Fuel Allowances

You may be entitled to a fuel allowance of €9 per week under the national fuel scheme if you satisfy certain conditions. The allowance is paid for a 29 week period from early October to late April and only one allowance is payable per household.

In addition to this payment, you may also receive an additional smokeless fuel allowance of €3.90 per week if you live in certain designated areas where the burning of bituminous coal is prohibited.

If you are receiving a state pension, you may also qualify to receive free electricity or gas under a social welfare scheme. The Free Electricity Scheme allows for 1,800 free units of electricity.

There is a Bottled Gas Refill Allowance and also a Free Natural Gas Scheme. For more information on these entitlements, contact your local Social Welfare office.

For more detailed information about fuel allowances please contact your local Social Welfare Office.