a period.

Mushroom  Posted: 11/05/2011 12:04

Hi Ladies

I normally get my periods the 10th of ever month, yesterday my period was due. I got a little blood and taught this was my period.  I did have some browing over night and now there's nothing. I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week before  period was due, he pulled out before anything happned, (We normally play it safe, not good I know) does anyone know what could be happening with me. All replies welcome.Embarassed

becs  Posted: 29/04/2011 00:59

hi ladies,

can you help,i suffer from endo and i had a baby 12 months ago, anyway the odd month i have had a painful period looks like the endo is returning,last period lasted for up to 3/4 weeks..it is now 6 weeks since last period march 17th, and the other day i had some brown discharge with a bit of cramping.the cramping happened earlier on in my last pregnancy,the real question is if i had period on march 17th that last 3/4 weeks but was very light after a few days,spotting on/off after a few days,when would i have been due to have another period. but because last period lasted so long, i am confused to when i would be due the my next period,does anyone know??????i have had unprotected sex in the mean time,no big deal i am in a happy marriage with 3 kids but still????


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