Poll: After 16 months as Minister, do you believe James Reilly has improved our health service?
Not sure

Angel   Posted: 29/11/2012 22:24

Lovely to see you so wide awake Bluebird. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. You'd want to be really on your guard though for the next couple of days because there is no such thing as time.

bluebird  Posted: 29/11/2012 13:50

Well folks this morning I read that we in Ireland have SEVEN Schools of Medicine.

Thats right SEVEN, for an island of this size.   The article suggested we combine some of these together, put three up to Belfast and the other four combine and locate in Dublin.   Our problem as I see it is this, it will take them at least 1 hundred years to start getting around to organising that, if they ever do.  Like the M50, they designed it, built it and by the time it was finished it was too small for the huge amount of traffic it had to cope with.  So then they start enlarging it, guess what, probably cost more to enlarge it than it did to built in the first place.  So what is the motto here, well I think we the Irish are incapable of organising ourselves and governing ourselves.   Send us abroad and we can organise the world, better than anyone else, but somehow for some reason when it is at home the situation alters.   Why is this?   It costs more to run the Irish Health Service than the UK one according to figures released today.   Why, when there are fewer Nurses on the wards, staff, etc., in the Health Service.   I think it is because of people being overpaid and the wastage in the system.   I think here of the computer put in during Ms. Harneys day in the Department which ended not being able to do what was needed, what happened to that.   The Garda are using out of date equipment, at the last report that I heard, why,  where is the vision?   It remains to be seen if the proposed Childrens Hospital will ever come about.  I hear there maybe problems in relatin to the size of the site at St. James.  So, to get back to what we are all discussing, it has taken over 20 yrs to come to terms with a court judgement and it was only when an unfortunate lady died that all hell broke loose.   By the Way Ladies of Independent Means alwlays knew where to go to have the situation rectified it was only the poor uneducated ladies who suffered the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.   I could go on and on and on.  Very sad that an idea of an Independent Republic was never truly realised.  Now we run to Europe, grab all they have to give and then object when they tell  us what to do with ourselves.   Ah, the Irish, what will become of us all.   Maybe we should just shut down the country, all leave, go abroad and run t he health serfvices in other countries, organise the world, and in two generations let those of us whose children want to return to the old sod come back and see if starting off from scratch might do the trick.

Angel   Posted: 29/11/2012 02:59

James, Were you around 150 years ago? You must have been after coming up with that figure. Can you remember as well what you were wearing at the time? I remember wearing those beautiful long dresses alright with all the lovely petticoats and stuff. I wonder where all of them went to. The fashion nowadays is so horrific don't you think? Can you remember if you were male or female as well or whether you were adopted or had real parents or what? If you are so good at figures you should also be so good at facts as well. Was it all Irish as well in the country at the time or were there nationalities of all different kinds?

                                     Bluebird you haven't gone off the subject either by the way. There is something major missing in all of this. Do you know what is missing down here as well. There were no apples or rhubarb grew in our area and there was a huge amount of birds missing as well and the wasps in our area made a nest in a most unusual place. How has all this happened I wonder, oh, and every black cat that strayed into our yard has either mysteriously disappeared or got knocked down by cars. Weird isn't it? I wonder what type of babies are going to be picked out for abortions? It'll be down to who you know I think. We have our work cut out for us.

bluebird  Posted: 26/11/2012 13:51

James H - well lets say for a population of 4.6million then surely to God we should be able to cope with that.  No I sat down one day and counted the number of hospiitals they had closed over the last 20 years or that I could remember from my teenage years.  I counted Eight Hospitals Closed, Two New Hospitals built. That was only in Dublin.   Our hospitals are staffed by a large proportion of non Irish staff, we educate Irish Nurses, Irish Doctors, etc., and then end up employing non Irish staff.   I realise under EU Law we have to have an open market but I actually do believe that there must be mistakes made either in written communication or verbal communication with non Irish/English speaking staff.  The other day I sat whilst a gentleman's name was read out and no one moved from the waiting area.Three times the name was read  out but no one could understand .Eventuallyan individual arrived who called out the name and everyone thought " ah, so that was what it was" the gentleman to whom it referred got up and left the waiting area.   The name called bore no relation to the actual interpretation of the patient's name.    No I have gone slightly off the subject folks. 

