Medical Care Payments

What are medical care payments?

Medical Care payments are one-off discretionary payments to people who were injured at work or contracted an occupational disease. They are intended to offset certain expenses you may incur while being treated. If you became ill as a result of working, and your treatment is not covered by a medical card, the Health Board or the Social Welfare Treatments Benefit, then you should apply for a medical care payment.

What can I claim for?

You may claim for:

  • Doctor's visits and prescriptions.
  • Certain medical or surgical appliances and their repair and replacement.
  • Certain dental and optical treatment.
  • Certain qualified nursing at home on the instruction of your doctor.
  • Certain treatment prescribed by your doctor.
  • Certain travelling expenses. This is usually limited to the cost of public transport.

How much can I get?

The medical care payment depends on your total expenses. You are unlikely to be reimbursed the full amount. Normally only one payment is made but if the treatment is ongoing, payment may be made in instalments. Payment is usually made to the person who claims but may be made to your doctor or a Health Board, if necessary. The payment is made by cheque.

How do I claim a medical care payment?

You should write to the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs about your claim within six weeks of the start of medical treatment. This is normally six weeks from the date of the accident or the development of the disease. Your letter should be sent to:

Medical Care Section,

Social Welfare Services Office,

157-164 Townsend Street,

Dublin 2.

Tel: 01-704 3118.

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