjoy food once I lost the the weight.

please research the options, I had a sleeve, the band wouldn't of been enough but I felt the bypass was too severe. You have to figure out what's right for you. 

Get a home gym set of weights, weights are the way to go you need to build up muscle to help with skin because otherwise you'll end up with a mass of hanging skin, I had some but the weights helped. You will have skin depending on your size, so be prepared for this. 

I had to reply because I could feel your pain I was there. I'll answer all questions I can and share my experience. If you don't have insurance try invest because you will need aftercare and maybe more surgery. I know money is tight but its better per month than lump sums.

finally my life has improved so much, my confidence is up.the information is so hard to find so anyway here goes I've set up this email please email and ill respond as quick as I can and as honestly as I can. I don't know much about the medical card side but ill do my best.

email: newstartirl@gmail.com


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irishrob37  ·  20 Oct 2012

hopeful please contact me on 0833012805 and tell me what to to please


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Kitty  ·  19 Oct 2012

Hi Hopeful, 

Thanks for that honest account of what happened, I do agree that the site needs to protect itself but I also feel that we, as members have the right to basic information that may help us to make some life changing choices. I have no doubt that your aim is to help and not slag anyone off, Is there a way we can post our facebook or email address to do this without it being removed?? I for one would now consider trying to finance the op myself and would like the no nonsence approach where I could ask what worked well for you!

irishrob37, You should be ready to ask plenty of questions that you would like the answer to, and dont be afraid to write stuff down in a notebook if you need to as the consultation goes by so fast! The main thing is, remember this man sees people who are seriously obese and treats us all with respect. If you have to, ring every couple of weeks if you have stilll not had a definate appointment date and keep note of the dates and times you made the calls and who you were talking to. Show them you mean business!! This is one hospital where you can be yourself. The best of luck, lets know how you get on!

leelalou, I had the exact same trouble with a consultant in a certain hospital in Dublin. Kept putting everything down to my weight even though it turned out I was seriously ill and had been back to A&E 8 times before another doc spotted what was wrong, I have since reported this doc to the hospital board and they are looking in to many claims that  have been made against him. I'm just glad you didnt take no for an answer and got yourself a new doc! I wish you all the best with your surgery, and you are right, with the prices over here it pays to go elsewhere! 


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Hopeful  ·  19 Oct 2012


I had the surgery two years ago. I tried to submit a messag about my experience especially my surgeon but it was rejected. I wish I could tell you where to go. This is life changing surgery, irishhealth.com needs to allow people share their experiences. 

I've had some scary experiences with surgeons but I wouldn't bad mouth anyone i'd just steer people in the right direction.

My insurance paid, but I know the surgeon I used is interested in this area, is a lecturer and treats public and private patients.

From first visit to surgery was less than six months, but it wasn't in Dublin.

My advice is google all surgeons in Ireland and speak to the secretarys. 

Please don't reject this message, I remember the pain people are suffering let those who have been through it advise of their experiences. 

Thank you


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irishrob37  ·  18 Oct 2012

so leelou whats the price in the uk its between 5k to 20 k here maddness i have been in contact with the surgens secratary she told me a waiting list of 2 yrs so any advice 


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leelalou  ·  18 Oct 2012

wow kitty 5 years in all at least you are nearly there thank god i feel if the doc woulda sent me years ago all the times i have been down about my weight 26 years old have been heavy since a child and i had to research this weight management clinc myself keep going down and then i had to print off my own referel form and get him to fill it in and he had an attitude about it but yet is the first to blame my weight for every bloody sniffel Frown evently i changed docs and tg have a bit more support now lol but they way i see it is now if i borrow the money by the time it would take to get to louglanstown i would have it paid back so i was n uk for a party met a surgeon and my op is booked for next month all happend v fast but its a lot cheaper than ireland so its the best option for me i agree the lack of funding is just unreal anyway all the best in your journey Laughing


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irishrob37  ·  15 Oct 2012

i have been in contact with the surgens sec and she told me that the waiting list is 2 yrs and i am next up any advice what to do next


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Kitty  ·  13 Oct 2012

Hey guys, Sorry to hear you both are still left waiting on appointments.

I'm attending Loughlinstown since Feb 2009 and I am on the waiting list for surgery. In all honesty if this is the route you want to go down by your doctors referal to Loughlinstown be prepared for a long wait. I have another 2 years approximatly to wait before my name gets to the top of the list. The staff are great but without the funding the health minister promised us last year, there is no dedicated consistant service out there without going private. 

Sure the staff themselves are suggesting private treatment to the patients if it can be afforded. Some of my close friends have recently had their ops done thro Loughlinstown and they are all very sucessful. There is only one surgeon, and only one op getting done a week depending on the availability of the surgeon and a bed in the ICU.

