Visitors and Foreign Nationals

Visitors from the United Kingdom to Ireland receive free urgent medical treatment automatically, as long as they can prove their citizenship or residence in the UK.

Visitors from other EU countries, and the EEA countries of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, should obtain an E111 form from their local health authority before visiting Ireland. This form entitles them to urgent medical treatment without charge.

Ireland also has a reciprocal health agreement with Australia, but visitors will be required to contribute a small amount towards their care. These agreements only apply if the visitor seeks medical attention from a public hospital or a doctor registered with the GMS.

All visitors from other countries are advised to take out a travel insurance policy that covers medical bills before visiting Ireland.

Nationals of other countries who ordinarily live in Ireland are treated exactly the same as Irish citizens in respect to healthcare. They are eligible for medical cards, subject to the means test, and pay the same charges for prescription drugs, attending a GP and staying in hospital as Irish citizens.