JamesH  Posted: 26/11/2012 12:28

Bluebird, Angel I don't know where you are getting your ideas. The most recent cecnsus 2011 shows the highest population in 150 year at 4.6 million. Previous census in 2006 had 4.2 million.

bluebird  Posted: 23/11/2012 18:42

Well I just happened to be in St. James Hospital this morning and guess what the place, where I was Outpatients Dept, was actually very very quiet. I could not believe it. Again as previously stated so many have left the country that this has to be showing up in the numbers using the various different services. However, not to be too mean, I actually do think that James Reilly may have "cracked" the nut and improved the system. He certainly is not making things any worse one can certainly ay that. So to be fair to the gentleman he should be left to get on with the job.  The situation was so dreadful when he took over that any improvement, no matter how slight, can only be welcomed.

Angel   Posted: 23/11/2012 00:52

Bluebird, Is this a fact I wonder? If it is then he should stay - at least he told the truth anyway. If it is not a fact though - we should at least allow him to get his eyes tested before we kick him out. What do you think???

bluebird  Posted: 21/11/2012 18:48

James Reilly says there are less people on trolleys. Of course there are, there are less people in the country.  They are all being looked after by the British NHS or its equivalent in Australia, Canada, etc... The whole Government should step down. Needless to say they will not.  

Agnes  Posted: 15/09/2012 17:07

I agree with Annmaria except on the point of nurses discharging you. The book stops with the Consultant. The health system has definitely deteriorated seriously under Dr. Reilly's stewardship. After having dealings with hospitals over the past few months, everyone appears to be doing their 'bit' but then they get overrided by the Consultant particularly if the patient is the holder of a medical card. It is getting to the point that Consultants who discharge patients without even seeing them and leave them on waiting lists ad infinitum with serious conditions, should be charged with wilful neglect and if the patient dies on a waiting list, they should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. That is what it is going to take to get them to stop lining their pockets with private patients and using the facilities of our public hospitals to do it. It is morally and ethically wrong to have the same Consultants in our public hospitals, also being allowed to work in private clinics. Nothing in our system is patient led, it is all driven by money and greed.

Hidden sight.   Posted: 27/08/2012 16:21

I don't know what you mean by trolling John Williams and please excuse my ignorance. It's very easy to change your name on this site and I have often thought that I was talking to the same person all the time as well. However, whether it is only one person or quite a few - I still like to hear different opinions on different matters. I'm certainly not campaigning for anyone. It's just that I feel in the mental health area anyway that there is a big improvement here. That's all I'm saying and I really don't know who has caused this change and all I said was If James Reilly had something to do with this then he deserves praise. I'll certainly take that statement back in the morning if it was someone else who produced these changes.

                                 I know very little about the health service only the areas that have come up for me. Certainly some people may think the service is terrible in other areas but none of this kind of information is given to the public so none of us have a clue what's going on.

John Williams  Posted: 24/08/2012 21:04

Hidden Sight aka Wooden Spoon. I certainly have plenty to do other than watching you. However I just pointed out what is blatantly obvious to all who look at this discussion thread that trolling is taking place, to try and give James Reilly some credibilty which he does not deserve.

Hidden sight.   Posted: 23/08/2012 20:31

I'd love to know how many people are checking up on my posts. I could say the same for some of the people here but why bother? I've also noticed that some of my posts are missing as well. Who's doing that I wonder? John Williams, have you nothing better to contribute to this conversation other than watching me???

John Williams  Posted: 23/08/2012 11:54

I see 'Hidden Sight' and 'Wooden Spoon' both think the health service is good and think that James O Reilly is doing a good job. Strange that they both joined the discussion panel in April 09 and both have exactly 125 posts.Foot in mouth

Hidden sight.   Posted: 22/08/2012 00:28

I think there is major headway in the mental health services. We have lovely clinics now to go to on an outpatient basis and it's not all to do with tablets anymore - you have councelling to go alongside it. I think this is an amazing system and you can ring up anytime you are in trouble and there is always someone there for you. I think they are incredible and I would love to see them supported so well from the public. The activities though for patients who are hospitalised though could be better and some patients have complained of boredom while in there.

