Drug cost subsidies may be cut

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Chrissie  ·  18 Dec 2009

I came across the above (Drug cost subsidies may be cut) just recently. If Mary Harney truly cared about what she said in above and the well being of patients who require their meds per month/or intermittantly she should have looked at proposals presented to her if we believe a memo was provided to her in early 2008. Would other persons have the opinion that I have, that she renaiged on her promises and did the opposite. In January 2009 she raised the Drugs Payment Schem to €100. Now because of our Recession it's going to cost €120 come 1st January 2010. Charge 50c for each med prescribed for all medical card recipients from 1st April 2010. Read it will be capped at €10 per Family each month.

If we look at an average Family say 2 partners perhaps have 2-3-or 4 children. When each of their children reach age 16 years that 16 year old despite residing in the same family home are given their own medical card in their name. Right now there are many out there with this over 16s medical card so depending on how much meds they need some will have to pay this cap of €10 each month. Unfortunely our young from 16 onwards get sick too as well as children. We could end up seeing that the same Family just because their son or daughter have seperate medical card could end up paying out €20 per month for meds. 

I think that Brian Cowan cannot see this minefield he has set upon our nation of those under the (DPS) (GMS) and (LTIS) If Brian Cowan, all our ministers/junior ministers TDs Senators and others wished to get us out of this recession faster why don't they lead by example? Withdraw from very high earners the use of the Drugs Payment Scheme and they pay in full for all their medications. I truly believe that our budget is a war on money not health. Those who will not be able to afford their meds under these 3 schemes a lot will die and our government don't seem to give a damn about this. I hope members will respond to my post when they see it on the discussion page sometime today.




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Anonymous  ·  10 Dec 2007
The headline is misleading, Much as I dislike it, it may be fairer.

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Margaret (SXG49623)  ·  07 Dec 2007
My medical card was withdrawn because we were over the limit: now I go without my tablets as I can not pay for them. It will not be long till I will need treatment or die : that the way I am left.
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