Dolly2  Posted: 26/03/2013 17:07

Hi to all the new girls that have joined on this ivf roller coaster journey. I am not writing personalised messages but a very big congrats that have got their positive results!! I hope ye are all doing great and wishing ye all the best on your pregnancy journey!!!:-) I have been off the site for a while but have been keeping up to date with you all!! Just a quick rant about myself, started my 2 nd FET cycle with sims in the beginning of feb, had 2 lovely quality embryos transferred back on Monday 11 th of march, due my hcg test on Monday 25 th!! I decided to test on Sunday 24 th & got a positive result!! Myself & hubby were quietly ecstatic ,arrived at the clinic on Monday morning delighted with ourselves as I was half prepared for that phone call!! When the nurse called yes the blood test was positive but the hormone level was only reading 12 ,my heart sank as I was not expecting that news, I am due up again on Wednesday & Friday for more bloods!! I am praying that we will have a positive outcome!! Would love to hear if anybody has been in the same situation & had a positive outcome!! I tested today again mid afternoon & still got a positive on the home test!!! This waiting is killing us!!  Wishing you all lots & lots of baby dust!! xxx


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