News: 'Legislation not needed'

Tigh  Posted: 24/01/2013 02:03

If the church and powers that be respect human life before birth, why did they not respect in death, stillborn/miscarried babies?Many were buried in unmarked graves, and my mother buried her miscarriages in our garden.

JamesH  Posted: 14/01/2013 14:33

Tigh, the church is not drafting legislation. They are as you correctly point out expressing their opinion as they are entitled to do. The three days health committee debate was very informative, although speculation is that it will have little effect on the ministers drafting of legislation. However, for anyone who followed the three days it was enlightening and highlighted the complexity of the decision. All sides got a good hearing and for every point from one side there was an equally valid and strong point from the opposite side. It is not a simplistic womans rights issue. It is a complex human rights issue that involves two humans. BTW men have a perfect right to have opinions on this and any other human rights issue. And the government has an obligation to analyse the topic from all points of view including the equal right to life of the unborn. Like it or not the X-case interprets the 8th amendment as allowing for abortion only when the womans life is under threat. So whether you like it or not the government has an responsibility to actually have a role in a crisis pregnancy to ensure this legal position is upheld.

Tigh  Posted: 14/01/2013 02:46

In relation to abortion, I think members of the Church are entitled to an opinion, but not in drafting leglislation relating to same. Abortion is more of a decision for a woman, a basic human right, as no man will experience, many run away/and no leglislation was passed to ensure men support children born out of wedlock. The Church/Government; majority; men - have no role in dictating to any women what to do in crisis pregnancy status. They did so much damage in the past, and continue with unequal bias to interfere and put in place, structures that favour politics rather than rights of women.


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