Carol*  Posted: 31/01/2012 11:24


Hello All

I am a freelance journalist writing an article about Ireland's abortion laws. The main jist of the article is whether Ireland is about to legislate for legal abortions where a woman's life is at risk after the Government recently set up an Expert Group to advise it on its options. 

We are hoping to find a woman, (or a couple), who had to travel for an abortion who would be willing to give her views on the experience of having to travel abroad and Ireland's abortion laws in general.

As it can be a difficult subject for many people to talk about, anyone who is willing to give their views can have anonymity in the published article if they wish. 

If anyone would like to get in touch my email is carolryan88@hotmail.com

Best wishes


buzz  Posted: 12/01/2011 14:09

I'm not sure about sweeping statements such as anything being "wrong in every way" but certainly it's a valid point that the effect on the woman is something that does not get enough attention. I would never have an abortion because I know I could not live with the guilt, and would never be able to look at a baby without thinking about the life I had destroyed but I imagine there are women who think they can cope with the aftermath and are unprepared for how they will deal with it afterwards. It's so final. Perhaps if there were better pre-termination counselling services, more women would make the right decision for them, whatever that may be.

hexentier  Posted: 12/01/2011 13:59

i think that abortion is only wrong where a woman uses it as a form of contraception and not if it is only used because another form of contraception has failed and the woman has seriously thought about why she can't have this child and weighed the pro's and con's. yes, the effects on both mind and body can remain for a long time, but for some women having to give birth and raise a child can be much more difficult than having the abortion. she may be too young or in an abusive relationship, have health issues or simply too many kids to cope with already. there are many reasons why a woman might want/need an abortion and until we have walked in that womans shoes we shouldn't judge her. some people will argue that is is better to carry the baby to term and then give it up for adoption, and this route might well be suitable for some women, but for most giving a child up for adoption is much more psychologically damaging than terminating a pregnancy early on when it is still only a bunch of cells.

Observer  Posted: 12/01/2011 11:48

I think the very thought of abortion is wrong in every way. I belive that the majority of ladies who have abortions never get over its effect either in mind or body. 



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