lolo  Posted: 13/06/2018 11:17

Hi girls 

I'm back again so I had the accupunture before and after my transfer and I got a positive which I was thrilled but I had the bloods done yesterday and they said my betas are only 30 this is day 12..im so upset over this. Has anyone ever experienced this.thanks

MartyJen  Posted: 29/05/2018 08:49

Hello, honeySmile I think I was just looking for someone like you. Seems we have things in common. Firstly, let me congratulate you with your lovely little one! Am so happy to hear people are successful with ivf shots. Vice versa for me unfortunately.. We haven't been lucky with the procedures yet. Here's some of my background.

I've already posted on another thread, but think I'm doing right as wanna more people for support. I'm 37 yrs old. TTC with ex husband since Jan'2000 (as I've read somewhere that TTC in the winter period is more beneficial -- LOL). Later adding low sperm motility which never became the problem for my ex. He even didn't want to see a Dr on the point. Actually this was the reason we broke up. My new dh is absolutely amazing! He's 48 yrs old, super ok & willing to have our kids the sooner the better. But it's not that easy for me..I was diagnosed on severe endo. Here's what we've already tried: IUI#1 BFN adding cysts. IUI#2 cancelled spontaneously. IUI#3 BFN. IVF#1 ER (12 follies, 9 eggs, only 5 mature, only 2 fertilized. ET - 2 blasts, BFN (beta 0,1). Lap Feb'2018. CA levels came higher. Currently are undergoing ivf procedure overseas. The Dr told this is time to use donor eggs.

So as you can see I've never experienced BFP Cry But seems know pretty much about it, love reading ladies' anouncements, early pregnancy symptoms, vitamina and supplements which they take during pregnancy..loads of things in theory unfortunately. I do have some tough moments from time to time but am trying to stay positive & optimistic though it's HARD. I'm sorry for the failure you've faced with a new round. Hoping the next one will bring you success. And yes, you're so right no positive outcome could be guaranteed with ivf shots. At least you have your beautiful family to support you and I hope best drs to guide you through the treatments.

Wishing you all the best and waiting for the updates. 

lolo  Posted: 08/05/2018 20:14

Hi everyone

It's been a long time since I posted here and I'm basically back looking for some support /advice again.  We had a little girl 3 years ago with just one embryo, we were so lucky. She's is growing up a great lil lady and we decided to try again. We went back to the clinic and ended up with 8 embryos this time which we were amazed by.  We transferred one back last month and we got a negative result. We were devasted, I was just assuming it would work straight away again..silly me. I am so scared and feel so negative about the next transfer. Has anyone done anything different or would you recommend accupunture? Really appreciate any advice. Thanks 


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