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Pregnancy possible after childhood cancer (25-03-2016)
Public asked for input on maternity standards (22-03-2016)
Mums with PND unlikely to have 3rd child (16-03-2016)
Warning on epilepsy drug use in pregnancy (11-03-2016)
Pregnancy after 40 may up stroke risk (19-02-2016)
Asthma linked to longer time to get pregnant (16-02-2016)
'High risks' found during Holles St inspection (15-02-2016)
First confirmed cases of Zika virus in Ireland (03-02-2016)
First National Maternity Strategy launched (28-01-2016)
Most do not know when fertility declines (11-01-2016)
16 maternal deaths in 7 years at Rotunda (28-12-2015)
Diabetes drug may prevent pre-eclampsia (22-12-2015)
Good nutrition essential in first 1,000 days (19-11-2015)
4,500 babies born prematurely every year (13-11-2015)
Pregnant women advised not to sit too much (04-11-2015)
Report on clinical incidents in maternity services (20-10-2015)
Pregnancy stress hits child's motor skills (14-10-2015)
CUMH to hold service of remembrance (08-10-2015)
Twin surgery shows world-class outcomes (08-10-2015)
Cancer treatment possible during pregnancy (02-10-2015)
Pregnancy complications up heart risk (24-09-2015)
IVF success less likely from age 43 (17-09-2015)
Neglect in childhood may affect fertility (14-09-2015)
Stressed mums more likely to resume smoking (10-09-2015)
Pregnant women urged to avoid all alcohol (09-09-2015)
Premature births linked to lower wages (04-09-2015)
IVF increases risk of reflux disease (11-08-2015)
Weight in 1st pregnancy affects 2nd baby (07-08-2015)
Many give up breastfeeding within 2 days (04-08-2015)
New guide for expectant parents (30-07-2015)
Importance of folic acid highlighted (20-07-2015)
Smoking and preterm birth raise CVD risk (10-07-2015)
Drinking during pregnancy common in Ireland (07-07-2015)
Higher stillbirth risk after previous one (25-06-2015)
Public's views on maternity strategy wanted (19-06-2015)
Preterm birth does not affect parenting (19-06-2015)
Healthy pregnancy weight cuts complications (14-06-2015)
More concerns about maternity services (12-06-2015)
Baby born after ovarian transplant (10-06-2015)
Eating placenta offers no health benefits (07-06-2015)
Exercise cuts gestational diabetes risk (05-06-2015)
Obesity in pregnancy a major risk (29-05-2015)
Preterm births ups risk of preterm delivery (22-05-2015)
Irish women having kids later in life (14-05-2015)
Damning HIQA report on Portlaoise (08-05-2015)
Pregnancy weight gain ups child obesity risk (07-05-2015)
Not enough midwifery-led care - survey (05-05-2015)
Room for improvement in maternity care (14-04-2015)
Concern on Portlaoise report stand-off (25-03-2015)
More women over 35 having babies (24-03-2015)

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