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(Saturday, 2nd Aug, 2014)

Dental implants come to Ireland

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EliBoy  ·  26 Mar 2014

Dental Implants are coming down in price in Dublin, saw a new site offering the whole package for only €1249. Dentists in Ireland overpay for everything and then charge too much.


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RooRoo  ·  29 Apr 2013

Hey Budadent would you mind giving the name of the Dental practice you used in Budapest?


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RWY  ·  08 Apr 2013

I was quoted nearly €40k in Ireland for the work I needed.  After a lot of research I ended up paying €9k for the same treatment in Bulgaria.  I'm all for buying Irish but this was a no brainer. Irish dentists will tell you that prices are set for implants etc and that a Bulgarian clinic is paying the same for the product there as they would in Ireland.  If that's the case then we are being totaly shafted over here. 


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Jamie  ·  08 Apr 2013

Healtyirish, I agree with keeping it irish, but sometimes you just can't afford to. Sometimes it's just so much cheaper elsewere it makes no sense. I'm sure my local dentist will get along just fine, it just means he'll have to change his 5 series BMW every 3 years instead of 2, and his wife will have to drive a yaris instead of a mini.


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Healthyirish  ·  08 Apr 2013

I still feel that we should be keeping it Iris, in so far as possible at least. I work in Marketing and hate the fact that companies in Ireland are now outsourcing their marketing to companies aborad. We need to keep as manyjobs here as possible. I reckong regardless of where you decide to go for treatment- be it lipo, cosmetic dentistry etc..make sure you personally feel its the right thing to do. Don't feel rushed, take your time and go through the plan in detail and know what you're paying for. From what I hear its not always the case when you travel abroad.


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Budadent  ·  07 Apr 2013

I travelled to Budapest in Hungary to have my dental implants. I travel a lot with my work, did a lot of research and when I found this particular clinic, I was very impressed. All their products give a lifetime guarantee as the manufacturer gives them a lifetime guarantee. Where are Irish dentists buying their products ? No lifetime guarantee here !!! My work is amazing - everybody has commented including my dentist here. I could also claim my tax back. 


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Dellon  ·  13 Feb 2013

Ok, so you got flight, lifetime warranty on implants, a fraction of the price, holiday, etc in Bulgaria and for sure they will pay you everything if something fails, again flights, holiday stay, etc and the new materials, etc. The only problem is, the EU wants to make water private and later they´ll introduce air fee, too. Will this be included in the Bulgarian guarantee, too? Nothing against Bulgaria, it´s a beautiful country but I´ve seen crowns from there on friends teeth and it´s not necessary to be a dentist to see if they are of good quality and lifetime guarantee...what is that. It depends on the definition of lifetime warranty. Here is an interesting definition link 

As I mentioned, there are serious dentists around, much cheaper than in Ireland. I work in production and a real lifetime warranty does not exist and tis for serious reasons. You can´t keep what clients understand under lifetime warranty. And whoever works and manufactures products knows that it is a pure lie. There are so many dentists. I have my dentist in Spain. Get one abroad but make sure he´s honest.


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Jamie  ·  13 Feb 2013

Healthyirish, I don't disagree that there are talented dentists here in ireland. But here's talented dentists in plenty of other countries that charge a fraction of the price! As for the country I mentioned, Malta, if you google "top healthcare by country", you'll find Malta in the top 5. I don't know the price for implants, but my friend went over and I saw his invoice, it was about 20% of the price he was quoted in ireland. Yes, a fifth! And the guy doing the work was the lecturer for dentistry at the college there. Ryanair fly there too.


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RWY  ·  13 Feb 2013

The implants that I received were the same Swiss brand that I was offered by several dentists in western Europe.  The only difference was cost.  Of course they are going to be cheaper in a country where everything costs less.  As far as the guarantee is concerned, I would rather have a 'lifetime' guarantee than the 5 and ten years I was offered elsewhere.  Yes it is unlikely that they will fail unless my general health deteriorates but it is comforting to know that if I have a problem in eleven years time I will not have the additional worry of dental costs.  I had a minor issue recently and my dentist in Sofia paid for my airfare and other expenses to make sure everything was OK.  That's the kind of guarantee I was hoping for. 


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Dellon  ·  12 Feb 2013

Eastern Europe is cheap, too but what about materials. Implants from Ukraine and other countries without Eu cerificate in Bulgaria or Romania. There is a limit in price which is the production cost of the implant and good implants cost money, it is not a screw from a common fabric. I would rather go for quality at good price. That´s the most important thing. And lifetime guarantee is nonsense, what are the conditions???? For the implant if it breaks which is impossible. Let´s say you become old, get diabetis, your teeth are affected and fall out and then your implant, too. How can they give you guarantee? Money back, another implant placed cost free on an ill patient. Wake up, there is no guarantee for that, be sure. I would be were careful with adverts like this...lifetime guarantee. Where do you get that, on a car, your printer, your mobile phone...lifetime guarantee?  And they say you get this on your health which is in gods hands. Wake up folks. Go to a serious clinics abroad. Spain, Germany but without lifetime guarantee. That shows straight away they´ll do everything to get your money. Good luck


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RWY  ·  11 Feb 2013

My dentist in Bulgaria does implants with lifetime guarantee and top quality ceramic crowns for less than €1000 each. Over the moon with mine and got quoted more than €2500 for the same brand implants in Dublin. No brainer !    


