LLETZ treatmemt

Sarah2017  Posted: 21/06/2017 08:45

Hi All,

I just wanted to ease any worries anyone may have as I also read all I could get my hands on when I had a colposcopy. So I had abnormal smear in 2008, clear colposcopy, clear smears, abnormal smear in 2017, colposcopy, results CIN 2 change and yesterday just had LLETZ treatment under local anaesthetic. It was painless. Had it done at a designated national clinic free and I can't thank the health care professionals enough. I have had no symptoms and no spotting. I am taking the day after off so my body can just relax and heal. But again no symptoms. I took 2 panadol in case every four hours immediately after the procedure which only takes 20 minutes between the discussion and the actual treatment. I would tell anyone NOT to be a bit scared and this is so common. Changes to the cervix are so common and my opinion is get whatever abnormal cells off and forget about it! If pregnant or trying then the doctor / nurses will advise appropriately for best time. Follow the advice and instructions from the doctor / nurses to the word i.e. no swimming, baths, intercourse for 4 weeks (or 6 if told) and move on! I am 32 and will be having babies in next year or two and the statistics from the medical professionals I spoke to at the hospital are that maybe 5 in every 100 women night have a premature labour (37 weeks) but if you are monitored closely during pregnancy they can put in a stitch and help that too. Also I am taking lots of healthy juices and supplements (ask in health shop what is best to repair cells)  and drinking lots of water to help my body what it needs to be healthy and move on! We need to stop the fear and the taboo about this health matter which most women will have to look at some time in their lives. Regular smears and healthy living is my plan and move on! I also firmly believe that positive thoughts and energy can help your health. When I looked at the screen in the hospital of the changes since the colposcopy I saw a mild decrease in size yesterday! 

Sorry for long message but want to help any worried women as I know the initial worry and fretting I had and there is no need! LLETZ is not painful! 

Best wishes S

Kel23  Posted: 28/04/2017 15:16


I am a 23 year old student and I had my treatment on Tuesday (3days ago) I was out last night and I ended up having sex with my boyfriend (unprotected). I haven't been bleeding nor did I have discharge. I feel ok I just want to know has anyone else been in this situation. Should I be scared ? Thanks in advance 


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