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Concern over access to specialist skin services (08-05-2019)
Men more likely to have severe psoriasis (27-03-2017)
Awareness of psoriatic arthritis low (08-02-2017)
Psoriasis may increase aneurysm risk (15-04-2016)
Irish scientists in psoriasis breakthrough (15-01-2016)
Psoriasis drug may aid diabetes treatment (24-08-2015)
Psoriasis has big impact on quality of life (11-05-2015)
Smoking around kids ups heart risk (29-03-2015)
Effects of psoriasis 'underestimated' (30-10-2014)
Participants needed for psoriasis study (10-01-2014)
Psoriasis ups risk of heart failure (02-11-2013)
Psoriasis may up kidney disease risk (16-10-2013)
Awareness campaign on rheumatoid arthritis (22-05-2013)
More awareness of joint disease needed (12-11-2012)
Psoriasis affects confidence - survey (23-10-2012)
Psoriasis - heart checks essential (22-10-2012)
Psoriasis patients at higher risk of diabetes (28-08-2012)
Docs' sympathy on symphysiotomy (15-06-2012)
At last - a real cure for baldness? (23-03-2012)
Focus on psoriasis (28-10-2011)
Warning over fish pedicures (18-10-2011)
Many confused about psoriasis (21-09-2011)
Psoriasis ups heart risk (13-09-2011)
Young urged to talk about psoriasis (24-03-2011)
More consultants planned to cut waiting lists (20-12-2010)
Arthritis charity aims to get people dancing (27-11-2010)
HSE's pledge list for better care (03-11-2010)
Study shows impact of psoriasis (28-10-2010)
IMB to regulate cosmetics (01-10-2010)
Diabetes may up Alzheimer risk (03-09-2010)
Arthritis patients protected against Alzheimer's (23-08-2010)
Study shows major burden of psoriasis (29-10-2009)
Psoriasis drug withdrawn (20-02-2009)
Psoriasis may up heart disease risk (20-12-2008)
Epilepsy drug may treat Alzheimer's (09-12-2008)
Psoriasis campaign and website launched  (29-10-2008)
Dermatology outreach in Bantry (27-08-2008)
Centre to research skin conditions (13-06-2008)
New psoriasis information booklets (29-04-2008)
Study shows major impact of psoriasis (30-10-2007)
Three-year wait for skin appointment (20-08-2007)
Psoriasis week starts (14-05-2007)
Psoriasis link to heart attack risk (11-10-2006)
Skin conditions impair kids' lives (21-07-2006)
Psoriasis info meetings in May (21-04-2006)
Psoriasis link to cancer of immune system (18-11-2003)
Psoriasis support group to be expanded (03-03-2003)
Concern over anxiety due to psoriasis (25-03-2001)
Tests on possible psoriasis vaccine (16-01-2001)
Boost for arthritis research (00-00-0000)

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