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Healthyirish  ·  11 Feb 2013

See even if we can't win the rugby, we still have some talented dentists here in Ireland! :) Am not from Dublin so had to start from scratch when I moved here- GP, Dentist etc and haven't looked back!


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samos  ·  10 Feb 2013

€2000 per implant seems to be the average cost in Ireland and I think that's an outrageous amount if ,really, one can get the same treatment for a quarter of the cost in Spain or Malta where doctors and dentists are highly trained. How can one get details of a good dentist in either country ?


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Dellon  ·  09 Feb 2013

The abutment was 200 and the crown 300 Euros but still cheap. Best to go when it´s not too hot. Avoid Juli and August! I prefer Costa Blanca but Madrid or Barcelona is an option, too.


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tbear  ·  08 Feb 2013


I had mine done 2 weeks ago in Seapoint. Two implants with crowns cost me €4000. Procedure was painless. Have temps in now and permanent crowns in 3 months. 


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RWY  ·  08 Feb 2013

Sounds good Dellon.  Was that price including abutments and crowns or just for the implants?


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Dellon  ·  07 Feb 2013

Implants in Spain for 599 Euros can´t be beaten. Holiday and treatment is a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to save money. Thailand is even cheaper but too far.


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RWY  ·  05 Feb 2013

I traveled to Bulgaria(Sofia) last year and had some pretty extensive work done, including implants.  More than happy with the results.  I looked at various destinations but the clincher was the fact that I came away with permanent teeth in just three days.  Went to a Dublin dentist for a check-up recently and all is good. Definitely a life changer and cost about 30% of what I was quoted over here.


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Healthyirish  ·  23 Jan 2013

I'd just be worried about aftercare to be honest...what if something went wrong? add in a few trips back to Malta...I don't know to be honest- I'd prefer to know my dentist is close by and also to support Irish!


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karley  ·  23 Jan 2013

Dental Implant is best treatment for missing teeth but it is costly as compare to denture.


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nonvegetarian  ·  08 Jan 2013

4 lower implants with new lower denture and upper snap-in denture using existing teeth bases, enough change out of 10K to get away for a week in USA at Christmas


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irlandes  ·  08 Jan 2013

Hey nonvegitarian, how much did it cost?


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Jamie  ·  08 Jan 2013

irlandes, take a look at Malta too, they have a very high standard over there too apparently.


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nonvegetarian  ·  08 Jan 2013

Had my implants done in Dublin.

4 weeks later enjoying 16oz Ribeye, bone in.....heaven


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tbear  ·  02 Jan 2013


I have two crowns on 2 root filled teeth. I would like these teeth extracted and replaced with implants and zirconium crowns here in Dublin. I want to have this done by a dentist who specializes in this procedure and done at a completive price. Has anyone out there any advice or experience on the matter? 

Grateful for any feedback :)


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Healthyirish  ·  02 Jan 2013

Like I said if you want to support Irish, Seapoint Clinic charge 1895 each. I know a few more people who have gone there for one mising tooth and for a good few missing teeth and they said htey were amazing-I'd be freaked to go abroad in case something went wrong?!!!


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irlandes  ·  31 Dec 2012

Has anyone got implants done at molesworth clinic in Dublin? They seem to be cheapest in Dublin


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Dellon  ·  09 Dec 2012

I can highly recommend Spain. One implant with porcelain crown will cost you around 1100 Euros. 


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irlandes  ·  07 Dec 2012

I need 6 implants and have been quoted between 2200 and 3000 per implant. Also need bone grafting which will be extra. I can't afford that type of money so I'm left with no choice but to go abroad now. I was hoping to get them for about 1500 each as I need 6. So Hungary or Spain here I come.


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Healthyirish  ·  18 Oct 2012

Seapoint Clinic is where my Dad got his dental implants done- he paid 1895 for them, he only had two implants done, found it all very comfortable and is delighted with his result. They are based in Blackrock and seem to specialise in dental implants!


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redsir  ·  07 Oct 2012

Have read older posts on here regarding dental implants and am wondering if anyone has had any recent dental implant work done in Dublin.  I have been told by my dentist that I need a single implant and the fees for the dental surgeon he works with in Ballsbridge will cost around €3000.00.   So has anyone had similiar work done cheaper and if so could they share their info?


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JoseZachary  ·  21 Sep 2012

Well i guess traveling to Ireland from USA only for dental implants won't be a wise decision. And if so let me know the total expenditure including travel of dental implants in Ireland, here it cost approximately $2k for single implant so can compare both!


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Dellon  ·  22 Feb 2012

If you are interested in really affordable implants, google for dental implants in Spain or check a clinic called They specialise in bigger jobs.

