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(Monday, 21st May, 2018)

Welcome to 'Your View', a new easy-to-use feature of the site that has been designed to allow you to comment on articles of interest on and to begin or join in discussions on any health-related topic.

How to use 'Your View'

First, click the area of interest, e.g. if you want to comment on a recent news article, click the word 'News' - and that will reveal a list of current News Topics which people have posted comments on. Select the Topic of interest by clicking on it, and this brings you to the Messages area. Here you can see all the messages posted by other users on the given Topic.

How to add a Message

When in the Messages area, you will see a button on the right hand side labelled: 'New Message'. Clicking this brings up a screen which gives you an area into which to type your message. You may use a nickname instead of your real name or just tick the anonymous box if you don't want to show any name.

Having typed in your message, click the 'Submit Message' button. At this point, your message is submitted to our Editor for review (this is a simple safeguard to protect against posting of inappropriate or offensive material on the site). Once your message has been approved, you will receive automatic notification by email, which will include a link to bring you directly back to the relevant place on the site.

How to start a new Discussion

Click into the 'General discussions' area, and to the right hand side you will see a button called 'New Topic'. When you click on this, you are asked to name your topic (e.g. 'Incontinence problems', then simply type in your comment/message and submit it to the Editor for posting. If you have started a Discussion, you may wish to tick the box to be automatically notified by email each time a new message is posted on your Topic.

If you have any problems using these boards, just email us at:

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