Fewer Irish women using UK abortion clinics

The number of women giving Irish addresses at abortion clinics in England and Wales fell slightly in 2017, new figures have shown.

According to the figures from the UK Department of Health, 3,091 women gave Irish addresses in 2017 compared to 3,265 in 2016.

The figures were welcomed by the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme (SHCPP). However, it pointed out that women in Ireland are continuing to contact online providers of abortion pills in large numbers.

It noted that one online provider had reported that 1,217 women from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland ‘received the medical abortion pill' from their service in 2017.

A second provider reported that 878 women from the Republic had ‘used the service' last year.

"If a woman takes an abortion pill and has prolonged heavy bleeding, bad pain, faints, or experiences other complications, we strongly encourage her to attend an Emergency Department or GP straight away.

"If a woman is in any way concerned about her health following taking an abortion pill or travelling abroad for an abortion, we encourage her to attend a free post-abortion medical check-up funded by the HSE. These services are free of charge and the full list of services is available on www.abortionaftercare.ie," explained SHCPP programme lead, Helen Deely.

A full list of crisis pregnancy services is available on positiveoptions.ie and abortionaftercare.ie


[Posted: Fri 08/06/2018]

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