                                   The government has also drafted in a whole load of new counsellors as well in the area of abuse and this is so welcome. A person isn't waiting long now at all and the set-up they have is so lovely and private. I think the health service has made huge strides in both of these areas and if it is all down to having James Reilly as health minister then he deserves a huge amount of credit. Long live the mental health services!

Halliday  Posted: 21/08/2012 19:58

Don't know whether I've been counted as Yes or No. The link brought me to this page without the opportunity of voting.

JamesH  Posted: 21/08/2012 12:34

Nurse 12 you ask why Tony O'Briens appointment as CEO of HSE gives room for hope. I thought I was clear on that. He has a track record with the sucessful implementation of the cancer strategy. In many of our cancers we have a world class standard of care. True this is not the case for all cancers, but the process is now in place thanks to Tony O'Brien. This was done against huge local opposition and took nerve and leadership to achieve. Similar achievements in other areas of health care would improve our health system. That is where my hope lies. It is by no means a certainty though.

Annmaria  Posted: 19/08/2012 18:38

Every day patients are discharged from A&E in pain and have to wait for out patients appointments.  They are on endless waiting list and suffering in pain and this turns to depression and other mental health issues and we wonder why Ireland has such a high suicide rate.  Also if you complain about the way you are treated in my local hospital they treat you even more unkindly and bully you its disgusting.  I was in pain on the 17th may 2012 and told there was nothing wrong with me in A&E and discharged to wait for out patient appointment I am still in terrible pain today pain constantly.  A&E nurses are overworked and they are taking there angry out on the patients and sending them home to cut down numbers this is very bad and will lead to unfortunate circumstances.  

nurse12  Posted: 19/08/2012 12:43

How does the appointment of Tony O'Brien as CEO give hope? The job wasn't advertised. No interviews or criteria set. No openness nor transparency. The SDU has had the knock on effect of increasing waiting times for hospital procedures. I would imagine there has also been a sharp increase in patients being readmitted within days of ra ecent discharge from hospital. 

Minister Reilly, 16 months and 2 reviews later, continues to delay the decision of the location of the NCH. Why? 

How is Minister Reilly going to fund and implement the universal health insurance? 16 months on and there does not appear to be any plan. Very scarey really. 

JamesH  Posted: 16/08/2012 10:30

I voted unsure. The SDU for instance is showing some signs of potenetential success in the future. Trolley numbers and waiting lists seem to be improving somewhat. Also the appointment of Tony O'Brien as CEO of the HSE gives some hope. His major achievement was being Tom Keane's right hand man in the restructure of the cancer services in Ireland. For those who cannot remember, cancer care used to be delivered in an ad hoc manner in 32 hospitals (delivering such scandals as the Barrington and Portlaoise breast cancer misdiagnoseses), and has now been rationalised to a national structured programme delivered through 8 high volume specialist cancer centres. This restructure was pushed through against major local opposition. It is a tribute that now it is the accepted norm that cancer care is best delivered through these large volume specialist centres. If under Tony O'Briens stewardship we can have other similarly sucessful restructures, then truly we will be getting an improved health service.

wooden spoon  Posted: 16/08/2012 01:53

I voted unsure because I really haven't a clue what's going on in the health service. Anytime I did need them though - I was very well looked after. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

John Williams  Posted: 15/08/2012 13:46

The 12% unsure intrigues me. What planet are they on? The 2% YES probably pressed the wrong button by mistake.

igiveup  Posted: 14/08/2012 18:13

There are still trolleys on corridors, nurses are run off their feet, what few there are! and the patients are not receiving the proper care, its a sad day to think all we have is our health and we just do not have a proper health system in this country.  We seriously need to review our health system from the very top ie Managment to admin and work through the various departments.  We need prompt efficient service.


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