Domiciliary Care Allowance

The Domiciliary Care Allowance is a monthly means tested payment made to the carer of a child with a severe disability, who is living at home. The rate of payment since 1st January 2006 is €250.90 per month. The payment commences from the date the disability is diagnosed and is payable up to the child’s 16th birthday. Disability Allowance is payable from 16 years of age and parents should apply before their child reaches 16.

Who is eligible?

The disability must require that the child needs constant care and supervision, substantially more than an able-bodied child of the same age. Eligibility is determined primarily by the degree of additional care needed, rather than the type of disability involved.

Only the child’s means, if any, are assessed. The income of parents or guardians are not taken into account. The allowance is not payable for a child living in an institution or residential home; however, for children that go home at weekends or holidays, a pro rata payment may be made.

To apply for the Domiciliary Care allowance for your child, contact your local Health Office.

Reviewed: November 6, 2006