Infants needed surgery after BCG

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Satya  ·  20 Jul 2017

Hi All,

Its happen the same to my little kid after BCG. We noticed that lump in his third month, we took him to doctor and were suggested that its nothing to worry, but its popped up on his 1st birthday , some pus came out and took him to GP, doctor cleaned it and given antibiotics and asked us to meet him again , we used them. We met another peadeatrician ,he observed and ask my baby to take mauntex test to test TB infection. The bump size after 72 hours become more than 10mm so doctor confirmed that its positive.

He asked us to use some tablets as medication for 30days and ask us to meet him again after 30days. We will see what will happen further.




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GenSims  ·  15 Jun 2014

Hi SouSou,

Don't worry these are completely harmless. My Son's got to as big as a walnut, and finally popped, and there was just loads of pus that came out of it.He had to have surgery, and get all the residual matter out. 

Its basically an abcess, caused by inactive TB Bacteria (something like that anyway)

Go see your GP/ Peadeatrician, and they'll recommend a course of action.Since she's over 6 months old, surgery might be a safer option.



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Sousou  ·  12 Jun 2014

Hi all

My daughter got a small moveable lump in her armpit. This was since 6 months ago but still growing. She had a BCG vaccination when she was 1 month old. I am very worried. Can anyone tell me about his experience and any update please?


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driftwood  ·  21 Oct 2011

In ireland we carry out the BCG vac after birth. In my opinion, there is no medical or scientific research to support this as being needed. if you breastfeed, your infant gains from your own immune sys and should be protected. Sweden stopped the BCG vaccine years ago (other than on known high risk infants) and have not seen any major resurgence of TB since (there was a small rise but it has not gone above any level of concern to cause a re-introduction of the vaccine to all). More country's are changing there policies to wait till after 6 months for the vaccine. this is worth considering. my advise would be to read as much on the subject that you can, find out the info on whats in each vaccine, then make an informed decision if you wish to vaccinate or not, you are not legally obliged to vaccinate you kids.


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GenSims  ·  13 Oct 2009

Hi mama mimi,first of all don't worry! this is harmless this little lump. The little lump at the site is completely normal -and will dry up eventually and leave a a little scar. usually a wrinkled skin coloured round mark. As for the lump - if it continues to get bigger with time, and does not subside after a month, go and see your Gp or pediatrician, and he will either recommend removal surgically or medically treat it. Our son was over 4 months for surgery so was ok...since he's 6 months surgery is completely safe! but wait for a month, and see if it goes away on its own.

good luck! Genelle


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MaMa MiMi  ·  09 Oct 2009

This evening at bathtime I found a small hard moveable lump in my 6month old son's armpit.  I was shocked to read of the link between these kind of lumps and the BCG vaccine.  Particularly as my son already has a lump on the site of his BCG (about 1cm by 1cm, strawberry red and wrinkled like a walnut) which the Doctors have always denied has anything to do with the vaccination he was given and no one previously has ever told us of this possible side effect.  We have always been told that the lump on his shoulder is a strawberry birthmark (which he did not have at birth).  Having just found a second lump in his armpit and after reading all your messages about BCG abcesses/lumps I am now even more doubtful than ever about what the doctors are telling me.  Has anyone else experienced this "strawberry birthmark" at the site of a BCG?  I am so very worried about my little boy - he is our little miracle - please can ye let me know how your babies are doing now.  Many thanks.


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GenSims  ·  31 Aug 2009

Hi Freddie B and Anuzzo,

Update: 3 weeks ago the lump got bigger and redder and finally popped! his whole lil t-shirt was full of pus. Freaked me out completely, but he didn't seem to be in any pain. If u guys send me ur emails, I can send u a pic of how bad it got before it burst. We rushed to emergency, and they said it was fine- he was actually relieved like u feel after a pimple pops. And they called us back the next week.

My lil Ori had surgery 2 weeks ago now. It was awful, poor kid was in pain after. But he's bounced back really well. There is still al little hardness under the skin, I don't know if its still remnants of the lump or scar tissue. They've sent the infected matter for tests. But the doctor said its tuberculosis matter.His explanation is that some of the vaccine hit fatty tissue and caused the lump - just like the site of the vaccine gets infected, the same thing happened under the armpit and thats what caused the lump and the infection.

We have a follow up appointment on the 17th of Sept so will let you guys know what happens. FreddieB any news on ur lil girl? good


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Azzu  ·  29 Aug 2009

Hello Doctor,

My son is 4 months old, he had his BCG vaccine when he was 8 days old. 4 months later we noticed a lump in his left shoulder, same side as the vaccine. It was initially small and unnoticable, it has now grown to 3 cm by 4 cm, which is quite large for a little baby. Its getting bigger, and today we found one more lump under his arm. We have been referred to a pediatrician and are waiting to hear back. Can anyone please tell me if their kids lump went away and how? and is this in any way harmful?

Please let me know whether the lump will disapper permanentely or not?


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freddieB  ·  11 Aug 2009

Hi GenSims

My baby girl was 9lb4 when she was born. And she is now 3 and a half months old. I just noticed the lump about a week ago.

The lump doesnt seem to be sore or red at the moment and the pead. doc we spoke to didnt seem to be overly worried just giving us a call back in two months time for a check up.

I hope everything goes ok for you. Please let me know. I will keep you up dated on any further developments.