Realisticly the GP should keep refering you untill you get a date for your first session, let him keep pushing the issue on your behalf. It wont make it happen any quicker tho because as far as I'm aware there are 250+ patients waiting to get an initial appointment alone.

If I could ask a favour, as I am doing in the weight managment clinic in Loughlinstown, Could those of you affected by this lack of care due to funding cuts please speak out and email the Minister for health Dr.James Reilly. 

This service is needed to save lives, and we as obese people should have the same rights and entitlements to the other patients who recieve funding for care in any other hospitals throughout Ireland.

Its sad to think that our health is seen as not as important, thus allowing the stigma of being an obese person to continue and be nurtured by a minister who could award some funding and change hundreds of lives and in turn relieving the pressure on an already stressed healthcare system.

If I can answer any questions or help with advice please feel free to ask away :) Just remember, your not alone out there, even if sometimes it feels like it.

We need to help ourselves by standing up and demanding the same rights and care as everyone else!


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leelalou  ·  02 Oct 2012

as far as i know the one in cork isnt opened just galway and dublin im also from tipp i am going to go private now i think not gonna wait four r five years for op i myself had the same situation with giving blood two weeks ago went down first time read the sign and realised my weight was too big had to run outta coulda cried


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irishrob37  ·  01 Oct 2012

well my doc told me letter went to consultant but he is in galway does any one know what hse hospital in  cork does the gastric bypass surgery as i live in tipp is it the cork uni hospital could some one let me know thanks guys


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nickim  ·  20 Sep 2012

well here it is - i am 38 yrs old...have been battling with obesity all my life and fighting a losing battle..i do not eat a lot i do not eat every dayi was in a conversation the other day and a woman pointed out to me plain and simple fat people have fat children i was disgusted by her comment introduced my sons to her both are tall and 1 has a 28'' waist the other a 30'' waist i said where is the obesity with them..i am sick of negative opinions from people when it comes to my weight i have given blood since i was 18 i got turned away from my last donation because i was too fat for the beds after 20 yrs of donating i left in tears i know the death of my husband hasnt helped me.. my dr has put my on xenical and i got al the side effects to it and ended up sick..i need help i want t have the bypass done i have approached him before about it and he still wont refer me what advice can anyone give me and i am not a st on my ass couch potato either i walk everywhere 


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irishrob37  ·  19 Sep 2012



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irishrob37  ·  17 Sep 2012

Could someone please tell how long after the doctor sends the referral letter does a person hears that the consultant has recieved the letter and that I am on the list. My doctor sent my letter 5/6 months ago and I have heard nothing.


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irishrob37  ·  14 Sep 2012

hi i dont even know for sure if my doc has sent the letter he told me he did that was 5/6 months ago have heard nothing dont even  know to whom he sent it to any one got any advice 


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leelalou  ·  13 Sep 2012

hi i have recently got the referel from my gp was sent away last week and after ringing the clinc numerous times finally got an ans to say once they get the letter you would recive an info pack still aint got mine and the waiting list is 2-2and half years before u get there then u have to atten clicnc every couple weeks for 12-18 months then a decisssion is made for sugery then back on another waiting list so now i can see why iit has take someone five years :( i hope i get my info pack soon at least i will know im accepted l


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irishrob37  ·  12 Sep 2012

Could some one please tell me if the hse does gastric surgery and how long does it take to hear once thedoctor sends the letter to the consultant. Can anyone please help, need info.


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leelalou  ·  07 Sep 2012

Hi i wish i knew about this years ago i only found out recently thanks for your reply guess i will just have to wait my turn at least the letter is sent and i feel relived that there is this help there :)


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dunmore  ·  04 Sep 2012

it really depends on how urgent your case is re current weight and medical problems i think.

I knew a lady that was on the list 5 years!

I would say that the usual time to wait is 12-18mths some are up to 3 yers,its a big waiting list,and then you have to have all the x rays,.psych evaluation etc before it goes ahead,

I am at the end nearly, im attending another hospital for  the last 18MTHS, I think i may be having the gastric sleeve done in oct somtime,


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leelalou  ·  03 Sep 2012

hi everyone i realise this forum is old but i have just gotten letter from my doc to be refered to louglanstown im wondering around how long does it take and are they any improvement ive just been reading all your stories all the best in your journeys lisa :)


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Kitty  ·  26 Jan 2012

2012- Another new year, another new diet.

Im really getting down in myself again 2 weeks into my new diet. I dont feel deprived or anything, its just hard to stop the old thoughts surfacing.

Still waiting on a surgery date from Loughlinstown, I reckon this is gonna be my only hope but I have to say that im worried that if im bending the rules on week two of my diet then I may try cheat my way after having the GB. 

Anyway, well done so far to all the sucess stories xxxx Keep up the good work!

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