Warning signs you may have a hearing loss
The obvious warning signs
Some questions to think about

Warning signs you may have a hearing loss

Most hearing losses develop over time. As a result of the gradual nature of the hearing loss, it can be difficult to identify at the early stages. You might be missing out on more than you think and it may be a sign of hearing loss.

The obvious warning signs:

Asking people to repeat what they have said
Having difficulty following conversations, particularly when in a restaurant, group situation, or when there is background noise
Feelings of ear fullness or pressure, ear noises (ringing, buzzing), and dizziness
Turning up the radio or TV volume louder than others prefer or find comfortable

Some questions to think about:

Do you find yourself ignoring sounds when not facing their source?
Has your spouse or a friend ever told you that you don't hear well?
Do you feel frustration with friends and family when you cannot hear them?
Do you hear some people more clearly than others?
Do you hear conversation but have difficulty understanding the words?
Are you withdrawing more from contact with friends and family?
Do you turn one ear toward a speaker in order to hear better?