Fake news impacting vaccination rates

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John Williams  ·  18 Jun 2017

"So who is spreading the fake news??"

You are and any irresponsible parents who, with no medical knowledge,who are stupid enough to think that their views on a highly technical subject like vaccination carry any weight. The schools, quite righly, refuse to spread fake news.


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Charlie  ·  26 May 2017

The current Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) information materials omit the known and documented severe adverse reactions that are contained in the full HPV vaccine patient information leaflet (PIL).

Parents have taken it upon themselves to create a complete PIL and give it to schools. Secondary schools have refused to take the corrected leaflets. However, parents have managed to get the new leaflets giving full informed consent into some primary schools.

So who is spreading the fake news?? https://informparents.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/hse-letter-to-principals-school-vaccination-programme-english-2017.pdf


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Charlie  ·  03 May 2017

The HSE gave the schools their own leaflet, they did not include the patient leaflet. This is what I am talking about. 

I have not tried to pursuade anyone to do anything either, can you point out where I did??? 

Can I ask what is your medical background??? 


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John Williams  ·  02 May 2017

I don't know where this topic is going. How do you answer someone, with no obvious medical or scientific knowledge, who denies what is accepted by medical experts worldwide.  The following is today's Irish Times editorial:

"Invariably ranked as one of modern medicines greatest achievements, it is unfortunate that immunisation has become a victim of the “fake news” phenomenon. Vaccination is a safe and scientifically proven preventive health intervention; we must not let it fall victim to a devaluation of expertise and a prevalent anti-science zeitgeist."

I would also like to point out out that your accusation that the manufacturers and/or the HSE is responsible for changing information leaflets proves beyond all shadow of doubt that you haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.

The leaflets in any medicine are controlled by the Health Products Regulatory Authority. There are two different types of inserts both of which are vetted by HPRA before they give a PA number (product authorisation) without which medicines cannot be used or sold in Ireland. The Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)  is written in plain English with no medical jargon so everyone can understand and a copy of which has to be in in every package. The other leaflet called Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) is for healthcare  professionals and uses technical medical terms as well as including references to the trials and medical papers on the pros and cons of the product. Neither the HSE nor the manufacturers can interfere either with the text or with the method of distribution prescribed by HPRA. If you wish to put your child's health at risk, do so, but stop trying to persuade others to do so.


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Charlie  ·  02 May 2017

If a fuse blows, I know to change the fuse, I dont need to be an electrician to figure it out. Most sensible people could figure that out. 

If I as a mother, watch my perfectly healthy child become severly ill after vaccinating it doesnt take a genius to figure out what happened. 

And, again, you dont need a medical degree to read a vaccine insert. The people with the degrees actually wrote them so your point makes no sense! 


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John Williams  ·  28 Apr 2017

Isn't it amazing that in the area of scientific medicine everyone seems to be an expert. If there was an electrical problem most sensible people would call a qualified electrician and depend on his expertise to solve the problem. In medicine people who appear to have no scientific knowledge of modern medicine rush into print to give us the benefit of their tuppence worth. "where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise".


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Charlie  ·  28 Apr 2017

The fact is, there are risks, the risks are there in the official material.

To say there are no risks,or to imply that there are fake risks being put out by these anti-vaxxers, who ironically vaccinated their children, (so cant be anti-vax) doesnt make any sense.

The vaccine insert shows the risks associated. And I dont think myself that if my child contracted Guillain-Barré Syndrome or Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, I would say that it is a minor ailment; these are serious immune disorders, proven side effects of the vaccine.

All the HSE have to do is address parents fears, instead of ridiculing them, for wanting to do the best for their daughters, but instead there is a smear campaign against anyone even questioning the vaccine. 


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Rohmor  ·  27 Apr 2017

".....these campaigns are promoting non-existent risk......"

Could the correct interpretation be .....   the risks that are being promoted are

non-existent?    The statement does not really exclude the existence of alternate risks.


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Charlie  ·  26 Apr 2017

Exactly John, all medicines and vaccines have side effects and RISKS but the Dr clearly says in the above article that there are NON EXISTENT risks, the vaccine insert would imply otherwise reminding you that the HSE actually removed these inserts removing informed consent from the parents, a cornerstone of medical ethics. I mean who is really spreading fake 'news' here. 


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John Williams  ·  25 Apr 2017


It may come as a surprise to you that ALL medicines have some side effects. It is a question of balance. Do the risks (very rare and minor) of the vaccine outweigh the very serious risks of the disease it prevents. If you read and listened to the scientific evidence rather than the 'fake' news which you continue to disseminate the world would be a safer place.


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Charlie  ·  24 Apr 2017

The vaccine insert has side effects on it? Are these non existent risks???

Why did HSE remove official insert that is available from vaccine manufacturer? 

Perhaps if you would not treat people with such contempt and more transparancy the uptake would be higher.

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