Mummy makeover, tummytuck, breast augmentation

Pinky85  Posted: 24/01/2012 21:50

Hi everyone. I am at the planning stage for tummy tuck and in the future breast uplift and small implants as well. I'm only mid late twenties but I have twins and made it too full term 37.5weeks.

So I was huge and my abdominal muscles are severely separated. My boobs are crap as I've not great genetics when it comes to skin elasticity and I've burned out my chances by weight fluctating from pudgy to anorexic to overweight and then small again. Then the twin pregnancy was the final boot in it. I'm tiny in weight and height 5'1 and 7 stone and my weight is stable now the past 4 years except for the pregnancy of course. 

Anybodys experience with these procedures tummy tuck full and breast uplift with small implants please let me know how things went for you. I haven't been for any consults yet as I'm thinking of to do it here or abroad but I really want to do it here as my twins are still very young and It would be so hard abroad as you need to stay 3 weeks minimum so I've been told in phone consult.

tooshy  Posted: 08/11/2011 11:59

James, no he didn't put any pressure on me. However I had thought I needed an uplift as they had changed shape so much after four children, The uplift is a bigger surgary and while I had thought It was saggy I was , it was just that the volume had reduced, ( after four children) so rather than a large cut, and long surgery, it will be a minimal procedure, really rather than augmentation it would be restuffing.... lol.  It may not even go up a full size, what he will do is just fill what skin that I have so it could go up a size ,but then it may just be a proper C cup.  ( sort of like more air in the tyres). This will be a huge benifit to me,  because really I feel horrible in clothes , things don't sit right, but with this they will.  I had been reading a lot about all of this on the internet, and I suggested it to him rather than the other way around. It isn't a permenant thing, but as I am in my 40s, I would like to have a few years of feeling I look good before I start to have to kick them out of my way in the morning when I brush my teeth.  I don't want to be all big boobed, just firm.   A little implant will do that, leave my own there, and just put this underneath which will push everything i have into the skin I have. (  I really don't discribe things very well, but that is the laymans terms on it)

JamesH  Posted: 08/11/2011 09:44

Tooshy, I hope you don't mind too much if I say that while the tummy tuck seems reasonable, I do worry about the rationale about the breast augmentation. From your description in your second paragraph, it sounds like the surgeon has coaxed you into this rather than you asking for it. You yourself say that you don't really need to enlarge them but that the surgeon said he would put in a bit of silicone. So the question for yourself (I don't want to know the answer) is do you really want the augmentation and how much extra will it cost and why did the surgeon suggest it if you went in looking for a tummy tuck. (Did the surgeon see an opportunity to get an extra bit of add-on business or is this something that you really need and want and that you will benefit from?)

tooshy  Posted: 07/11/2011 21:33

I am new here, so please forgive me if this has been discussed I can't find it anywhere. I did find a thread on breast enlargments, but as I am having a tummy tuck on the same day , I was wondering about anyone who has done so.

I am YEARS thinking about this,  I have had four children, and my tummy is all wrinkled and flabby, and my boobs, while I don't really need to enlarge them the surgen said he will put in some silicone which will fill out the volume.  Reading the thread on enlargments I have no idea what sort of implant he he will use round or teardrop. I think round. He told me it would be a small cut in the crease of my breast and that it will  help give my boobs a fuller look.

On the tummy tuck, well I am getting the muscles restitched and some lipo done on my flanks.  I am excited and nervous, ( as you would be).  I hope someone else can tell me of their experience,  and I will tell you all how it goes  just in case someone is wondering about  doing it themselves.


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