Trying24  Posted: 31/03/2011 16:44

Hi Shellyoh,

A bit technical but her you go:

The bloods you are getting done I think are the daily ones they do before egg collection. What they are checking is the E2 or Oestradiol levels. in the normal cycle, your natural cycle this hormone is highest just before ovalation, it is responsible in part for growing your follicies. The problem in a stimualted cycle is that these levels get very high and very quick ( the E2 I think released from the pitutary gland sends chemical message to ovary to stop producing FSH when it gets too high) The drugs in a stimulated cycle are higher than normal so your body release more E2 to stop the ovaries from growing too many follicles which is why the do the daily bloods. If they are too hight they can lead of hyperstimualtion which is quiet serious and if this happens, you cycle will be stopped. My first cycle was stopped because of this. My second cycle, the dose was reduced but it was touch and go, nearly stopped again  but I drank allot of water and I think this helped dilute the E2 level in my blood so cycle was not stopped. Got a BFP but it was a chemical pregnancy so lost it a few week later.

Best of luck - and drink loads of water, either way it is good.


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