Feature: Pushing the envelope on fertility care

Anonymous  Posted: 06/02/2012 08:32

No Bron, human beings are not "destroyed or left to die", embryos are transferred or not transferred, this is no different to IVF - which has been taking place for years, where embryos are assessed for suitability and transferred (or not) based on that and no more similar to eugeneics than that - the difference being that human beings - real living breathing humna beings are saved from devastating congential illnesses.

Brón  Posted: 02/02/2012 15:08

It's controversial because human beings are being created in the laboratory, then screened for 'undesirable' conditions, and finally destroyed or left to die if they have these conditions. It is eugenics plain and simple. Humanity should not go down this disturbing route again. There is no moral difference between killing an embryo and killing a foetus; they are just at different stages in their human development, like children and teenagers.

Anonymous  Posted: 31/01/2012 10:23

I cannot for the life of me, understand howo this is controversial. Surely something like this is a marvellous medical breakthrough. And how anyone who considers themselves pro-life could be opposed to this is baffling. A technology which which means the prevention of a devastating, traumatic, frequently very painful and sometimes fatal condition. By any logic, can can only be pro-life. Add to that, it avoids a scenario where a couple discover in pregnancy that a foetus has such a condition and are faced with the option of abortion. Surely preventing a scenario of abortion can only be pro-life.


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