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Consent toolkit for colleges launched (22-09-2020)
High degree of sexual violence in colleges (22-06-2020)
Women trapped in prostitution need support (21-05-2020)
Families encouraged to talk about sexual abuse (05-02-2020)
New campaign to tackle HIV-related stigma (28-01-2020)
1,000+ children supported by CARI in 2018 (21-11-2019)
HIV prevention programme to begin in November (11-10-2019)
Boys to receive HPV vaccine for first time (27-08-2019)
Sexual violence is increasing - DRCC (16-07-2019)
Increasing access to contraception (10-07-2019)
Govt committed to HIV prevention programme (17-06-2019)
Sex trade 'alive and thriving' in Ireland (30-04-2019)
Remember core message of consent this Christmas (18-12-2018)
HPV vaccine to be extended to boys (07-12-2018)
New survey on sexual violence welcomed (22-11-2018)
New campaign to focus on morning after pill (13-11-2018)
Sedentary lifestyle impacting sperm quality (11-10-2018)
Low awareness of urological conditions  (24-09-2018)
VAT on condoms 'a tax on safe sex' (14-09-2018)
Participants needed for survey on harassment (10-09-2018)
New safe sex social media campaign launched (31-08-2018)
Egg freezing an attractive option for women (04-07-2018)
How to talk to kids about sex and relationships (26-06-2018)
Causes of male infertility can be complex (18-06-2018)
Too much fast food may delay conception (04-05-2018)
Call for contraception without prescription (13-04-2018)
Lot of misinformation around vasectomies (27-02-2018)
Impact of asthma meds on fertility studied (15-02-2018)
Sexual health campaign for students launched (12-02-2018)
Sexual wellbeing after cancer (31-01-2018)
Sexual consent a major issue in university (21-12-2017)
No rape crisis statistics available for 2016 (19-10-2017)
12,000+ contacts made to rape helpline in 2016 (05-10-2017)
Many couples using unreliable contraception (31-07-2017)
Should HPV vaccine be given to boys? (05-07-2017)
Men also impacted by biological clock (21-06-2017)
Almost 8,000 cases of adults abuse in 2016 (12-06-2017)
Teen birth rate continues to fall (01-06-2017)
Many choosing to delay motherhood (15-04-2017)
Sex over the age of 50 important for wellbeing (14-02-2017)
1 in 7 teens feel pressured to have sex (03-11-2016)
Appendix removal linked to higher pregnancy rates (03-08-2016)
Most who start fertility treatment will have baby (05-07-2016)
Many with infertility do not seek help (01-07-2016)
Endometriosis remains relatively unknown (13-06-2016)
First pregnancy using advanced procedure (02-06-2016)
Tips to help safeguard fertility health (04-05-2016)
Stigma still surrounds discussions on rape (08-04-2016)
Warning on epilepsy drug use in pregnancy (11-03-2016)
Asthma linked to longer time to get pregnant (16-02-2016)

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