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GenSims  ·  11 Aug 2009

Hi FreddieB,

I too have the same issue...and we've been in and out of hosp. and GP's. We were almost going to have surgery 1 month ago, when my son was 2 mths. But they've now called us back onthe 17th of Aug. The Abcess/lump is larger than a walnut now, and is red on the surface. Doesn't appear to be painful yet. Would love to know how u get on. Hopefully he doesn't need surgery.

Just old is your baby? and how heavy was he when he was born?Mine was 10lb. And my theory is that bigger babies get bigger doses, and hence the lump...any thoughts on that anybody?

Cheers, Gen (NZ - Wellington)


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freddieB  ·  10 Aug 2009

Hi All

Can anyone tell me how their babies got on with the under arm swelling. I found a large hard moveable lump under my babies arm, same side as BCG.

Our GP refered us to a peads doc who said it is just as a result of the BCG and is nothing to worry about. We have to just get it re checked in two months.

I am very worried that it is more serious. Would love some advice.



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Hilda  ·  15 Jul 2009

Dear purple - the "research" linking vaccines and autism has been rubbished by the experts but still the myth persists. Meanwhile we have a mumps epidemic because people are afraid of the vaccine. Mumps can have serious consequences for boys, affecting their fertility.


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GenSims  ·  14 Jul 2009

Hi Sevda and Kanaka, my son is 10 wks old, we're in NZ. He had his BCG vaccine when he was 2 days old. 1 month later we noticed a lump in his left armpit, same side as the vaccine. It was initially small and unnoticable, it has now grown to 3 cm by 4 cm, which is quite large for a little baby. Its getting bigger, and today we noticed it had become quite red. We have been referred to a pediatrician and are waiting to hear back. Can anyone please tell me if their kids lump went away and how? and is this in any way harmful?


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purple  ·  16 Jun 2009

hi all

some people dont believe in vac for there kids, now i had my wo vac against all, my first was born perfectly, now he has autism, was a normal child, they say MMR can cause this, my second born is perfect,. he is 14, my eldest who has autism is 19., none of the other grandkids in the family have this, y has he


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sevda  ·  16 Jun 2009

Hi . My baby was 2 months when she s got her BCG vaccine. At 7 months she had small hard lump under clavicle. Consultant in London( North middlesex hospital) told me that this is complication after BCG  and will heal by itself (WITHOUT ANY TREATMENT OR SURGERY). Now my baby is 9 months and lump became bigger (2 sm) and red. Few days ago some pus came out.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I was shoked about kankaka mesage that her baby had a TB MEDICATION. TB medication is very strong and can be harmful to the baby.  This is just a complication after BCG- Why did she need treatment?PLEASE KANKAKA LET ME KNOW HOW IS YOUR BABY.


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Anonymous  ·  24 Sep 2008
my baby had BCG a week after birth. three months later i noticed a big lump in axillary. had surgary at a london hosp and is likely to have another operation because the TB medications she is currently on are not helping at all. i am so worried to what will happen to my only child. it is now 3 months on TB MEDICATIONS

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Anonymous  ·  31 Aug 2008
my son got his BCG 2 months ago, he was 3 mths at the time,he now has a lump near his armpit on the same arm as his BCG ,its a firm painless moveable lump,our GP queried a BCG abscess ,he referred my son to a surgeon in crumlin hospital so we are awaiting an appointment ,it's a very worring time ,has anyone else experienced this?

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carol (UCA20270)  ·  24 Apr 2008
hello dee,
i am so sorry to hear that your baby may have to have surgery following the bcg! this sounds to me like infection and that maybe un sterile conditions were part of this condition? if children are fed properly and well taken care of, their immune systems should be strong, so, i really do not see the need for all these immunisations. years ago, several of my friends got tb,(tuberculosis) even though they had been vaccinated in school. maybe it was just coincidence, or luck that i did not get it. i have grandchildren now and i try to give advice if i am asked for it.i know of several medical doctors who are not in favour of these as well. but, it really is up to the individual parents. i hope your little lad will be fine.

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Anonymous  ·  23 Apr 2008
My son has recently been diagnosed with what doctors in crumlin say is a possible reaction to the BCG injection. he has been in and out of hospital since 29th feb. presenting with the abcess under the arm from the lymph nodes and another close to the actual bcg site. He may need to have an operation to sort this out. It hasn't yet been decided.
Has anyone else been through this?

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Anonymous  ·  15 May 2006
Stop using newborn tiny infants
as guinea pigs for new strain of

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carol (UCA20270)  ·  02 Apr 2006
hello hilda, just to say that my children are now aged, 36,33 and 27,thank god they are in good health and have had all the usual childhood illnesses.

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Hilda  ·  01 Apr 2006
Dear Carol, would you not seriously reconsider your stance on vaccinations, even if only for the sake of your children? Some of these diseases are killers and many can have serious long term consequences. If too many people don't get vaccinated, these diseases can become epidemics. Sometimes people think vaccination is not important, because you don't see these conditions anymore. Well that's only because of vaccination programmes.

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Anonymous  ·  30 Mar 2006
My child will be 4 in July and has not received BCG as his was a home birth. AM seriously worried now about him having it as he will receive this stronger vaccine(even though 2 older siblings had no problems)

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carol (UCA20270)  ·  29 Mar 2006
can i just say, that i dont believe in vaccination for children? why put these diseases into them? neither i nor my children have ever had these three marks on our arms. yes, they had the polio vaccine which came in drop form but thats all.i honestly do not believe that each disease will be milder having had these vaccinations.
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