Mobility Allowance

The Mobility Allowance is a means tested allowance payable by the health boards each month. If you have a severe disability and are unable to walk, but would benefit from a change of surroundings and satisfy the medical and means test conditions, a Mobility Allowance may be payable to you.

The allowance is €132 a month at the higher rate. The lower rate (for people who are availing of the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme) is paid at €66 euro a month.

Since July 2002, if you receive a Motorised Transport Grant, having previously received the Mobility Allowance, you will no longer receive the Mobility Allowance. This is because the payment of a Motorised Transport Grant is subject to the condition that the health board will not be called upon at any future date to contribute towards the running costs of the vehicle.

To apply for the mobility allowance, please contact your local health board.