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Why is flu so dangerous for pregnant women? (23-09-2020)
Impact of COVID on bereaved parents studied (22-09-2020)
Warning over foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (09-09-2020)
Education impacts intention to breastfeed (04-08-2020)
New online antenatal course launched (29-06-2020)
INMO welcomes support for Cavan midwife unit (10-06-2020)
Post-traumatic stress common after miscarriage (15-01-2020)
External review of abortion at NMH  (17-05-2019)
Stillbirth risk if pregnancy diabetes undetected (29-03-2019)
Abortion Bill passes all stages of Oireachtas (14-12-2018)
Diabetes - pre-pregnancy planning is key  (14-09-2018)
Breastfeeding may lower stroke risk in mothers (23-08-2018)
Fewer Irish women using UK abortion clinics (08-06-2018)
Irishhealth.com urges yes vote (23-05-2018)
Less than 1% of births are 'perfect' (11-05-2018)
Too much fast food may delay conception (04-05-2018)
Govt takes step closer to May referendum (21-02-2018)
Impact of asthma meds on fertility studied (15-02-2018)
Abortion referendum to be held by end of May (30-01-2018)
Harris hopes for 'respectful' abortion debate (18-01-2018)
Committee recommends repealing the Eighth (14-12-2017)
New perinatal mental health model of care (01-12-2017)
Concern over whooping cough in newborns (28-11-2017)
Asthma linked to higher pre-eclampsia risk (18-10-2017)
Lots of support for breastfeeding mothers (04-10-2017)
Taking folic acid not part of women's routine (27-09-2017)
Planning permission granted for NMH (01-09-2017)
Sugar intake in pregnancy linked to allergies (07-07-2017)
Exercise lowers postnatal depression risk (26-06-2017)
Teen birth rate continues to fall (01-06-2017)
Nuns will not be involved in maternity hospital (30-05-2017)
Newborn girls have genetic advantage over boys (25-05-2017)
Severe pregnancy sickness charity launched (15-05-2017)
Doctor resigns from NMH project board (28-04-2017)
Warning about drinking during pregnancy (21-04-2017)
Public still angry over NMH ownership (21-04-2017)
Many choosing to delay motherhood (15-04-2017)
Concealed pregnancies still persist today (23-03-2017)
Planning lodged for new maternity hospital (10-03-2017)
New maternity service standards launched (21-12-2016)
Holles Street move to St Vincent's confirmed (25-11-2016)
Not enough women taking folic acid (21-11-2016)
New guide for parents of premature babies (18-11-2016)
Women at risk of PTSD after miscarriage (04-11-2016)
Number of caesareans continues to rise (25-10-2016)
Baby boxes to be introduced (23-09-2016)
Breastfeeding more likely after home birth (15-08-2016)
New care standards for bereaved parents (10-08-2016)
Appendix removal linked to higher pregnancy rates (03-08-2016)
Multivitamin products not needed by mums-to-be (14-07-2016)

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