Molar pregnacy

Katrina Brophy480  Posted: 25/06/2016 19:26

Hi ladies just been to doctor and got a postive pegnancy test. I had a broken condom with my husband and took morning after pill, which was five days after my period. We didn't want to take chance. But thing is as this was our only slip up and with a postive test my doctor say I would be ten weeks pregnant. Thing is this is my forth baby and I stressed to doctor I don't feel pregnant only morning sickness. My doctor seemed as shocked as me that I got pregnant after morning after pill. He thinks I may have a molar pregnancy. And has taken bloods my question is has anybody got any experience with this. I feel like I'm goin crazy as I look pregnant but don't feel anything in my uterus.. it's hard to explain on this but I would love to hear any of your stories to even put my mind at ease. 


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