Musicfan  Posted: 20/02/2014 00:15

Hi Layley. The two blasts were 1 high probable (that did expand) 2. Low probable (that was just about to become a blast. Was so thrilled to have gotten that far but it didn't happen. please god now it will be my time next cycle. 

Peachy: I haven't had a frozen transfer but I did take the meds similar to a frozen transfer for my EFT test in dec. was on the pill, the sniffer, estrogen and progesterone I think? All similar to  a reg cycle but without the stimulating injections. 

Good luck!

afm: just waiting on the witch to arrive so I can determine my exact dates for cycle. had a low evening last night a friend announced her pregnancy showing her bump...all I could think of last nite was the bags of drugs I'm taking to get that and to some people it's so easy..:( had my cry and moved on. It's just a reminder of how hard this ivf road is sometimes. 


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