Just the implants cost 599€. You get good value for money. The disadvantage,  you have to arrange your stay and flights on the spanish coast on your own.

They help you, just call for information. Great option for holidays, too.

If you need 2 implants or more, you save a lot. There are several clinics in Spain that offer treatment abroad but none is so affordable. Good luck!


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monky  ·  21 Feb 2012

After hearing all the discussions re implants I had had full dentures which are set in by implants and I am so pleased I can eat properly and they do not move in my mouth. I would not like to have gone abroad as i I am so near Seapoint Co Dublin that it only takes 50 minutes to get there  if I had any issues and the price was reasonable.


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Anton101  ·  24 Nov 2010

I have noticed an ad in the bus today for having the implants done in Spain and they claim to be 50% cheaper than the Irish doctors. It sounds great to go on holidays and fix your teeth. Does anybody know anything about them? Or maybe someone has experience about going abroad for dental reasons. It seems intriguing to me to go somewhere for a weekend and meanwhile you visit the dentist.


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cosmo  ·  09 Nov 2010

Too true, I am very surprised to hear that anyone is charging anywhere near this amount, even for a more complex proceedure involving bone grafts etc. this price is very high. I think around 2000 should be the going rate everywhere, certainly where I work it comes in at that, and thats for top quality implants and crowns, and it will be completed in under 3 months in the vast majority of cases. 3500 is outrageous to be quite honest. My advice would be to shop around.


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ChrisW  ·  07 Nov 2010

There are Specialist dentist in Dublin who I went to who charge half that amount for a single implant kelly27cakes. I found them on the internet after being referred to very expensive specialist in Dublin city center by my own dentist. Google "dublin specialist dentistry" they are in sandyford. I have only had the implant placed so far but no issues, I am on a 6 month payment plan.


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kelly27cakes  ·  17 Jul 2010

hi i had to get a tooth out recently -4th from front so i am consious of it when i smile. The dentise advised me of a dental implant of which i would be referred to a specialist in Dublin. The cost will be around e3500!!! This is crazy. I would prefer get it done in Ireland and  with a specialist i am referred to by my own dentist so i have more comeback. When i questioned the price, i was told this is the general for a tooth implant. I dont want a bridge by any means. Could someone send me info. or advice or maybe the names of some dentists they went to to get this done maybe i can do this externally. Also do i have to pay upfront or can i pay in installments say over a 2 year period? I have heard of cases where it cannot be done due to not enough bone but she took an x-ray of my teeth and im sure she wouldnt refer me to a specialist if this could not be done. Will any PRSI cover this?


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Sarge  ·  12 Jul 2010

as a new member I am interested to see that some dentists in Dublin have been recommended as cheap. in particular in contributions from Lisa, Northsider and Cathy- though some time back. Would appreciate if I could get details of these or any other dentists and their prices for crowns, implants and bridges and possibly implants. thanks


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Pearldental  ·  14 Jan 2010

Hi All,

Glad to see a few positive posts on costs and treatment in Ireland for a change. Implant costs have certainly reduced considerably over the past few years, and you would generally expect to pay around €2000 approx for a standard, uncomplicated implant. Be aware that many cases are not simply straight forward, and costs will increase as complexity increases, and careful planning and assessment is crucial to success, (which is one of the big issues we come across with dental tourism, whereby planning is often carried out over the internet, with minimal, if any, one to one assessment, and visits to the surgeon kept to a minimum). Generally, a minimum of 5 visits will be required for the completion of a standard implant placement and restoration.

Mini- implants are much cheaper, as indicated in the post from Cosmo, but are limited in their indications, and are generally not considered a long term solution for single tooth replacements, but are very successful for denture anchors, or for short term use in certain situations.

When comparing fees for implants, check that all assessments, x-rays, review and follow up visits are included in the fee. Check also that you are comparing lke with like, as there are several cheaper implant systems that are not as well researched or developed as some of the more widely used systems, and this will impact on cost also. The dentist should be happy to advise you of the system that he uses, and can also give literature or internet links to allow you to research the system yourself. Finally, check the guarantee given with the implant. I would expect a minimum of 5 years cover on the entire work, meaning that no cost would be incurred by the patient for any failure in this time frame, (subject to certain criteria). Be wary of some of the 'lifetime guarantees' offered, particularly abroad, as the small print can be somewhat restrictive! Finally, check that you will be given the chance to assess the appearance of the crown(s) before final fitting, to ensure that the appearance is ideal, as you should not be expected to accept a crown if it does not closely match the adjacent teeth.

Finally, check that your dentist has access to a specialist oral surgeon for a second opinion or referral if required, as there are many implant cases that require more advanced techniques than those provided by a general dentist trained in implant placement, and should a specialist be required, the cost will obviously be higher.

Hopefully that will give you a few pointers on what to look for in your implant provider, and always remember that cost should never be the sole factor in deciding in whom to trust for this technically advanced surgical procedure.

Cheers, P

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