A spoon of sugar with the health medicine?

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Anonymous  ·  14 Dec 2009

I don't beleive anyone takes medicine unless they actually need to nor does any competent doctor perscribe where it is not neccesssary


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foxy  ·  12 Dec 2009

It seems that, for medical card holders, even those with long term illness, like cancer or ungoing coronary disorders, for whom medication is essential, must pay the 50c levy per item prescribed.

These patients have no choice since none of the essential items may be deleted. Didn't the Minister not realise this?

Where is the fairness here???


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purple  ·  11 Dec 2009


the budget was a disgrace. So many people ringing up on the radio, one girl crying that she had to go back to face her parents which she didn't want to. I hope that minister knows what he has done to the people of ireland.

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